Saturday, April 18, 2015

Grimm Season Four, Episode Eighteen: Mishipeshu

Grimm opens two days from now with Hank and Nick doing battle.  Nick pleads with Hank but he woges into a leopard.

In the present, Nick and Hank arrive at Monroe and Rosalie's for dinner.  Nick is clearly in rough shape, as he talks about not wanting anyone to feel awkward about what happened with Juliet.  Nick is however worried about what Juliet might do, given that he has no idea where she is and is not showing up for work.  Nick stands to excuse himself, saying that he cannot pretend Juliet is not out there somewhere.  Rosalie is not ready to give up based on what Henrietta said and wants to talk to Renard about the book because there might be something in there which could help Juliet. It's Hank who points out that the main ingredient is Juliet.

Juliet makes her way into a bar and orders a drink.  She is hit on by Rick and takes on the name Jackie.  When Juliet starts to walk away, Rick that since he just bought Juliet two drinks he expects a little conversation in return. After Rick says that he likes everything about her, Juliet woges and a little explosion happens in the bar before the light shut off.  Juliet walks out of the bar after the bartender says that he is calling the cops.

Lawrence, who is a school custodian is polishing floors, when he is attacked by a Mishipeshu.

The next morning, Hank and Nick arrive at the school and Wu gives them the break down of what happened. When they enter the school, they find that deputy Farris has secured the school.  Farris calls the scene weird because it looks like Lawrence was attacked by an animal while indoors.

At the spice shop, Renard brings over items to Rosalie, including the book.  Rosalie admits that Nick doesn't know that they are doing this because they don't want want to give him false hope.  Rosalie questions if Renard has talked to Juliet and we get a flashback to their recent sexual encounter.  Renard simply says that Juliet is not the same. Renard warns Monroe and Rosalie to be careful because they could do more harm than good.

The cops sit down with  principal Wiley and learn that the custodian was not popular with people. Wiley reports that Simon George,  a child at the school, was being bullied by having racist graffiti placed on his locker. Some appeared so early in the morning that it could only have been custodial staff. Simon George however dropped out just weeks before he was due to graduate.  The cops decide to look into Simon together after, Farris reports that she has ex husband who belonged to the same tribe as Simon.

Simon awakes in the woods, his mouth covered in blood.  He stumbles up and drinks from a puddle but when he catches his reflection, it's that of a leopard, Simon jumps backward in alarm.

Back at the station, Hank reports that Simon has a small criminal history. Nick adds that Simon entered the system at five when his father was murdered. Farris says that she remembers how Gus, Simon father died in an incident of road rage.  The man who killed Gus was never caught.  Farris then suggests that the tribe might know where Simon is and leaves to make a call.

Wu interrupts to tell Nick that he just got a call from central booking and they have Juliet in custody.  Wu tells Nick that Juliet is being held on assault and Nick gets up after Hank promises to handle the case with Farris.

Hector is working on a car when he hears a noise.  Hector calls out, asking if someone is there and promises to be with them in a moment but he is dragged out from under car by his feet screaming.

Nick finds Juliet lying down in her cell.  When Nick asks what happened, Juliet asks him he wants to hear, that she didn't do it and that it was all a mistake. When Nick asks why Juliet is doing this, Juliet snarks about being the best Hexenbiest that she can be. Nick suggests that Juliet is doing this to prove that this is all his fault, adding that he accepts responsibility.  Nick then asks for a chance to figure this all out and Juliet questions if Nick is trying to figure out how a Grimm and a Hexenbiest can live together.  Nick however promises that he is not letting go of Juliet because he could never hurt her. Juliet responds that she cannot say the same because though a part of her blames Nick for what happened a part of her loves him for it. Juliet comments that Nick has been the special one for so long and now she is connected and doesn't want to give it up.  Juliet says that she likes the power she has now and adds that Nick does as well.  Juliet woges and asks Nick if he can crawl into bed with her again, adding that she didn't need to allow the cops to arrest her but did so to see if Nick would come and rescue her.  When Nick reveals that he is not releasing Juliet because it is safer for her in jail, Juliet quips that it is safer for Nick as well.

