Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lost Girl, Season 5, Episode 5: It's Your Lucky Fae

Bo is looking all pensive because she’s received a birthday present – from evil daddy. She calls Cassie the Oracle (we’ve seen her around a couple of times) for guidance but the Oracle is on a really boring date and also seems a little tired of being on call. Especially since she thinks her date may also be looking for a reading. The Oracle is not an upbeat person, I think I like her.

But she is pleasantly surprised when her date doesn’t want her oracle woo-woo like everyone else – and he’s super kind and romantic and she’s all happy; yes there’s a catch. He takes her home, kisses her goodnight, leaves – and then she collapses with an agonising migraine.

The next day and to the Dal, and it seems Mark the baby Dyson is now a regular character and now working at the Dal (and snarky Tamsin is definitely going to spill him and Bo sleeping together). Bo arrives (looking for Cassie) and gets a rather weird birthday present from granddad Trick. This reminds Tamsin that it’s Bo’s birthday

So it’s Tamsin and Lauren out for last second birthday gifts, parties et al. Bad friends! -10 points! Tamsin buys a taxidermy cat that brings luck – we’ve spent way too long talking about it so it’s bound to be cursed/possessed/turn into an actual cat.

Bo still frets about Cassie at the Dal but for reasons unknown decides not to tell Trick, her grandfather, the Blood King, with centuries of experience and vast power about her daddy concerns. Because Lost Girl. Lauren and Tamsin arrive with gifts and when Lauren drops hers she claims a part share of Tamsin’s – and suddenly a Tamsin/Lauren spin off just looks kind of awesome. They go back and forth so well – and after much of their excellent byplay, Tamsin goes with Bo to find Cassie while Lauren prepares the party. Poor Lauren. She is left to bake cake, feel underappreciated, and have lots of bad luck.

At Cassie’s Bo and Tamsin find the place ransacked and covered in blood (Tamsin also reminds us that she was actually a cop before she quit for REASONS and has some idea of crime scene procedures). Back to the Dal where they talk investigation and the worry of Cassie’s abilities in evil hands – and Cassie’s cousin Seymour (who we’ve also seen before – he’s a not very pleasant Soul Eater) shows up for questioning. Some back and forth later, we learn Cassie has pretty much ditched the rest of her clan which isn’t doing so well any more – and Seymour points them towards her “computer dates”. Yes the fae have an online dating site. More stunning is that Seymour just hands Bo and Tamsin a motive on a plate and they’ve already written him off. At least Tamsin is snarky.

They upload a dating profile for Bo, setting her up as an Oracle and having a little poignant moment as they learn Cassie’s profile listed her aspiration as “finding someone she could trust.” The guy who dated Cassie contacts Bo almost instantly. They also get a call from Cassie before her phone is destroyed – she doesn’t have chance to talk but we see she has a bloody bandage over her eyes and someone is chaining her up.

In a storyline that is either going to be awesome or awful or both, Mark meets Vex at the Dal and after some back and forth about paying for drinks and short measures, they hatch a plan that ends up with Mark in the back room with two bisexual women, one of which has sex with him while the other steals Trick’s book (the record of all fae in the territory with extra magic woo-woo because it has their signatures; Trick conveniently told us about this earlier). This then leads to Vex and Mark fighting the disgruntled boyfriend (because Woman is object to fight over not a person who can make choices, ugh). Since Vex is a Mesmer, it ends predictably.

Lauren arrives at the Dal with many popped balloons and lots of bad luck (I’m going to take a guess and say the creepy taxidermy cat is cursing Lauren with bad luck and giving Bo good luck – especially as the bar fight ends up with her face down in cake).

Dyson shows up to scold his son and Vex – and he warns Vex away from his son, which is the first time Vex learns about the relationship. Dyson tries to give Mark a lecture of birth right and choosing to serve and duty yadda yadda, Mark isn’t impressed and doesn’t particularly want to follow in daddy’s footsteps. He also doesn’t particularly want a birthright that involves serving someone else.

Back to Lauren and Bo with Bo not only getting even luckier but also developing lots of not even-slightly-subtle cat mannerisms. This continues and grows even more ridiculous when Bo’s date (Cassie’s ex-date) Horatio shows up and Bo flirts super-heavily even for her. Bo and Tamsin finally realises something’s wrong so one quick Succubus touch later they confirm Horatio isn’t the bad guy before hurrying to the Dal as Bo literally grows fur and paws.

