Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Eighteen: Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Jackson and Hayley are walking through the quarter with Hope.  Hayley is the first to notice something wrong, when a street musician starts to play an odd tune on the violin.  A chalkboard sign in front of a restaurant reads, "A promise made is a debt to be paid." A stranger offers them a black dahlia as a gift for Hope.  Klaus appears and attacks but Dahlia has moved from the stranger to Jackson's body, saying that she intends to take what is hers.

Later, an angry Klaus yells at Hayley for taking Hope outside.  Freya explains the spell Dahlia used to threaten Hayley and Hope and provides a tonic which should stop Dahlia from taking over their bodies.  The siblings and Hayley drink the tonic but Klaus refuses to do so, saying that his mind is far too strong.  Klaus feels that Dahlia was testing them in preparation for battle. It's Elijah who suggests that they need a new stronghold that Dahlia knows nothing about and Freya suggests using Jackson to trace the magic back to its source.  Klaus sends them off to take care of their various task and vows that he is going to find a way to murder Dahlia.

Davina is tracing the letters on Kol's tombstone when she is joined by Klaus.  Klaus quickly brings up the subject of Michael and the fact that Freya sent Michael off to gather some items.  Davina is quick to refuse to help, saying that she is mourning Kol.  Klaus points out that she is not the only one who misses Kol and adds that resurrection spells require a remnant from the dearly departed. It seems that Klaus has the ashes of Kol's true remains and offers to give them to Davina, if she helps him find Michael.

Josh and Aidan wake up together and discuss staying in bed all day long together.  They don't get to dream long because Aidan's phone rings.  Aidan lies and says that it's Jackson, so Josh excuses himself and heads for the bathroom.  It's actually Klaus on the phone to talk about Jackson's inadequacy because Dahlia was able to invade his body. Klaus orders Aidan to head to the compound and watch Jackson and Hope and report back to him anything he needs to know.

Back at the compound, Hayley approaches an upset Jackson.  Hayley gives Jackson the tea to block out Dahlia and Jackson tells Hayley that Dahlia is nothing but darkness. Jackson suggests that they take Hope and the pack and leave tonight.  Jackson adds that running isn't a sign of weakness but something wolves do.  Jackson believes they can be the predator out there and give them time to figure out how to defeat Dahlia.  Hayley asks about Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah but Jackson is quick to point out that Dahlia is also a member of that family.  Jackson adds that this fight started over 1,000 years ago and is not their war.

Klaus approaches Davina on the street and she questions if Aidan is at Klaus' beck and call now. Davina adds that Josh isn't going to be impressed by this.  Really? Why the hell would an Original hybrid have to be afraid of a baby vampire?  Klaus simply points out that since Josh and Aidan are in love, they are easy to manipulate. Davina counters by pointing out that Klaus now has someone he loves more than anything now and this makes him vulnerable.  The conversation is cut short by the arrival of Michael.  Klaus asks Michael if their interests would be well served by joining forces because of the threat they all face. 

Elijah, Marcel and Josephine are meeting at St. James infirmary - a place which served as neutral ground for the entire supernatural community for years. Elijah asks Josephine to cast a spell to prevent the usage of magic within the walls.  Josephine is incredulous and says that she has a responsibility to the witches because this is not their fight. Elijah counters that anyone who would stand aside and allow his family to be threatened, he would consider an enemy.Josephine suggests a blessing to dispel unwanted spirits and a barrier to those who mean to do them harm.

Klaus meets with Michael at a cafe and questions if Michael has attained the elements to defeat Dahlia.  Michael confirms that he does but suggests that Klaus try to take it from him.  The men start to argue about Klaus's childhood again and Klaus shows Michael the dagger which can kill him, suggesting that they focus on the common enemy.  Klaus wants to join forces with Michael, pointing out that if they win, both of their daughters will be free. 

Freya begins the tracer spell with Rebekah's help on Jackson.  Rebekah breaks the spell however when she gets a vision of Dahlia.  Rebekah tells Freya that she is the reason Dahlia is able to cast such powerful spells and that Dahlia is channeling her.  Hayley accuses Freya of channeling Dahlia. Freya responds that she had no idea and that Dahlia must have found her.  Freya approaches Jackson and says that Dahlia wants to turn everyone against her but Hayley pushes her away.  Rebekah asks Freya to leave because she is bonded to Dahlia. 

In the cafe, Michael questions why Klaus believes he needs some help and Klaus declares that he is vicious and hateful just like Michael, which is why they will make a great team.  Klaus adds that he can be trusted because his daughter's life counts on it.  Michael agrees to the partnership and asks what Klaus proposes.  Klaus says that they have what they need to make a weapon and adds that all remains is to go for the kill.  Dahlia embodies another human and breaks the glass where Michael and Klaus are sitting. Father and son leave the cafe determined to stop Dahlia.

