Monday, June 22, 2015

Orphan Black, Season Three, Episode Nine: Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

Siobhan, Felix and Sarah arrive at a bar in England.  They meet with Terry, - the man who helped to find Sarah - at the back.  Siobhan's welcome home from Terry is a gun. Umm are the writers even aware that guns aren't common place in the U.K.? When Terry excuses himself, Siobhan checks out the gun, promising to kill the Castor original once found.

Rudy is undergoing testing by Dr. Coady.  He quickly answers false the first time but is unable to answer the second question.  A frustrated Rudy asks how long he has and Dr. Coady assures him that they will find the original Castor.

Allison's daughter is working on her karate moves and Helena takes it upon herself to show the little girl how to go for the kill.  It's Gracie who stops the gruesome lesson, reminding Helena that they don't do things like that now.  Helena straightens up and says that now that she is a mother, she walks a different path. 

Back at the bar, Sarah is learning how she came to be with Siobhan.  Siobhan shows shows Terry the poem that Rachel translated.  Terry cannot make heads or tales of the little poem but he recognizes the number on the bottom, as a number issued to someone who has been imprisoned.  Terry heads off to find a name to match the number.

Allison is setting up Gracie to work at the soap store but Gracie says that she has a doctors appointment this afternoon.  Allison gives Gracie the day off and starts wondering where Donnie is.

Donnie is checking out his wounds from the fight he lost Jason when Allison calls.  Donnie explains his absence in the bed by saying that his sinus was whistling.  Allison gives Donnie his honey do list and the call ends.

Cosima makes herself a coffee and is lost in thought.  Finally, she decides to read through Shay's file. When Shay enters the room, Cosima hides the file and says that she cannot get together with Shay because she has lots of work.  Cosima is extremely distant and it's obvious that Shay is concerned.

There's a knock on the soap shop door and when Donnie heads to the door, he see Lionel. Lionel wants the pills, now that Kellerman is no longer vouching for Allison and Donnie.  Lionel takes the container holding Helena's eggs as ransom, until Donnie and Allison return the pills to Pouchy.

Cosima has gone to see Scott about the file and he assures her that nothing in there says Shay is a spy. Cosima however cannot let go of the fact that Shay saw the book and once asked about Sarah.  Scott reveals that when Rudy showed up, he knew that Cosima is sick.  This does not exonerate Shay because Shay knows that Cosima is gravely ill.  Cosima says that she feels like an ass for putting everyone in danger.

Felix is not the least bit impressed with the English pub food. A group of men approach Siobhan and she introduces them to Felix and Sarah as the band. Apparently, Siobhan used to light the bar up every Friday night and so they cajole her into singing a song.

Terry calls Siobhan and leaves a message saying that he is just around the corner.  When Terry moves further into his room, he finds Ferdinand waiting for him.  It seems that Terry had an understanding with Ferdinand that Ferdinand was to be informed if Siobhan ever came to town. Terry tries to say that he was just about notify Ferdinand and doesn't know the purpose of Siobhan's visit.  Terry is suddenly attacked from behind.

In the meantime, Siobhan has taken the stage and started to sing.  In his apartment, Terry gets the crap beaten out of him, as an emotionless Ferdinand watches.  At the bar, Siobhan is back in her seat with a smile on her face.  When Sarah brings up the Castor original, Siobhan repeats her vow to murder the original, justifying her decision by pointing out that Castor is sterilizing women.  Siobhan decides to give Terry a call but gets no answer because Terry is still being beaten.

Helena is flitting around the soap shop, dancing and singing massively off cue.  Gracie pops in for a moment to say that she is off to her doctor's appointment.  Gracie actually hugs Helena goodbye.

Donnie is sneaking around the soap shop when Helena finds him.  Donnie lies about where his injuries came from and begs Helena not to tell Allison if she calls.  Helena orders Donnie to sit and tells Donnie that she will make the pain go away and then maybe Donnie will tell her the truth.

Cosima is being escorted into Dyad.  Delphine snarks that Cosima is here because now Cosima believes that Shay is a mole for Castor.  Cosima says that she doesn't know if Shay is or not and admits that there are things about Shay that don't line up anymore.  Delphine wonders why she should help and Cosima concedes that Delphine was right about her not being able to avoid Dyad and that she screwed up. Delphine however is not trusting and asks what Cosima is not telling her. Cosima admits that Sarah is in London trying to find the Castor original.  Delphine asks Cosima to leave everything with her.

Helena has created some kind of paste for Donnie, explaining that this is what they used when the nuns beat the demons from them.  Donnie admits that they shouldn't have gotten involved with Kellerman but after losing his job and Allison's desire to run for trustee, he didn't see other options.  Helena is impressed that Donnie did this for his family. Donnie says that he has to return the pills and get their money back.  Donnie reveals that the tank is missing and Helena explains what the tank is for.  Helena demands to know who took her babies and Donnie tells Helena that the people they are dealing with are dangerous.  He actually calls Helena family and asks her to stay out of this.

Siobhan, Felix and Sarah arrive to find a badly beaten Terry.  Terry vows that he didn't tell his attackers anything before dying.  Siobhan grieves for a moment before saying that they should go home because they have lost their advantage.  Sarah argues that Terry said he found something but Siobhan will not budge and orders Felix and Sarah back to the pub.

Outside, Sarah informs Felix that they are not going back because Terry's death indicates that Castor is getting closer.  Having stolen Terry's cellphone, Sarah goes through his contacts and arranges a meeting by pretending to be Siobhan.  They arrange to meet in the square in an hour.  Felix is not the least bit excited by this plan but adds that he has to tag along to know that Sarah is safe.  What neither of them realise is that they are being watched by Ferdinand.

