Wednesday, April 1, 2015

12 Monkeys, Season One, Episode Eleven: Shonin


Ramse arrives in Tokyo Japan and is immediately overwhelmed. Ramse puts on his coat and stumbles away from the drop site as quickly as he possibly can.  Moments later, Cole arrives and immediately begins his search for Ramse. When Ramse doesn't respond to Cole calling out his name, Cole stumbles away, only to be followed by Ramse.

In a club, a drunk Leeland Goines meets with some Japanese business men. The specimen is brought out and Leeland is informed that it has been excavated from the Himalayas and is over one thousand years old.  Leeland is not at all impressed by the specimen  and makes it clear that there will not be a sale tonight.  He is told that the specimen is more valuable than it appears but Leeland calls the specimen road kill. In desperation, the business men suggest that the specimin would be a good legacy for Jennifer.

Leeland excuses himself to use the bathroom and he is accosted by Cole, seeking the army of the 12 monkeys. Leeland has no idea what Cole is talking about, so Cole asks where the virus is. This is where Leeland learns that the specimen contains a virus. Ramse arrives and a fight breaks out between him and Cole. The two men are absolutely brutal with each other as only former friends can be.  The business man fires a gun in the air and the goons separate Cole and Ramse.  They yell back and forth about who should have killed who,  and Ramse brings up that if Cole is successful, his son will die.

The two men are forced to their knees and Leeland takes the opportunity to slug Cole.  The business man thows a knife on the floor between Cole and Ramse, making it clear that they are to fight to the death. Cole and Ramse are released and it's fight club 2.0, until Ramse manages to stab Cole. Ramse looks down at his hand covered in Cole's blood.


Alarms start to go off and Jones panics about losing Cole. Dr. Adler reports that Cole's vitals appear to show that he is dying.


Leeland gives the order for Ramse to be allowed to live and agrees to buy the specimen from the businessmen. Cole whispers that the army of the 12 monkeys will end the world and  Leeland then orders something be done about Cole.  Before Cole can be killed however, he is splintered away.

Fuchu Prison Japan

A representative of the American embassy talks to Ramse about what they are able to do for him. Ramse says that where he comes from, social security numbers don't exist.  The delegate asks if this means that Ramse is not American and points out that Ramse could receive 8-10 years for stabbing that man in the club.  There are even witnesses who have identified Ramse.  Ramse is unable to speak in his own defense and is told that if he doesn't have something to prove he is a U.S. citizen, nothing can be done for him.


Ramse is now behind bars. He is approached by a very large Japanese man and beaten. Of course no backstory on this beating is given because Asian men are apparently violent without cause. Later, in his cell, Ramse is given a letter.  It calls him the traveler and the writer reports that they have known of Ramse for a long time and that if Ramse choose to join forces with the writer, his child will be safe from those who seek to erase him. Ramse is told that he is important, valued, loved and not alone.  He is also advised not to fight back against his tormentor.

Switch to scene where Ramse is beaten yet again.


Ramse is again contacted and this time he is given The Art of War and told to take the words into his heart.  He is also instructed to write down his own thoughts.  This of course is interlaced with Ramse being beaten yet again. Ramse is asked to write down the history of the world as he knows it.


Ranse is leaning against the fence, cue his tormentor.  For the first time, Ramse stands and addresses his fellow inmates. Ramse, speaking Japanese, informs them that his tormentor is a snitch who works  for the guards.  Ramse says, "the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."  Ramse whispers to the man in English, "I killed you without lifting a finger," before walking away and leaving his tormentor to prison justice.


Ramse is being released from prison.  He is given a suit, a passport, a letter, and the medallion that was given to him by the older woman in a previous episode. The letter informs Ramse that he has become who he needs to be.


Ramse arrives at a mansion in a limo and is greeted by the Striking Woman.  Ramse tries to tell her that he is not the man she thinks he is.  Later, Ramse is introduced to the Pallid Man who is wearing a similar medallion.  The two medallions are placed side-by-side and produce an explosion which turns all the foliage in the area red. 


Ramse plays with stones and thinks back to his son. He is joined by The Striking Woman who comments how Ramse seems to defy time. The woman questions if Ramse's memory sessions have turned up anything new.  Ramse tells her about a factory which manufactures the virus and she decides to invest.  Later, we see the Striking Woman and Ramse shaking hands with Leeland.  Leeland asks if he met Ramse in Tokyo in 1987 and Ramse says that they have never met.

Leeland excuses himself to speak to Jennifer, who repeatedly says, "everything is changing."


