Monday, March 30, 2015

Bitten, Season 2, Episode 8: Dark Arts

4 years ago, we see bad witch Clara cursing men to death for money. This is a no-no and Ruth disapproves. Ruth rips off Clara’s amulet and reduces it to dust (apparently stripping her of magic) before she and Bridget leaves

Alistair, at this point, is a performing street magician (already with his little symbol), Clara finds him to get her revenge. And that’s how Alistair becomes a bad guy

In the present, Alistair, possessing Clay, wraps up his body before joining Jeremy and Nick pretending to have lost Eduardo. Back at Stonehaven Ruth is fretting about Savannah magically bleeding people to death and they’re planning her initiation ritual in which she will get her talisman which lets her focus her powers

Aliclay wants them to do the ritual in Stonehaven; they agree to get it done asap.

Meanwhile Alistair and Clay have a little confrontation inside Clay’s head which also involves images of child!Clay and Malcolm.

In the real world Savannah is all kind and reassuring with Savannah before she goes down to her initiation. She picks cards to guide her through it – initiating through fire, having rats as a familiar (she doesn’t like rats but Paige is quick to sing the praises of rats). Savannah begs to have Elena with her and Ruth agrees.

While Savannah is asking for Elena, AliClay is trying to convince Elena to stay away from her. He kisses her which is so silly, everyone knows how this trope goes; a lover can always tell their true love by their special unique kissing skills. She is now all suspicious.

While Paige is preparing for the ritual, Nick drops in for some flirting and sex because he has no sense of appropriate timing.

Afterwards the go to where Ruth and Aliclay are building a little hut but they’re building it in a different place from where Jeremy said to – due to Aliclay wanting Savannah more split from the rest of them. Nick tries to move it and Aliclay stops them – and crudely attacks Nick and Paige for having sex, calling Paige a whore. Nick demands Clay apologise and he and Aliclay fight – and Nick wins until Paige makes them stop.

Elena confronts AliClay later over losing his ever loving mind and he both blames the witches and tries to force a kiss on her – and then trying to rape her. She punches him in the head. Jeremy goes to Clay to ask him what the hell is happening between him and Nick (I dearly hope this is because he doesn’t know about Elena and Aliclay) And Aliclay tries to undermine Elena by talking about what happened at the compound – including being forced to change in front of Rachel. Jeremy says what a terrible violation it is to be forced to change in front of others and somehow between them they come to the conclusion that spending time with Savannah is making it harder for Elena to deal with her issues.

Elena and Savannah are all nice together again before Elena has a quiet word with Paige asking just how out of control Savannah’s magic can get. Since Alistair messed with her mind, she’s worried that an out of control Savannah may be messing with Clay. Paige points out how easy it is to blame magic whenever something weird happens but, really, if something is wrong with Clay then you need to talk to Clay

Instead, Elena does some more reading about Alistair and his rituals while Aliclay prepares one of those rituals which ominously involves a noose.

Elena finds information about dark witches possessing people and shows it to Jeremy along with how weird Clay is acting. Jeremy starts to ignore her and talk about her being forced to change in front of others but Elena points out she didn’t actually tell Clay that – only Elena, Rachel and Alistair knew that. They go to the storage shed where they found Clay that morning

There they find the sheet that had wrapped Alistair’s body, and his symbol on the floor. But his body is missing – time to run to rescue Savannah

Meanwhile, unable to wait any longer, it’s time for Savannah’s ceremony, creating her talisman and leaving her alone in her wooden shack and confronting and absorbing her ratty familiar. Honestly, given how she was hyperventilating, it all seems rather anticlimactic.  Only to be collected by Aliclay. When Elena and Jeremy arrive, Savannah is gone.

Jeremy takes it all to Ruth and she tells them how to kill Alistair’s body – unfortunately it also involves killing Clay. Possession spells are always fatal to those possessed.

Jeremy gathers Elena and Nick and they go to where Alistair has prepared his noose spell. Elena stops Jeremy’s headlong charge to demand an explanation and Jeremy admits that Clay is already dead. Of course, Elena refuses to accept that

Jeremy attacks Aliclay. Fight scene time and Alistair is surprisingly adept in using werewolf strength, agility and fighting skills but he still gets stabbed with a metal pipe, much to Elena’s horror

In his head clay confronts the big dark thing in the basement which is, to the utter shock of absolutely no-one, a wolf. A werewolf’s inner-dark-raging power is a wolf! My gods, how shocking!

As Clay releases the wolf, the wounded Aliclay in the real world starts shifting – Elena argues that Alistair can’t possess wolfy Clay based one… well… nothing. But it’s enough to convince everyone to let Aliclay become a raging dangerous monster to eat them all, nom nom nom

Elena is, of course, right and there’s no nomming.

Alistair wakes up in his own body (still out in the car) with Savannah still locked in the boot. He can still use his “I am the lock” mind control on her. He makes her drink the vial of Elena’s blood he has to begin his witch annihilation spell

Ruth begins bleeding.

Alistair pretending to be Clay was pretty awful acting and seemed to involve talking quietly and little else. In theory this could be because Alistair doesn’t know Clay- but he’s neither acting like Clay nor acting like Alistair.

Even aside from the terrible acting – is Alistair even trying to pull of undercover work? Attacking Nick, slut-shaming Paige, trying to rape Elena? Wha… where did this all come from? Is Alistair this incapable of controlling himself (though even then this seems like a break from his previous demeanour)? Is this how he imagines werewolves act? And is he that bad at maintaining a cover that he starts bandying around knowledge that Clay couldn’t possibly know? He is almost comically bad at undercover work

After last week and my complaining that rather than let Elena brag about hat a good Alpha Jeremy is they really have to show it, what they really didn’t need was Jeremy being such a damn fool this episode. Clay and Nick fight over nothing and Jeremy decides that he needs to focus on Elena spending too much time with Savannah? Is he this easily manipulated? We really need Bitten to start showing us why Jeremy is a great alpha. Or a good alpha. Or a moderately competent alpha

And, yes, part of that is because I’ve read the books and one of the main points of the books was that Jeremy was such a unique, different and revolutionary alpha who was so very deserving of all of Elena’s high praise.

How long before Logan and Rachel return? They seem to have completely fallen out of this show.