Freya walks by herself on the street and notices that people are staring at her.  Freya tries to run but she is confronted by Dahlia. Dahlia taunts Freya about getting a warm welcome from her family, calling her a selfish ungrateful child. Dahlia then uses her powers against Freya, warning that one day Freya will beg to be taken back after her siblings and her father are dead.

Back at the compound, Hayley and Rebekah tell Elijah about throwing Freya out.  Elijah is not all impressed, pointing out that all Freya has tried to do is help and they have shown her no kindness for it. Elijah then tells them about The St. James infirmary.  He adds that Josephine is fortifying it and that Hayley is to wait there until 9 when Marcel arrives to escort her, Hope and Jackson there.  Elijah orders Rebekah to wait with him in case Freya returns, because whether or not they trust her, they cannot defeat Dahlia without Freya.

Klaus and Michael hit Davina up to make a weapon to defeat Dahlia.  Michael and Klaus bicker about Dahlia setting up a trap for them and Klaus informs Davina that he and Michael are only aligned for the purposes of murder. Michael produces soil from Dahlia's homeland, viking ash and blood from Freya, which constitute the sources of Dahlia's power.  Klaus asks Davina to bind them to a weapon and Michael volunteers a knife. Klaus vows that if Davina helps him, he will live up to their bargain.

Freya returns to the compound and asks to speak to Elijah.  Freya reveals that she saw Dahlia and that Dahlia intends to make her move tonight.  Elijah is impressed that Freya has returned to warn them, given that Rebekah threw her out.  Freya explains that she understands Klaus and Elijah's mistrust but she didn't come this far to see her family die at the evil she tried to escape.  Freya begs for help, saying that Dahlia will lure them into a trap.  Freya adds that Dahlia prefers places of darkness - any site which has been steeped in death. Preferably, sacred ground which has been stained in the blood of the innocent.

Michael and Klaus arrive at the church and Dahlia makes her appearance.  Dahlia raises her arms and acolytes come streaming into the church. The acolytes attack and Klaus and Michael fight side by side. Dahlia however has given her acolytes a fraction of her power to level the playing field and they are able to toss Michael and Klaus around the church.

Aidan goes to see Jackson and is informed that he remains Jackson's right hand because of loyalty and bravery. Jackson says that he needs to get Hayley and Hope out of here tonight.  Aidan warns that Klaus will kill him if he finds out.  Jackson asks Aidan to get a car and meet them exactly at 8:45 because Marcel is coming to pick them up at 9.  Aidan agrees to be there, and Jackson responds by asking Aidan to lead in his stead.

The fighting continues on in the church.

Josh and Aidan meet up and Josh snarks about Aidan lying regarding his conversation with Klaus.  It seems that Aidan forgot about vampire hearing.  Aidan defends his deception by saying that he didn't want to get Josh involved, promising that he has it all taken care of.  Josh pushes for more, so Aidan reveals Jackson's escape plan and the threat that Klaus poses. 

Michael and Klaus have defeated all of the acolytes.  This time Dahlia uses her magic directly on them.  Klaus starts to turn grey and the knife is ripped from Michael's hand.

Jackson meets up with Hayley, who has Hope dressed and ready to go.  Hayley says that Klaus and Elijah are some of the oldest and strongest vampires in the world and they are scared of Dahlia.  Hayley explains that if Elijah and Klaus get taken out, she doesn't want Hope to be around to see what happens next.  Jackson confirms that this is the best plan to protect Hope.

Klaus tries to crawl his way to the knife as Dahlia calls him honourable for continuing to try.  Klaus manages to stand with the knife in hand, only to be pushed away by magic.  Dahlia then attacks Michael, saying that she would like to make him suffer.  Freya arrives and calls for Dahlia stop. The distraction allows Michael to grab a piece of wood and stab Dahlia in the chest. Since Dahlia cannot die, this does not kill her.  While Michael is telling Dahlia to stay away from his daughter, Elijah feeds Klaus some blood. Klaus then stands and launches himself at Dahlia, knife in hand, only to be pushed aside by magic.  When Klaus sits up, he finds his hands empty and the knife gone. 

Marcel arrives at the compound to take away Hayley, Hope and Jackson but finds them gone.  Marcel believes something is wrong and gives the order to his vampires to find them.  Hayley, Hope and Jackson stand outside waiting for Aidan. Jackson believes something must have happened because Aidan hasn't arrived. Aidan however sits in his car looking at the time and fuming.  Marcel finds Hayley, Hope and Jackson and Hayley snarks that it took Marcel long enough to find them.

