Saturday, April 18, 2015

Grimm, Season Four Episode Seventeen: Hibernaculum

"Ah! It was colder than ice;
it penetrated to his very heart."

Nick eats dinner by himself and when he sees a picture of Juliet, he turns it over.

Renard returns home and is immediately confronted by Juliet, who wants to know where Adalind is because she wants to kill her.  Renard demands his key back and gives Juliet Adalind's location.  Juliet takes off her top and then initiates sex with Renard. 

Knute Gunderson is driving his car and is forced to walk when it starts to overheat.  Knute is clearly cold as he approaches a house.  Inside the house, Esther Blake  talks with her daughter Jenna about her grandchild.  Knute calls out that his car broke down on the road and that he is freezing.  Knute asks to use Esther's phone and on the advice of Jenna, Esther offers to call a tow truck instead of allowing Knute inside. Knute breaks into the house, woges and attacks Esther, as  Jenna listens to the terrible attack over the phone.

Hank and Nick arrive at Esther's house and Wu explains the details of Esther's death.  When they enter the house, they find that Esther is frozen solid despite the fact that the thermostat reads 72 in the house. Wu reports that all Knute did was steal Esther's car. Hank notices that Esther has frost bite on Esther's shoulder where she has a bite mark.  Frank and Nick head into the kitchen to talk to Jenna about the circumstances of Esther's death.  Outside the house, the cops talk about the stolen car and Nick sends Wu out to check with state police to see if they know of any broken down cars within five miles.

Hours later, Wu calls to say that Esther's car has been spotted, so Nick orders a roadblock be set up.

Monroe is working on a clock and his hands start to shake as he gets a flashback to when he was kidnapped.  Rosalie enters and Monroe woges in panic scaring her.  Monroe explains his woge by saying that no one ever knows how much time they are going to have.  Rosalie hugs Monroe and tells him that this is why they never take anything for granted.

Knute is driving Esther's car when he finds the road blocked by two cop cars.  He turns and starts to drive the other direction but finds himself approaching two cop cars, one of which is driven by Hank and the other by Wu.  Knute is forced to stop the car and take off running, only to be followed by Hank, Wu and Nick.  They all run into the woods and Nick uses his Grimm senses to track Knute. A shivering Knute hides and woges.  When Knute leaps out of hiding to attack Nick, he quickly realiess that Nick is a Grimm and begs Nick to kill him because he is cold.

Monroe is rambling on about the clock he was fixing when Rosalie arrived home.  Rosalie hugs Monroe again and asks what was really going on when she came home.  Monroe at first talks about the clock and then finally admits that he was thinking about the Wesenrein and how they almost ran out of time, with tears in his eyes.  Rosalie says that they are still alive and have a whole lot more time together.

At the station,  the cops check out Knute's record and find that he is from North Dakota.  Hank wonders how Knute freezes his victims and  Nick points out that there is no way to charge him with that but they can charge him with the theft of Esther's car. Nick suggests they hit the books but before they can, Wu reports that something happened to Knute.  When the cops rush to Knute's cell, they find that he has frozen solid.

Renard wakes and is still in significant pain.  He stands and looks at himself in the mirror and thinks about being shot.  In a rage, he punches the mirror as he flashes back to flat lining on the table.  Renard gets a vision of the walls opening up, followed by a bright light, and then hands covered in blood with claws reach out for him.  Renard grabs his chest in pain and collapses on the ground.

Nick and Hank find Knute's broken down car and it's filled with the fast food garbage.  In the trunk, Nick and Hank find some bags. They realise that there must be two more wesen out there just like Knute.

Kenneth speaks with Rispoli about mommy Grimm. Kenneth is convinced that Nick must be communicating with Kelly somehow.  Kenneth suggests that if Kelly thinks something is wrong with Nick, she might come to him.  Kenneth demands that Nicks' phone get tapped and his email hacked.  The conversation is interrupted by Adalind, who reports that none of her clothing fits and that she wants to go shopping.  Kenneth orders that Adalind have an escort, despite her protests that she can go by herself.

