Saturday, April 4, 2015

Grimm, Season Four, Episode Sixteen: Heartbreaker

"How the silly frog does talk!
He can be no companion
to any human being."

Juliet bursts into Renard's room, drops the book on the bed and informs him that there is nothing in the book which will benefit either of them.  Juliet then demands to know where Elizabeth is, saying that it's Elizabeth who did this to her. Renard tries to reassure Juliet by telling her that Elizabeth had no idea that Juliet would become a Hexenbiest. Juliet refuses to be pacified and says that she wants her life back and threatens that Renard had better watch out if she doesn't get her life back.

A group cyclists ride a trail and Bella is not impressed when Rick tries to hit on her.  Bella decides to deal with it by riding off by herself.  She doesn't get far and accidentally rides into a ditch and falls off the bike.  Zack manages to catch up with Bella and helps her off the ground.  Zack then makes his pitch to Bella, telling her that she is really great, but once again Bella is not interested.  Zack tries to check on Bella's injuries and he is insistent about staying with her because she is injured.  Bella doubles over in pain and Zack places his hands on her shoulders.  Bella woges and Zack starts to struggle to breathe.  Zack ends up falling into a ditch.

Nick is sitting in a coffee shop and calls Juliet and again leaves a message. Nick is then joined by Hank, and so he explains what happened to Juliet.   Hank suggests that Juliet might be afraid of what Nick might do to her. Okay, someone needs to explain to me why this sudden fear of what Nick might do is somehow reasonable.  Nick's phone rings and of course it's about Zack.

Nick and Hank meet Wu at the park and they stand over Zack's dead body.  Zack's face is badly swollen. The cops decide to check out Zack's place while they wait to hear about the cause of death from the M.E.

Zack's apartment is rather spartan.  Hank asks if Monroe and Rosalie know about Juliet and Nick replies no.  Hank tells Nick that he has to tell them.  On the fridge, Nick finds a photo of Bella and Hank finds several drawings of her as well.

At home, Bella calls her mother crying saying, "it happened." 

Back at the station, Sam reports to Renard that Viktor has been sent back to Vienna.  Renard questions if his father became impatient with Viktor.  Renard then asks if Viktor and Adalind are alive, only to be told by Sam that he doesn't know.  Sam says that no one knows who is replacing Viktor and adds that if Renard wants him to return to the royal family, he needs some information on Kelly and the baby.  Renard hands over a file, saying that it will look like Sam is making progress, adding that there is enough truth in file to make it plausible.

Bella is on the couch crying about what happened with Zack, saying that she didn't mean for this to happen. Cindy, her mother, assures Bella that this is not her fault.  Bella is frantic that someone will find out but is instructed not to do anything because no one can prove anything.  When Cindy turns to face Bella there is a huge scar on her face.  Cindy asks Bella if she wants her life ruined the way hers was.

At the station, Wu is going through Zack's laptop and he finds several photos of Bella.  The photos clearly make it appear that Bella was not aware that she was the subject of Zack's photography. So yes, that makes Zack a creepy stalker dude. Wu does learn that both Zack and Bella are a part of a group called River City Riders and that a ride is scheduled for today.  Hank and Nick decide to head to the location to see if Bella shows

Hank and Nick arrive and inform the riders that Zack is dead.  They ask if they can speak to the person who saw Zack last and are informed that the person they want is Bella.  The riders add that while Bella is nice and likes to ride, she pretty much keeps to herself. While the riders don't know where Bella lives, they do know where Bella works.  Nick excuses himself when his phone rings. It's Wu calling to say that Zack was killed by a toxin which causes heart failure.  The toxin is extremely rare and that one ounce kills 10-20 humans.  Wu is quick to suggest that Zack's death must be Wesen related.  Nick gives Wu Bella's name and Wu agree to run a background check.

Adalind  questions Marcus about when Viktor is coming back and is told not to worry about Viktor.  Adalind then asks about her daughter and is told that the king is doing everything he can to find her.  Adalind is then ordered to change into something appropriate because Prince Kenneth will be joining her shortly. 

In the car, Hank wonders if Bella was involved in what happened to Zack, or if she was a witness.  Hank points out that there's no clear motive because the two didn't have a relationship.  They arrive at Bella's work and Hank questions if Bella is Wesen and Nick replies that they will know for sure if he can get her to woge. Nick and Hank enter the bike shop and ask for Bella.  Nick informs Bella that Zack is dead and that she was the last one to see him.  Bella admits that Zack caught up to her on the trail and that they talked a little. Bella gets upset as she tells them that Zack wanted a relationship and she didn't, adding that Zack didn't do anything.  Nick starts to press Bella for details and shows her a picture of a dead Zack. Bella however does not break, so Nick offers her his card, asking her to call if she thinks of anything.

Outside, Nick informs Hank that Bella did not woge, causing Hank to wonder again if Bella is Wesen or not.  Nick replies that Bella could just be good at hiding it.  The cops hop into their car.