Dahlia has the knife and she destroys it.  Dahlia reminds the family that she only wants what is owed, threatening that if they refuse, they will all die. Dahlia then disappears.

Aidan meets up with Josh at the bar and reveals that he told Jackson that he was late because of traffic.  Aidan admits that he should have run the opposite direction when Klaus approached him.  Josh promises to seek vengeance if Klaus hurts Aidan, even if he has no chance of winning.  Josh however tells Aidan that this isn't his fault and that this is what Klaus does - manipulate people.  Josh calls Aidan his pack, adding that he would die for him.  Aidan promises that they are going to figure out what to do together.

The family are back at the compound and Freya declares that Dahlia is done with them for the night.  Klaus says that he is not impressed with Dahlia but Michael points out that Dahlia wasn't trying to impress them but force them to reveal their sole weapon.  Rebekah is surprised to see Michael and Klaus getting along.  Freya is angry, saying that what happened was not her plan and that Michael and Klaus only made one weapon, which Dahlia unsurprisingly took from them. Klaus says that the materials needed to defeat Dahlia are not hard to accumulate. Michael however says that only priceless relics at a museum contain viking ashes.  Klaus holds Michael against a wall and puts the stake against Michael's heart. Klaus warns Freya that if she moves he will kill Michael instantly.  Klaus then tells Michael that there were moments when all Michael had to do was be his father and even then he despised him.  Klaus asks why and Michael replies that he doesn't know. Klaus asks Michael for his final words and Michael tells Freya that he is sorry and that loves her, as Klaus drives the dagger into Michael's heart. Freya screams and cries, as Elijah holds her back and Michael bursts into flames.  Klaus turns and comments that though viking ashes are rare, all one really needs is a burning viking corpse, before walking away. 

Dahlia stands outside of the infirmary playing a violin when she is approached by Josephine. Josephine calls Dahlia's technique exquisite, admitting that she hasn't played in some time, holding up her disabled hands. Dahlia fixes Josephine's hands, causing Josephine to realise that she is talking to Dahlia.  Dahlia informs Josephine that she is to be used to send a message to those who stand against her and Josephine attempts to curry favor but is denied because she can offer nothing Dahlia needs or wants.  Josephine resigns herself , asking for the opportunity to play the violin one last time, and her request is granted.  Josephine plays a very short song and Dahlia takes the violin bow and slashes her throat.

It seems that The Originals made a whiny liar out of me this episode.  I really didn't believe we would meet Dahlia until the season finale, so I am glad that they finally have this story line moving somewhere.  It seems that Dahlia is going to be an excellent opponent for the Original family, particularly because Klaus and Michael couldn't defeat her.  Obviously, this is building up to a big season finale and I look forward to seeing what Dahlia has in store for them.

Last episode, I complained about the lack of Josh and Aidan and naturally, this week they were and in bed together no less.  Here's the thing, though Josh and Aidan were in bed together, in comparison to the straight couples, their interactions were extremely chaste. I like that the writers have made it clear that these two love each other but I am tired of seeing them continually dropped in the plot box.  I get that they are secondary characters but given that they represent on the only GLBT inclusion on the show, they deserve more attention.

Speaking of Josh and Aidan, am I the only one who found it ridiculous that Davina thought threatening Aidan with Josh's rage was absolutely asinine, even for Davina? Klaus is the Original Hybrid and Josh is a baby vampire.  Come the hell on.  At least Josh was realistic about having no chance against Klaus in a fight.  It did however cause me to worry about the longevity of both Josh and Aidan.  Their relationship was clearly defined as a weakness. I don't want to see either one of them die.

The best scenes in this episode were clearly Michael's interactions with Klaus.  I loved seeing them teaming up to fight Dahlia.  Even more interesting, as far as I am concerned, was their bickering, which was awesome. I loved Klaus impersonating Michael.  I honestly believe that these two actors just love sharing a scene together.  If The Originals didn't have a habit of resurrecting Michael when they need a scary big bad, I would have been really upset by his recent demise.  The one thing I believe for sure, is that we haven't seen the last of Michael because his scenes with Klaus are just too good.

The death of Michael also gives Freya a solid reason to hate Klaus.  This means that once Dahlia is dealt with, there is the potential for Freya to turn into the next big bad.  The Originals love their family drama. The thing is, from all accounts Michael was an abusive father and then spent centuries trying to hunt down Klaus and kill him.  Michael didn't actually pose a threat to Klaus this time but with their history, it is understandable why Klaus took him out.  Freya having spent her time with Dahlia will have no idea what went on between the two men.