Jaimer Gunderson is walking down the side of the road and collapses. Seeing his distress, Beth pulls over and rushes to his aid.  Beth says that Jaimer must be suffering from hypotherma and tells Jaimer that she is a nurse and will get him to a hospital.  Beth starts her car but Jaimer woges and starts to attack.  Beth manages to get away and Jaimer opens the car door to follow but he is so weak all that he can do is fall.

Adalind stops to look at clothing in a window and what she does not know, is that across the street, Juliet is watching.  Juliet uses her powers to move a gargoyle on the roof.  Adalind spies Juliet's reflection in the window but before she can act, her security pushes her to the ground, just as the gargoyle smashes on the ground.

Hank and Nick are at the trailer reading up on Wesen but are unable to find the Wesen they are looking for. After drawing a blank, Nick and Hank decide to consult with Monroe and Rosalie.

At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalie are unpacking packages she ordered when Nick and Hank arrive.  Hank tells them that they are looking for a Wesen which freezes and Monroe and Rosalie reveal that they are looking for a Varme Tyv.  Monroe and Rosalie explain that a Varme Tyv is naturally cold blooded and that winter is when they are the most dangerous.  Monroe adds that in order for a Varme Tyv to survive, they have to take body heat since they cannot produce their own.  Rosalie says that the Varme Tyv must have been headed to a hibernaculum - a place where Varme Tyv hibernate during the winter with each other so that they can collectively share their heat.  Rosalie adds that a Hibernaculum is usually somewhere secluded where they are unlikely to be disturbed.

The conversation is cut short when the bell rings, indicating that someone has entered the spice shop.  When Rosalie and Monroe enter the next room, they find a very upset Juliet, who says that she is experiencing side effects from becoming Adalind and saving Nick. Juliet tells them that she is losing herself and needs help.  Nick and Hank enter the room and Juliet tells Nick that she didn't know he was there.  Juliet is not impressed to learn that Nick told Hank what is going on  Monroe and Rosalie are confused by the exchange.  Rosalie asks what is happening and Nick instructs Juliet to tell them, threatening to expose her if she doesn't.  Juliet woges and Monroe and Rosalie scream.  Rosalie says that there has to be something they can do but Juliet is adamant that there's nothing anyone can do.  An upset Juliet blames everyone in the room for what has happened to her and Nick takes responsibility, telling Juliet not to blame anyone else. Juliet responds that there is enough blame to go around before leaving the spice shop.  Monroe suggests to Nick that he can fix this, like when he took Adalind's powers away.  Nick however confirms what Juliet said about this being a permanent condition. Moroe asks how he is still living with Juliet and Nick reveals he is not because Juliet is a Hexenbiest and he is a Grimm.

The conversation is cut short by a call from Wu, who reports  a woman being attacked and finding yet another frozen body.  Wu gives Nick and Hank the location and they agree to meet him there.  Monroe offers to escort the cops and Rosalie tells Nick that they are not going to give up on Juliet. The men leave and Juliet screams, "she's a freaking Hexenbiest."

The men arrive at the scene and meet up with Wu, where they find Jaimer frozen solid on the ground.  Monroe explains that this is what happens to the Varme Tyv when they don't get the heat they need. When they find Jaimer's drivers license, they discover that he must be Knute's brother.  They surmise that after the car broke down, they went their separate ways - every man for himself.  Nick asks for a search on Gunderson's in Dikinson, North Dakota and Portland.

Downtown Portland, Sven Gunderson hails a cab and hops inside. The cab driver immediately notices that Sven is freezing. Sven wastes no time and quickly woges and takes the heat he needs to survive.

Back at the station, Nick discovers that there are seven Gunderson's in the Portland area. When Monroe suggests that anyone of them could be the Hibernaculum, the cops realise they are going to have to check them all.  Wu interrupts to report that another frozen body has been found.

Later, at the scene, Wu, Hank, Nick and Monroe look at the body of Mitchell Gareth. After noticing the bite mark on Michell's shoulder and his license to drive cab, they realise that he is a victim and not the Varme Tyv they are looking for. Wu reports that they have been in touch with Dikinson P.D.  Hank reports that the Gunderson's were all headed west and decide to go to the Gunderson home that is the most west of their location.