Farris and Hank arrive at the reservation and meet with Hector, who asks why they are looking for Simon George. Hector reveals that Simon is on a power quest - a way to become more involved with his heritage.  Hector reports that Simon was left on spirit mountain and  has been fasting and without sleep, in an effort to connect with his guardian spirit. Hector adds that Simon could be anywhere on the mountain.  Hank asks about the death of Gus and Hector responds that he knows a lot about it because Gus was a friend of his.  Hector calls Gus's death an act of hatred and adds that the killer was never found. Hector says that they never really looked for Gus's murderer because he was an activist who pushed a lot of tribal issues. 

They are interrupted when Hank gets a call from Nick, who says that he saw Juliet, who is pushing things to the limit.  Nick says that he is going to keep Juliet locked up as long as he can, so that he can keep talking to her.  Nick then reveals that they have found Hector, who is the latest victim and is heading to check it out.  Hank agrees to join him. 

At the garage, Wu tells Nick the Hank the details on Hector's death.  Hank wonders if there is a connection on the two victims. Farris questions if whoever the murderer is, is using dogs.  Wu sits down and finds Larry Killburn in Hector's contacts.

That night, Simon has a fire going and is in the middle of a ceremony.  A creature rises out of the earth and enters Simon's body. Simon's eyes turn a brilliant yellow.

Back at the station, the cops compare the contacts of the two victims and find a match with Maxwell McClay.  They surmise that McClay could have killed the other two or is the next victim.

McClay brings firewood into his home and pauses to take a drink of booze. When he hears a sound, McClay grabs a weapon and moves cautiously through his house. Outside the cops pull up.  McClay is attacked from behind and his gun goes off. Nick calls out to McClay but McClay is tossed through the front window.  Farris stays with McClay while Hank enters the front of the house and Nick rushes around back.  Simon makes his way outside and is caught by Nick, who announces that he knows that Simon is a Wesen and that he is a Grimm.  Hank comes around behind Simon and Nick yells out that he told Simon he is a Grimm but Simon didn't react. Hank answers that he can see Simon, who turns, hops a fence and then gets on the roof.  Simon jumps off the roof at the front of the house and takes off running but is seen by Farris.

Nick and Hank meet up with Farris, who reports that something jumped off the roof - something which looked like something she has only heard about in stories.  Farris says that she doesn't want to sound crazy but believes they should talk to Hector again.

The next morning, Rosalie calls Renard to find out the percentage of an ingredient that Elizabeth used. Rosalie believes that altering the percentage may create a numbing effect. Renard however believes that only a skilled Hexenbiest should be attempting this, adding that while he cannot get a hold of Elizabeth, there may be someone who is able to help them.  Renard asks them not to do anything until he can back to them.  Renard stands behind a man who is purchasing something from a vendor.  When the man walks back to his car, Renard punches him.

Back at the reservation, Hector shows the cops a picture from a book. Hector reveals that what the cops are describing is a Mishipeshu - a horn water serpent panther. Farris asks how it is possible that they all thought they saw something that doesn't exist and Hector suggests that reality is open to interpretation.  Nick reports that the victims are all connected to each other and to Simon.  Hank questions if this is something which could have happened to Simon on his quest.  Hector replies that it's possible and that Mishipeshu would come from Simon's mother's side.  Hector adds that the only way to find Simon is to enter the dream world.

Renard is going through the wallet of the man he assaulted.  Wu enters and gives Renard a quick update on the case.  Renard hands over the wallet, explaining that he found it in his pocket and has no idea how it got there.  Renard asks Wu to ensure it gets returned to the owners annonymously.   Wu then asks what percentage of crime is Wesen related and Renard responds that most crime, in most places, is Wesen related, stunning Wu.

Hector is leading a ceremony to the dream plane with the cops.  Hector stops Nick from drinking the potion he is passing out, saying that it could be dangerous for Nick because Nick is different.  Hector hands items owned by Simon's parents to Farris and  Hank. 

Simon is walking and stumbles and lands on the ground due to his injured ankle from jumping off the roof.  Simon lands in front of a totem whose eyes turn a bright yellow.

