Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sleepy Hollow, Season Two, Episode Twelve: Paradise Lost

The episode begins where the Christmas finale ended, with Ichabod waking first, followed by Abby.  Ichabod is excited that Moloch is dead and they have no signs of purgatory.  Abby runs for her sister and Ichabod rushes toward Katrina, who of course asks about Henry, pointing out that Henry did everything to save her.  Katrina is still in deep denial I see because Henry killed Moloch because he has daddy issues and not because he was trying to protect mommy dearest.  Ichabod reports that he hasn't seen Henry.

Fast forward to six weeks later and Crane and Abby are shopping.  Ichabod finds an apple with brimstone on it and when he opens it, it's filled with worms and rot.  They are told that a few trees were lost to blight.  Ichabod decides that evil is still at large but Abby points out that in six weeks they have not seen anything.  Later, at the archives, Crane makes his argument by pointing out that there were problems with the animals and fruit on Wilcox farm but Abby is still not convinced.  Abby suggests that if dark magic is at work, they are going to need to speak to Katrina but Ichabod doesn't feel that it is necessary because they are still early in their investigation.  Further, in the wake of Parish's death or disappearance, it seems that Katrina and Crane had quite the argument which resulted in them agreeing to take some time apart. Crane has been living at the archives while Katrina has been living at the cabin.  Crane is further not impressed that Katrina actually spends more time with Abraham than him, though he understands that Katrina pities Abraham. Abby does not feel Abraham is entitled to compassion because he is a monster but Ichabod says that behind the monster is a man.  Crane makes it clear that while Katrina agreed to help if needed, he would rather not involve her.

Abby and Ichabod head to Wilcox farm and though they spend an hour, they see nothing. They decide to head home and Abby points out that if the apocalypse is indeed over, they have to reinvent themselves.  Abby suggests that if a supernatural creature was hiding on the farm, Crane would be relieved.  Crane says that he will need a job and a permanent place to live and Abby adds to the list of things he will need.  Crane questions what his place is in the world is without the apocalypse.  They hear a demonic voice and decide to check it out.

Abby and Crane make their way into a cabin where demons say an incantation before the fire.    Abby and Crane announce themselves but before they can engage, an angel flies through the window and smites one of the demons and the two remaining demons flee.  The angel introduces himself as Orion and asks Abby and Crane if they are friend of foe. Ichabod introduces himself and Abby, though they still have weapons aimed at Orion.  The three finally agree to lower their weapons together.

At the cabin, Katrina is working on some kind of protection spell.  Abraham is still tied up in chains and Katrina explains that she has spent weeks trying to free him.  Abraham says that he is the horseman of death and that she cannot kill the unkillable. Katrina is convinced that she can help Abraham to convert to himself, causing Abraham to wonder why Katrina is even trying, considering all that he has done to her.  Katrina reveals that she has thought about the past and how they ended up on opposite  sides of the war.  Katrina believes that she is responsible for Abraham becoming the horseman because of Abraham's jealousy.  Abraham informs Katrina, that the last thing he wants is her pity.

Abby and Ichabod reveal that they have been fighting demons since the start of the apocalypse.  Orion explains that he is the only one of his kind who decided to meet the forces of evil head on. Orion adds that until six weeks ago, he was held in purgatory and when Moloch died, a great earthquake occurred allowed him to escape.  This causes Ichabod to wonder if others escaped as well and Orion explains that the creatures they were just hunting, were among those who had escaped. Orion declares that his first mission is to find anyone else who escaped from purgatory.

They are interrupted when Crane gets a text from Katrina saying that they have a matter to discuss.  Abby suggests that Crane go and see Katrina by himself, so that she can keep an eye on Orion and ensure that he is who he say that he is.  Crane points out that Lucifer was an angel, so Abby promises to stay on her guard.  Crane leaves and Abby gets a call from Jenny.  It seems that had plans to get together, so that Jenny wouldn't look obvious while she tried to get the attention of Mike the bartender. Abby then explains about the creatures who escaped from purgatory and Jenny promises to give Hawley a call, to see if he has something which can help.