Back at the hotel, Adalind reports to Kenneth about the falling gargoyle and Juliet's involvement.  Adalind demands that Juliette be killed before Juliette can kill her.  Kenneth doesn't agree because Juliette helped Kelly take Adalind's baby and might know a way to get in touch with Kelly. Kenneth adds that Juliet might well blame Adalind for turning into a Hexenbiest.

The cops and Monroe arrive at the Gunderson's and find a lot of cars.  Monroe points out that if this is the hibernaculum, they need to be careful because there could be four or five Varme Tyv inside.  Nick breaks the glass in the door and they all enter the house and find it freezing cold.  Nick says that it's colder inside the house than it is outside.  They make their way through the house and when they reach the living room, they realise that it's getting warmer.  They realise that the heat is coming from the floor.  Nick opens up a trap door and using a flashlight heads downstairs, followed by the rest of the men.  They find a group of half dressed Varme Tyv lying together asleep.  Nick checks with Monroe that the Varme Tyv are in a deep sleep and says that they just need to find Sven and get out. Monroe points out that waking a sleeping Varme Tyv, could be worse than waking a sleeping bear. The cops circle a pile of sleeping bodies and Wu finds Sven, when he recognizes his tattoos.  The problem however is that Sven has three people on top of him.  When they reach for Sven, the Varme Tyv awake and realise that they are not alone.  Nick announces that they are cops and are only there for Sven but the Varme Tyv move to attack.

The cops head upstairs, closing the trap door and realising that they are not going to be able to keep the Varme Tyv in the cellar, the men make a run for the cars.  Outside, Monroe is quick to realise that they will never make it to the cars and instead head into the barn where they find the stolen cab.  They bar the door but some of the Varme Tyv manage to get in through a window.  The Varme Tyv woge and Nick and Hank fight them off.  The rest of the Varme Tyv manage to get the door open but before they can attack, they fall to the ground from the cold.  The Varme Tyv huddle together for warmth and Nick realises that they have to return the Varme Tyv to the cellar because they cannot allow them to die.  One by one, the men place the Varme Tyv back into the cellar in the same heap they found them in.

Nick tells the men that they were never here and Wu agrees that this would be impossible to explain.  Monroe asks about Sven but it seems that he has been frozen solid in the barn..  Hank asks what they are going to do with Sven.

Later, a woman approaches a cab and finds a frozen Sven behind the wheel.

Nick returns home and remembers his Aunt Marie telling him that though he loves Juliet, he has to end the relationship and never see her again.  Nick picks up a picture of Juliet and stares at it.

Okay, this was essentially a Wesen of the week episode.  Grimm has been doing that a lot, throwing in bits of Meta as sort of a side diversion.  In terms of this episode, what the cops did was essentially give Sven a death sentence without any kind of trial.  I suppose that it is the job of Grimm to act as jury and executioner however it is galling that Nick never consciously admits what he is doing when incidents like this happen. He constantly claims to be a cop first but in many cases, he is actually a Grimm first.  What Sven did while brutal was an act of desperation and should have taken into account.

In terms of Juliet, there is a lot I don't understand.  We have been given no real explanation about what makes Hexenbiests that much more terrible than any other Wesen.  In the past four seasons we have seen some pretty horrible Wesen and none of them elicited the kind of response that Juliet does as a Hexenbiest.  I think I want an explanation, particularly with Juliet screaming into the camera that Juliet is a freaking Hexenbiest. 

I can understand Juliet's rage.  This is not what she signed up for but it doesn't make sense to me that she blames everyone.  Up until this time, except for the Wesen which were attacking Nick, Juliet acted as though the Wesen were no different from her. I am not sure if I completely understand her reaction to what has happened. I don't think that the writer's are handling this well because it comes off as Juliet just being a petulant child.

As for Renard, I wonder how what is going on with him is connected to everything else? 

I am glad to see that Monroe is having some PTSD with what happened with the Wesenrein given how violent the experience was.  I didn't expect Grimm to take that into consideration given that it tends to focus solely on Nick and how he feels.  I like that Rosalie was there for him.  I hope however that this continues to grow and isn't just one incident that is cured with a hug from Rosalie because that is now how PTSD works.