Jennifer kills all of the scientists


The striking woman reports that Henri is dead and was murderd by James Cole.  The Striking woman says that the period of interference has begun, suggesting that it's time to interfere with Leeland and his daughter. Ramse then says that Cole will return in 2015 and see Jennifer

J.D. Peoples Mental Hospital 2014

Jennifer is drawing with crayons when her father visits.  Their meeting is awkward and Jennifer reports that she is taking all of her medication and doesn't need to be in the hospital.  She is however obviously still a little manic. Leeland questions if Jennifer is ready as he looks through her drawings. Jennifer says that she is better and doesn't hear voices any more, as Leeland comes across a drawing of a monkey.  Jennifer denies killing the scientists, saying that she would never ever do that.  We learn that Jennifer's mother was also institutionalized and Jennifer is adamant that she is not like her mother and would never have turned on Leeland.  Leeland however feels that his daughter is not ready to leave the institution.

On his way out, Leeland is informed that the security footage reveals that Jennifer didn't kill the scientists but Leeland retorts that Jennifer is exactly where she needs to be.  In her room, Jennifer begins to frantically draw a monkey on the wall, as tears roll down her face. 


Leeland faces down Cole and this of course results in Leeland's death.  The Pallid man reports that Leeland is dead and that Jennifer is talking about the night room.  We get flashes to all the times Cole interfered causing the Pallid's man attempts to fail. In frustration, The Pallid Man confronts The Striking Woman and is informed that this is the period of interference and that the events must unfold this way to ensure that Ramse arrives in 1987. 

Later Ramse and the Striking Woman talk about Cole and Cassandra. Ramse is adamant that Cassandra cannot be killed because she has to leave a message so that Cole will travel back in time. Ramse is also certain that Cole is no longer a concern because he is convinced that Cole died in 1987.  Ramse asks what's next now that The Striking Woman has a working copy of the virus and she replies, "the rise of the 12".

Cassandra listens to a news report about Royce running for president when a very drunk Aaron arrives. It seems that Aaron is drowning his sorrows because he has been vetted and deemed unsuitable because of his activities to stop the virus. Aaron however says that none of this matters because Royce is a dead man and that with their insider information, they should find isolated shelter to ride out the virus.  Cassandra however has not given up hope but Aaron points out that Cassandra has no idea if Cole is alive. Cassandra tells Aaron to go back to Royce and convince him that something needs to be done.

Back in Royce's office, Aaron brings up the protocol Royce is working on in the event of a disaster. Royce agrees to put in a good word with the investor. And yes, the investor is The Striking Woman.


Jennifer is brought into The Striking Woman's mansion and tossed into a room.  After a bath, The Striking Woman enters Jennifer's room where she admits to knowing Leeland.  The striking woman brings up how much Leeland loved Jennifer and they bond over how her father had plans for her.  The Striking Woman reveals that she has proof that Jennifer didn't kill the scientists and adds that she doesn't have to run.  Jennifer's mother is then brought up and The Striking Woman says that Jennifer's mother was abandoned as well. The Striking Woman offers to protect Jennifer causing Jennifer to cry and declare that she wants to be a daughter again.

Ramse waits outside and The Pallid Man tells Ramse that The Striking Woman is securing Ramse's future.


Jones make the decision to transport Cole to 2015, though she faces the potential of losing him forever.

Later, Whitley asks Jones to have a drink.  Jones realises that this is Whitley's way of saying goodbye because with the tether broken, the mission is over.  Jones tries to say that it's only temporary but Whitley points out that they don't have enough men to secure the facility. Whitley suggests a city just west of where they are but Jones is adamant that there's nothing out there.  A distraught Whitley points out that he left his father for Jones, killed for her and believed in her.  Whitley slams his drink on the table and walks out. 

Later, we see Whitley and his men leaving the facility. Dr. Adler and Jones talk about their children - their loses.  Adler asks what options they have now and Jones declares that there are no other options for her because she is incapable of leaving.  Jones calls hope the luxury of those who are unburdened by fate, declaring that her last breath will be at the facility.  Adler leaves Jones as she stares down at the splitter machine.


Cassandra returns home to find a trail of blood on her floor.  It leads to badly wounded Cole who says that they have been 1 step ahead of them all of the way. Cole reveals that he knows who the witness is.

Is season one over yet?  I know that the writers have been trying to get more personal with the plot but for me, it's too little too late.

Clearly, Ramse was inducted into a cult.  Alone, in a world where he didn't know anyone, The Striking Woman (can we just give these characters a proper name please?)  not only reached out to Ramse, she repeatedly used his name, encouraged him to read, to tell his story and continually told Ramse how important he is.  All of these elements played a large role in Ramse agreeing to take on the role of the witness.

So, The Striking Woman is another link to the virus but we already know that she was set on this path by her father.  This leaves room for the story to travel even further back in time.  But again, I'm not interested.

Jones has been abandoned by everyone and Cole is stranded.  This episode could have worked as a season finale.  I don't see how they are going to top this.  Jones isolation feels like a very fitting punishment but of course it has to only be temporary.  Before the season is out, I am sure the splitter machine will be back up and running.

I know this apathetic but I don't have the energy to care at this point.