Abby and Orion head outside and Orion explains that he was locked in purgatory for over two hundred years.  Abby questions how it is possible they are talking and if all angels speak English.  Orion explains that to him, all languages sound the same.  Abby then asks about what God is like and Orion explains that God doesn't have a name or a gender but just is.  Abby then asks if heaven exists, why are they here and if creation really took seven days. Orion simply says no and refuses to expand and so Abby asks if Orion ever saw a dinosaur.  Orion explains that dinosaurs were before his time and that he didn't always walk the earth because he served in the angelic host for a long time.  Orion says that he broke ranks, though it was not an easy decision.

Crane has arrived at the cottage to find Katrina waiting for him.  They exchange brief pleasantries and Katrina explains that she needs a favor.  Katrina says that she may have found a way to separate Abraham from the horseman of death.

Back at the farm, Abby questions what the demons are looking for and Orion explains that with Moloch gone, they are looking for a new master.  Orion believes that the demons are looking for one of the horsemen of apocalypse - specifically, the horseman of death.

At the cottage, Ichabod is incredulous at the idea of freeing Abraham but Katrina brings up the fact that at one time, Abraham was Ichabod's trusted ally and friend.  Crane rightfully calls Abraham an abomination.

Orion says that the horseman is immeasurably powerful and immortal. Orion then shows Abby his weapon explaining that with it, he can bring an end to Abraham.

At the cottage, Katrina tells Ichabod that this is as much about the two of them, as it is about Abraham. Katrina says that it was their love for each other that drove Abraham to become the horseman and that their love can bring  him back.  Katrina declares that if Ichabod won't help her, she will continue on her own.  Ichabod responds that this is not a decision to be made lightly.

At the farm, Abby reveals that she knows where the horseman of death is. Orion asks to be taken to see him, adding that he will prevent Abraham from gathering any demons.

Jenny is making some headway with Mike the bartender, when Hawley enters and takes a seat beside her.  Hawley immediately orders a drink and asks for privacy.  Hawley tells Jenny that Mike is not her type and would easily be turned into a plate of jelly by her.  Jenny points out that this is none of Hawley's business but again, Hawley says that Mike cannot handle a woman like Jenny.  Hawley pulls out a demon tracking device which looks like a giant stone egg.  Jenny realises that Hawley doesn't know how to use it.  They decide to leave, when Hawley says that he has a few idea.

Orion and Abby make their way to the archives and Abby says that she wishes they had Orion on their side when they were fighting and brings up losing Captain Irving  (yeah, they better bring him back to life ASAP).  Orion explains that Abby was only supposed to bear witness to the tribulation and yet she chose to fight and Abby replies that it never felt like it was a choice. Orion says that it is a testament to her strength of character and hands over a charm which Abby can use to contact him.

Abby brings Orion into the archive and introduces him to Katrina.  Orion quickly deduces that Katrina is a witch and that neither Crane or Katrina are from this time.  Crane pulls Abby the side to discuss if she has found more demons and Abby explains that Jenny and Hawley are looking for them. Abby then reveals that Orion has a way to kill the horseman.

Katrina explains how she and Crane arrived in this time period.  Orion stalks Katrina and reveals that he was also held in purgatory.

Crane reveals to Abby, Katrina's belief that she has the ability to free Abraham and admits that he promised Katrina that he would consider it.  Abby is not convinced that this is the right approach.

Orion tells Katrina about fighting Abraham during the revolutionary war and how it lead him to be held in purgatory.

Abby questions what happens if Katrina fails and Abraham kills someone.  Abby heads back to Orion to learn that Katrina has excused herself.  Katrina runs straight to Abraham to ask about the enchantment she has created and he admits that if it were possible to be human again, he would take the enchantment.  Katrina begs Abraham to promise that he will not kill anyone while she works on the spell and he promises to do so, as long as she upholds her end of the agreement.  Katrina explains about Orion and adds that he is there to do Abraham harm.  By the time, Crane, Abby and Orion burst into the cell, Abraham is gone.