At the Dal everyone confirms the blatantly obvious – it’s the taxidermy cat giving luck, transforming Bo and cursing Lauren. Just in case you weren’t paying attention or have Bo or Tamsin’s thinking skills. Speaking of – Bo decides the best thing to do about this is to ignore the cat transformation thing use the woo-woo luck to find Cassie

Which means driving around blindfolded, while turning into a being without opposable thumbs and hoping that the luck will randomly lead them to Cassie. I’d snark, but this actually is a better and more thought out plan than just about any other investigation Bo has lead.

Lauren and Tamsin join her because “three people dying in ridiculous car wreck” makes for a better headline than “one fool woman suffered obvious consequences of her actions.” Also Lauren and Tamsin’s snark ensures I won’t just fast forward past this scene.

They find Cassandra and two other Oracles – all have had their eyes gouged out. Back to the Dal where Bo becomes more catty and Dyson drags in Seymour who has been selling info about his sister to Horatio. Tamsin protests that they’d cleared Horatio – I would like to point out that they’d also cleared Seymour and also that Tamsin and Bo are terrible terrible investigators. Dyson does not-so-cunningly make Seymour suck the spirit (his thing) of the lucky cat thereby saving Bo (and cursing himself). Well, there’s one clumsy plot line hastily snipped.

Back to Dyson and Lauren doing the real investigating and look at a picture of “Horatio”. They realise he is one of the three mysterious dead humans who died in the lift without a mark on them whose bodies then disappeared that Lauren and Dyson have been investigating (meta, oh sweet meta come to me!) Alas because this is an important meta plot point we’re only going to spend 3 seconds on it before returning to Bo’s life

Tamsin has a cake for Bo and praises Bo for being amazing, despite all evidence to the contrary. She’s also gift-wrapped herself and after several episodes of will-they-won’t-they, they have sex (well, they kiss and have a fade to black). It’s all kind of sweet and pretty, if truncated. After sex, Tamsin asks Bo what has been bothering her and Bo tells her about Hades and her daddy issues. Tamsin shares how Freyja used to dominate her life until she got angry, became empowered and left her – and Bo resolves to do the same with her dad

And back to Mark – and the thief returns to show off some fae woo-woo but really to talk to Mark about his daddy issues and how serving people isn’t all bad. Really, was this character introduced just to help Mark through his issues?

Cassie is taken to Lauren’s clinic and Lauren tries to find out what Cassie saw: she tells Lauren she saw everything, the universe – its beginning and its end. She couldn’t take it and gouged out her own eyes. All the Oracles did.

Finish on Horatio, looking up Bo’s name in the stolen ledger; he has a jar full or Oracle eyes.

I don’t have a whole lot of time or patience for Dyson playing the protective father to the son whose entire life he missed because it lacks a lot of nuance. I feel that Mark is being played as the immature rebel and will continue to be presented as that while Dyson will be all sad and frustrated trying to show his son the light until Mark finally comes to his senses in a beautiful bonding moment, bless. I could be wrong, maybe they won’t go down that route, but I doubt it. I think the show is failing and will fail to acknowledge Mark has a point, that Dyson has no right to insert himself into Mark’s life the way he is doing, or assuming the role he is and that Mark is having a future dropped on him that he may not want; sure we’re supposed to see Dyson’s “service” as not so bad – but it’s still a future laid out for Mark.

Bo and the cat thing slightly amused me. Not because it was amusing but because the writers were so bludgeoning us with it while Tamsin and Bo were both so completely oblivious for so long that it made them both look laughably incompetent (Bo is lapping her drink like a cat because she doesn’t want to smudge her lipstick! Of course!). I actually wonder if this is something the writers are aiming for – because Dyson delivering Seymour just really lampshaded how utterly awful Bo and Tamsin’s investigation has been

What doesn’t amuse me about Lost Girl is the writers apparently think I’m a fool, along with the rest of the audience. We can’t have Tamsin and Lauren snarking back and forth and realise that they view each other as rivals for Bo – Tamsin has to openly say it. We can’t notice Bo’s cat-like mannerisms, they have to be hammered home repeatedly. Mark has to vocalise every single very obvious issue he has with Dyson. Everything is flagged extremely blatantly without the slightest bit of subtlety.

Lauren and Tamsin snarking amuses me at least, they are fun to watch even if love triangles normally give me grey hairs. And Tamsin and Bo were good this episode, beyond just lust, there’s a lot of care there and I liked Tamsin bringing in her experience

There’s also some really intriguing meta I’d like to get into – but that involves Lauren and Dyson and only 2 minutes of screen time every episode while we run around after Bo’s bemusing shenanigans. It’s not as bad as last season, certainly, and it’s kind of fun and less confused – but I think Lost Girl could do better on its last season. I also worry that there may be too much going on: Bo’s dad, Dyson and Mark, Evony and Lauren, the murders – that’s a lot of meta we’re ignoring.