Hector stops chanting and singing when he notices Hank is sweating.  Hank says that he is in his father's truck and is five years old.  We get a vision of Gus being beaten, as Simon screams.  Hank calls out that they are killing my dead.  Hector tells the group that Hank has entered Simon's past and Nick realises that this is the connection between the victims.  When Farris reports that she is not feeling well, Hector orders Nick to remove her.   Nick helps Farris outside.

Inside, Hank opens his eyes and yells, "they killed my dad" before rushing outside.  Hector tells Nick that Hank is still with Simon.  Hank rushes through the forest. Hector tells Nick that since this is all about Simon's father, there is only one place Simon would be - on the mountain.  Hector adds that they cannot drive there.  Hank, Hector and Farris take off running after Hank.  Hank however is still having visions of Gus's death, as he makes his way up the mountain.  Hank stops when he gets to the totem pole Simon was at earlier.  Simon makes his way out of the forest and the Mishipeshu leaves him and enters Hanks body.

When Hector, Nick and Farris arrive at the totem, they find Simon, who has no idea what is going on.  Hector reports that if the Mishipeshu was in Simon, it's gone now. Hector reveals that the Mishipeshu must be using Hank because Simon is injured.  Nick realises that McClay is still alive and since he helped murder Simon's father, the Mishipeshu is going to finish what it started.

Hank enters McClay's home and his face turns into that of the Mishipeshu.  Hank is greeted by Hector, who tells the Mishipeshu that he is no longer needed because they know who killed Simon's father.  Nick enters the house but is attacked by Hank.  Nick pleads with Hank and Hector grabs some dust out of a pouch and blows it on Hank.  The Mishipeshu leaves Hanks body and disappears.  Hank says that he saw the three men who beat Gus to death. 

The men make their way outside and tell Farris that the Mishipeshu is gone.  An angry Hank pulls McClay out of the car and accuses him of beating Gus to death but McClay is not cowed and tells Hank that he has no proof.  McClay pushes Hank aside and tells everyone to leave.  Simon tells Farris that McClay is one of the men who killed his father, before Farris leads him to the car.  Hank suggests that they arrest McClay but Nick believes no jury will believe the testimony of an 18 year old who witnessed a murder when he was five. Hector points out that doing so would also connect Simon to the other two murders.

Juliet is asleep in her cell and Nick stands over her, thinking about their earlier conversation.

McClay is sleeping in a chair with a rifle in his hand.  The Mishipeshu is back and with no one to stop him, he kills McClay.  When the Mishipeshu takes a human form, it turns into Farris.

Grimm has  nasty habit of raiding cultures of colour for woo woo. It wouldn't be as bad if they invest in the characters of colour they have like Hank or Wu but weekly incidents like this highlight the ongoing race problem has. It will be interesting to see what happens to Farris now that she has a Mishipeshu inside of her.  Will she seek justice for those who have been wronged?

This week we saw how Nick ran to the defense of McClay.  He knew that McClay beat a man to death but somehow didn't feel like he needed to play judge and jury.  Nope, that only happens when there is a wesen involved.  Despite Nick's mantra that he is a cop first, it's clear that changes when a Wesen is involved.

What the hell is going on with Renard.  He is getting visions and now randomly attacking people. Hmmm, yep, I'm curious.  Also can we have some more shirtless Renard? I found it interesting that Renard revealed that most crime is Wesen related.  Though I have to ask why and question how large the Wesen population really is?  Also, I hope that Wu's drive to learn more about Wesen will enlarge his role in the series. I know it sounds like a pipe dream, especially given that Wu finding out about Wesen didn't so anything for his character.  He continues to just pop in for snarky comments.

Juliet very must likes the power she has been granted as a Hexenbiest.  It makes a lot of season because for the longest time, Juliet played the role of the victim and woman to be saved.  Juliet likes being powerful but given what she has gone through it's hardly surprising.  I liked that she point out to Nick that he has always been the special one and now it's her turn.  Thus far, Nick isn't even bothering to consider Juliet's point of view.  He wants to ride in on his white horse and fix her and instead of helping her negotiate and understand what is going on.  This of course is exacerbating the situation.