Orion is pissed right off that Abraham was released but Katrina is not at all pleased that Orion was brought there to kill Abraham. Abby points out the obvious - Abraham is a murderer.  Katrina argues that if Crane and Abby were real friends, they wouldn't be so quick to want to kill Abraham.  Abby says that Corbin was her friend and Abraham murdered him in cold blood.  Crane tells both women that there is no need for tempers to flare.  This increases Abby's anger and she explains that when they waver in their duty, people die.  Abby adds that they are not jailers but soldiers and that she cannot believe Crane has allowed Katrina to talk him into this.  An indignant Crane says that this is not the case and that he saw sliver of the man Abraham once was before Katrina talked to him about this. Crane does however tell Katrina that it was unfair of her to use their marriage as leverage.  Abraham asks Abby to help find Abraham and if Katrina can help him so be it and if not, they will cross that bridge.  Abby agrees to this and points out that horseman cannot bare daylight and therefore; Abraham will go to ground before sunlight.  Crane argues that something seems wrong with Orion and that he is too quick to act and quick to anger.  Abby reminds Crane that Orion has been searching for Abraham for a long time.  They agree to let go of the conversation for now.

Hawley and Jenny are getting frustrated because they cannot get the tracker to work.  Hawley snarks about the bartender and admits that he still thinks about Jenny and that this is awkward because he didn't speak up. Wait, didn't Hawley spend much of th first half of this season flirting with Abby? Jenny informs Hawley that he doesn't get to be jealous and every time he gets something that starts to mean something, he breaks it apart and runs for the door.  Hawley then gets an idea and bursts the rock on the ground.  It reveals a gold like object and when Hawley looks into it, he gets a vision of the carriage horse, the demons and Abraham.

Jenny calls Abby and reveals the Horseman's location. Jenny offers to go with Abby but Abby says that she has back up.  Abby pulls out the talisman, focuses on Orion and he flies to her location, landing just behind her.  Abby tells Orion that she wants to apologise and wants to help.  Abby explains that there are personal issues at stake for Crane but Orion is adamant that there is no room in war for half measures.  Abby then informs Orion that her sister found out where Abraham is.

Abby gets a call from Crane, who says that Orion might not be as benevolent as he seems.  Crane explains that throughout history, Orion has arrived shortly before great disasters occur.  Crane questions if Orion was there to prevent these disasters or bring them about.  Abby informs Crane that she is with Orion right now and that they are headed to the carriage house.

The demons are involved in a ceremony to make Abraham their new master.  Orion and Abby have arrived at the farm and Orion explains that while Crane and Abby may have won the battle, they have not won the war.  Orion adds that he is not there to simply destroy but to rebuild.  Abby questions how Orion plans to make a global change and he explains that evil has taken root in men's flesh and must be lanced.  Orion says that his weapon will end the horseman, give him his power and with the power, he will bring a great judgment like the one Adam and Eve received when they ate the forbidden fruit. Abby questions what criteria Orion will use to judge mankind and Orion explains by mans capacity to visit evil on each other. Orion then invokes the angel of death and Noah's flood, adding that he will cleanse humanity of its illness. Orion declares that the horseman will be first, followed quickly with the witch who sided with him. Abby argues that Katrina is not evil but Orion is adamant that there is no room in this world for those that harbor evil. Orion tells Abby that together they will bring about a golden age which begins here, as they burn this haven of evil to the ground.

Abraham pulls his new weapon out of the fire just as Orion enters.  The two begin to fight, as Abby tells Crane that he was right about Orion, who is a zealot.  Abby is grabbed by a demon from behind and tossed to the ground.  Abby starts to fight off the demon and so Crane tries to intervene, while inside the battle between Abraham and Orion continues.  Orion's weapon acts like a boomerang and slashes Abraham in the back.  Abraham falls to his knees and Orion explains that his blade is stealing Abraham's power and will turn this area into a smoldering crater, thus ending the evil which escaped.

Crane and Abby watch a crippled Abraham and Abby determines that they must destroy Orion's blade. Crane decides to sneak around back while Abby distracts Orion.  Abby reminds Orion that when he first got out of purgatory, he was overwhelmed by how beautiful everything is and it's strange that he wants to destroy it now.  Orion says that this is why he wants to cleanse everything and that evil has taken hold in men's hearts. Abby continues to distract Orion, talking about what makes an acceptable casualty while Crane grabs Abraham's weapon and removes Orion's weapon.  Crane manages to destroy Orion's weapon and Orion is horrified that they chose to side with the enemy.  Abby explains that the enemy of her enemy is her ally, as Crane hands Abraham back his axe.  Abraham stalks Orion and rather than fighting, Orion flies away, leaving Crane and Abby with a now armed Abraham.