Adalind is getting dressed when Marcus enters her room to inform her that Kenneth has arrived.  Kenneth informs Adalind that he is here to retrieve Adalind's child.  Kenneth brings up Juliet and asks how Adalind's interactions with her went and Adalind reveals that Nick is a Grimm again.  Kenneth is not pleased by this situation and Adalind says that Nick figured out a way to do it and this explains why Juliet is now a Hexenbiest.  Adalind declares that she wants Juliet dead.  Kenneth then opens Adalind's robe and instantly notices that Adalind is pregnant.  Adalind lies and says that the child is Viktor's.

At the spice shop, Nick, Hank, Rosalie, and Monroe, talk about the type of Wesen they are dealing with.  Rosalie suggests that they are looking for a Folterseele - a Wesen who is always beautiful and always deadly.  Rosalie adds that Folterseele don't woge like any other Wesen because their woge is more of a physical/sexual response.  Basically, Folterseele woge when they are around people who are turned on by them.  Monroe calls it a defensive mechanism.  Hank relates it to the old frog prince story.  Hank realises that they cannot tie Bella to the crime and cannot make her woge.  Monroe points out that the only way this works is if either Hank or Nick is "totally into her."  Rosalie points out that if Bella is a Folterseele, she is not doing this on purpose and cannot control it.  Rosalie adds that a lot of men cannot control themselves around a Folterseele. Hank responds that this is why Bella keeps to herself, causing Monroe to suggest that the cops should let this one go.  Nick however is not inclined to do so, pointing out that this could happen again.  Rosalie suggests neutralizing what happens to Bella like they did with the toad eating lawyer.

Prince Kenneth questions whether or not Viktor knows that he is going to be father and Adalind says that she hasn't told him yet.  Prince Kenneth says that he is sure that Viktor will be thrilled.  Sam arrives and Kenneth snarks about the possibility that he has good news about Adalind's other child.  Kenneth asks about Kelly and Sam reports that he has made progress, pulling the file out of the brief case.  Sam says that Kelly is probably in Spokane with the child.  Kenneth stands and approaches Sam, telling him that the problem with being a double agent, is that no one really knows where his loyalties lie.  Sam declares that he works for the family and is informed that this is not the case anymore. Kenneth beats up Sam, knocking him to the ground, saying that he is more hands on than Viktor.  Kenneth then informs Adalind that Viktor is sterile, adding that she might want to rethink who the father of her child is. 

Ricky arrives at the bike shop and Bella tells him that they are closing.  Ricky however is not there about his bike and informs Bella that Zack was pretty stupid about her.  Bella says that she wants to be left alone and asks Ricky to leave.  Ricky calls Bella a stuck up bitch who thinks that she is too good for anybody.  Ricky tells Bella that he blames her for Zack's death and that he is there to get what she never gave Zack.  Ricky then woges and attacks, so Bella takes off running.  Ricky manages to catch Bella and forces a kiss on her.  Bella woges and Ricky collapses in the bikes.  Bella grabs the phone and calls 911, informing them that Ricky is dying and that she doesn't know what to do.

At home, Nick once again calls Juliet but gets to answer.  Nick then gets an alert that he has email.  It's from Truble, who writes that Josh has moved back in and that they haven't seen any Hundjagers. Turble then writes that she misses them and asks if everything is okay.  Nick responds that everything is fine and then stops when Juliet arrives to pick up her things.  Juliet admits that she was hoping that Nick wouldn't be home. Nick asks for a chance to talk but Juliet says that there's nothing anyone else can do or say.  Nick takes responsibility for Juliet becoming a Hexenbiest saying that if he could change it he would.  Nick adds that he has not given up yet and that he loves Juliet.  Nick's phone goes off and Juliet encourages him to answer the phone because there's a lot of big scary Wesen on the loose.   Juliet heads upstairs and Nick accepts the call from Hank.

At the bike shop, Hank, Nick and Wu stand above Rick's dead body.  Wu reports that the 911 call came from the shop and that a woman called it in without revealing her identity.  Wu adds that Bella's background is clean and that the shop was unlocked.  Hank and Nick head out to see the owner and he says that Bella was supposed to close up tonight.  The owner reports that Bella is not answering his calls and gives the cops Bella's home address.

At Bella's place, Nick uses the keys she left at the bike shop to open the door.  They do a quick search and find the apartment empty.  The cops then find a photo of Bella with her mother.

At the station, Renard gets a calls from Sam, who reports that he handed over the information and that Kenneth is now in charge.  Goons hold the phone to Sam's face, as he warns Renard not to underestimate Kenneth  Sam adds that Kenneth doesn't have patience and therefore he will have to deliver something soon in regards to Kelly and the child.   Renard promises to come up with something but Sam says that they cannot keep stalling because if they don't come up with something soon, he will be dead.  Renard tells Sam to come by the office but Sam says that it's too dangerous and that he doesn't trust them.  Sam tells Renard to meet him at the paper mill at nine when instructed by Kenneth.  Sam gives one last reminder that it's his life on the line.  Marcus then hands Kenneth a gun which Kenneth uses to shoot Sam dead.

Bella rides her bike to what looks like an abandoned barn.

At the station, Hank picks up a police report from 24 years ago of a rape against Bella mother. It turns out the assailant died, the same way that Rick and Zack died.  Rosalie calls to say that she has found something that might work which will stop Bella from creating the toxin in the first place.  Monroe says that there will be adverse side effects but that will be better than Bella killing people.  Wu shows up with the address for Bella's mother.

Cindy finds Bella crying and Bella explains that it happened again that she was attacked.  Bella is concerned with what the police will think but Cindy is adamant that it doesn't matter what the police think.  Cindy tells Bella that she doesn't have to return and should rest.  Cindy promises to take care of everything. 

When Cindy heads back to the house, she is confronted by her mother.  Cindy races to the fire place vowing that she will not hurt her daughter. Unfortunately, Cindy is knocked unconscious by her mother, who then removes a massive branding iron from the fire.  Cindy's mother also has scaring on her face. 

Nick and Hank pull up to Cindy's home and walk to the front door, as Bella's grandmother heads into the barn area to find Bella sleeping.  The poker in her hand is burning hot.  Nick knocks on the door but Hank notices an unconscious Cindy on the floor.  Hank starts to call an ambulance as the sounds of Bella screaming can be heard in the house.  Hank tries to assure Cindy that she is safe because they are cops.

Nick rushes around back to find Cindy's mother brandishing a the hot iron at Bella, asking if she wants to keep killing or to be raped like her and Cindy. A frantic Bella is screaming. Nick rushes in and is attacked by Bella's grandmother with the branding iron and he manages to pusher her aside, as the grandmother says that Bella hasn't been saved from anything.  Nick asks Bella to come with him and Cindy tells them that this isn't Bella's fault and that they cannot arrest her.  Nick replies that he knows and that there might be another way.

At the spice shop, Rosalie offers Bella a potion saying that it should keep her touch from killing anyone.  Hank warns that it may effect her in ways they cannot predict.  Nick reveals that he knows a thing or two about side effects and suggests that Bella think about this.  Bella however replies that they don't know what it's like not to feel the touch of another person, adding that she doesn't care about the side effects.  Bella grabs the potion and drinks it down. 

Renard arrives at the location to meet up with Sam and instead finds Sam's abandoned car.  Renard pulls out his gun and continues walking calling out for Sam.  Renard then finds Sams dead body hanging from a chain.  Kenneth shows up, introduces himself and admits that he killed Sam for his trickery.  Kenneth adds that the king is annoyed by how things have progressed and that he has been tasked with making sure that the baby is returned to the royal family.  Renard snarks that this is when he is told how important he is to the family and that they should join forces.  Instead of answering, Kenneth punches Renard and a fight breaks out between the two men. When Kenneth gets the upper hand, Renard woges but his wounds start to bleed.  Kenneth ends up winning the fight and tells Renard that it is he who is important to the family, warning that if Renard doesn't join forces with the family that he will end up like Sam.  Kenneth adds that the king will mourn the loss of another son before walking away and leaving a bleeding Renard on the ground.

Bella is out on a date and we get to see that the side effect of the potion was to turn her face green and scaly though she does finally have the ability to touch another person.

Okay this is two episodes of Grimm failure back to back.  Though we were repeatedly told that the deaths were not Bella's fault, that is not the message which was sent.  Rosalie made it clear that men have a difficult time resisting Folterseele.  This suggests that it is because the women are so attractive that they are attacked.  Bella's grandmother sought to brand Bella to protect her from rape.  This entire episode puts the onus on the victim to stop themselves from being victimized. Bella told both Zack and Rick repeatedly to leave her alone. Had they simply listened to her, they would not have died.  This isn't about how beautiful Bella is but about men thinking that they should have the right to have ownership of women's bodies.  Where was Monroe and his screaming inner feminist this time?

In the end, though Bella chose to take the potion it still read as her taking action to avoid being raped.  The fact that the result of the potion was the loss of her beauty speaks loudly about who is responsible for the assaults which have happened to the women in her family. Women don't get raped or attacked because we are beautiful.  We get assaulted because of misogyny and the rape culture which Grimm certainly promoted with this episode.

Speaking of women, Juliet is very angry about turning into a Hexenbiest and clearly has reached the stage where she blames Nick for what happened.  Nick should be asking her if she needs space, instead of telling her that he hasn't given up. Juliet is trying to accept herself for who she is now.  I hope that as part of this storyline, we will see a strong, independent Juliet particularly given the fact that she played the victim for so many years.  Juliet is now strong enough to defend herself.

We have a new member of the royal family and Kenneth is as cold as ice, even if he is hotter than hell.  Can we have some shirtless Kenneth please?  I hope that with Kenneth's arrival, we will finally see some progress on this part of the storyline. It feels as though it has been dragging forever and to be perfectly honest, I am jonesing for a little mommy Grimm.