Abraham starts to stalk Crane, as Katrina begs Abraham to stop.  Crane warns Abraham that he is going to lose the chance to be the hero he always wanted to be.  Abraham agrees to allow Katrina to turn him into the man he once was but declares that in the meantime, he is no man's prisoner.  Abraham demands that Crane leave and so he and Abby head out.

Katrina and Crane return to the cabin and Crane says that while they share a mission, they also share a life together.  Crane points out that Katrina did not attempt to reach him with logic but instead used their marriage as a bargaining tool.  Katrina explains that she wanted Crane to support her and believe in her, causing him to ask when he has not done so in anger. Crane brings up both Henry and Abraham, saying that they are not the same and that Katrina wants to save Abraham out of guilt.  Katrina brings up Crane's revelation that he saw something in Abraham that he recognized and Ichabod replies that he did: pride, ego and anger.  Crane has determined that they need to redefine their marriage and so Katrina suggests they start today.  Crane says one step at a time and leaves the cabin.

Abby and Crane make their way through the police station and he apologises if it seemed like he was siding with Katrina and Abby does the same for siding with Orion.  Abby admits that Katrina was right about letting Abraham go and questions if they have seen the last of Orion. Crane says that they can only hope and Abby admits that the war isn't over and may never be.  Abby admits that them pushing each other was a good thing. Crane declares that their bond cannot be broken.  Abby picks up the talisman that Orion gave her and sits at her desk.

A shoe less Frank Irving makes his way into a convenience store and drinks down a carton of milk.  Frank asks the attendant if he is in heaven or hell and is informed that he is in Sleepy Hollow.

Okay, with Moloch dead, I guess we need a new antagonist.  I have to say that the dark eyed Orion is more than a touch sexy.  In some ways it reminded me very much of The Prophecy which made a point strong point about angels not always being benevolent though popular mythos suggest that they should universally be.  Considering that angels are God's soldiers, it makes sense that would be grandiose in thought and perhaps more than a little bit unstable.   I think if Orion's characters is developed he should be a far more interesting antagonist than Moloch.

Okay onto the Cranes.  Instead of focusing on Abraham, I wish that Orion had made it his first priority to take out Katrina.  I am beyond irritated that they made the self righteous twit right about not killing Abraham.  It made Abby look vengeful, angry and illogical and thus, the typical Sapphire juxtaposed to Katrina's forgiving, gentle Whiteness.  First, Katrina started off with the whole fruit of my womb thing with Parish and now she is trying to redeem the unredeemable Abraham.  Abraham is the bloody horseman of death from the apocalypse for goodness sakes, so of course Katrina sees his goodness. I suppose having her work on Abraham gives her something to do on the show other than agnst away with Ichabod but I would rather see her gone for good.

Speaking of Ichabod, how man chances is he going to give Katrina and why should I continue to care.  Every step of the way, Katrina has been deceitful and manipulative.  Yes, he made a marriage vow but people do get divorced.  It makes me question his judgment that he is so easily manipulated by the useless Katrina.  Abby has always had Ichabod's back yet whenever it comes down to a disagreement between Katrina and Abby, invariably he takes Katrina's side.

I don't understand Hawley's jealousy with Jenny and Mike.  Hawley spent much of the beginning of this season mooning over Abby and cause a small wedge between the sisters.  What is this sudden change all about?  Hawley is another character which I think is absolutely useless and I am not amused by the comic relief he is meant to provide.  Having him go back and forth between the sisters makes him that much more unlikable to me.

Frank is back!!!! Frank is back!!!!. I am so relieved that Sleepy Hollow did not kill off his character.  I hope that this means that he will become a central figure in the story again.  I am sick of the fixation on the Cranes and their marital angst and I want the show to go back to having Jenny, Frank, Abby and Crane being the sole central figures.