A taxi pulls up asking for Siobhan and after Sarah confirms that's who she is, Sarah and Felix hop into the taxi.

Donnie has pulled up to Pouchy's place and instructs Helena to wait in the car.  Donnie carries in a containers and asks for the tank back.  Luisa questions why Donnie wants the tank back considering that he said he didn't know what it was.  Donnie admits that the tank is filled with fertilized embryos and adds that he and Allison are having trouble conceiving. They joke about Donnie shooting blanks.  Donnie then asks to be reimbursed for the pills and more laughter ensues.  Helena knocks on the door and she is mistaken for Allison.  Donnie reminds Helena that she was supposed to wait in the car.  Helena explains her voice by claiming to have a cold.  Helena pretending to be Allison is kind of awkward and weird.  Luisa hands back the tank but Pouchy refuses to give a refund on the money. Luisa informs Donnie that he works for her uncle now.  Donnie grabs Helena and starts to lead her out but Luisa decides to get all tough and threatens Oscar and Jenna - Donnie and Allison kids. Helena turns mechanically and asks Luisa if she threatened the babies.  Donnie tries to get Helena to leave but she pushes him out the door and announces, "you should not threaten babies."

Delphine goes to see Shay and barges into her apartment with two guards.  Delphine orders Shay to sit, informing Shay that she doesn't believe Cosima is coming back.  Delphine demands that Shay take off her shoes, adding that Shay is going to tell her everything.

Felix is worried because the taxi driver has taken them to a remote location. The driver roughs up Felix and says that he will release Felix when Sarah starts talking.  The taxi driver tells Sarah that he knows she isn't Siobhan.  Sarah explains that she and Felix are Siobhan's foster kids.  The driver then recognizes Sarah as someone he used to move from place to place.  Sarah asks what the driver found out and he hands Sarah a sheet on Kendall Malone, who went to jail for aggravated homicide.  Felix and Sarah find an address and ask the driver to take them there.

Donnie is on the phone outside assuring Allison that everything is going just fine. A bloody Helena steps outside holding a knife.  Helena hands the  money to Donnie, saying that they should go now.  Helena looks absolutely gruesome.

Shay tells Delphine that she is not a corporate spy.  Delphine asks how Shay can afford her apartment and questions if the money comes from Castor.  Shay again asks for Cosima and asks Delphine why she is doing this.  Delphine starts the water running in the bath tub and holds up a razor.

A singing, Helena, washes the blood off her hands, as Donnie puts away the money, saying that this is more than they were owed.  Helena jokes that they won't be coming back for change.  Donnie suggests that Helena have a shower before Allison gets home.  Helena thanks Donnie for saving her babies before leaving the room.  The relationship between those two is getting sweet.  Allison arrives and is shocked by Donnie's face and he says that the good news is that they've come into some money.

The bathtub is now filled with water and Delphine tells the story of a girl who committed suicide by slitting her wrists in a bathtub.

Gracie calls Cosima to thank her for being so kind and asks Cosima to tell everyone she is really sorry. Gracie informs Cosima that she was told that she could help save Mark.  A car pulls up and when Mark gets out, Gracie apologises again and adds that she loves Mark. Cosima tells Scott that she made a huge mistake.

Shay continues to deny knowing who Castor is and says that she is not working for anybody.  Cosima calls Delphine to report that it wasn't Shay who took the book.  Delphine turns, caressing the razor while giving Shay the evil eye.

The taxi driver pulls up to a building and assures Felix and Sarah that he lost the one vehicle which was following them awhile back. Sarah and Felix thank the driver and get out of the car.  Felix questions if Sarah is going to enter the building and kill an innocent old man but Sarah simply asks Felix to act as look out.

Away from Sarah and Felix, Ferdinand gets into the taxi.

Delphine is pacing in her office when she gets a call from Ferdinand to report that Sarah is in London. Ferdinand snarks that Delphine is keeping secrets from Dyad and points out that the last time he saw Sarah, she was locked up at Dyad with Delphine.  Delphine suggests that she and Ferdinand have a conversation and invites him to the institute. Ferdinand hops out of the car, leaving the dead taxi driver behind.

Sarah sneaks into the Castor original home.  Sarah checks the mail and it is all addressed to Kendall Malone and so she makes her way through the flat with a gun held tightly in her hand.  When Sarah checks the bedroom, it's empty.  Though Felix is standing guard outside, someone is moving in the shadows.  Sarah is staring at a photo, when Kendall approaches holding a big butcher knife. Kendall starts to back up Sarah and so Sarah pulls her gun, saying that she is looking for Kendall Malone.

The confrontation doesn't get far because Siobhan enters the room and orders Sarah to put the gun down.  It turns out that Kendall is Siobhan's mother, who it seems went to prison for killing Siobhan's lover.  Kendall is not repentant at all and snarks about John stealing Siobhan from the cradle. Siobhan asks Kendall why Duncan sent them to her.  Kendall takes a seat and answers that she had hoped she would be dead when this came up.

Felix continues to watch outside and when a car pulls up he moves into the shadows.

Kendall tells them Duncan claimed to be testing the inmates for cancer research and did round after round. Duncan found his male donor but not where he expected because it turns out that Kendall was Duncan's male donor because she absorbed a male twin in the womb.  Kendall explains that she has two cell lines.  Sarah realises that Kendall is the Castor original.

Outside a nervous Felix texts Sarah a message.  Siobhan declares that it's time to go.  Siobhan starts getting ready to blow the house up to obliterate any trace of DNA and then pulls a gun on Kendall.  Sarah is shocked and reminds Siobhan that Kendall is her mother.  Sarah argues that Castor and Leda are related and if Kendall has two cell lines, then she is Leda's original as well.

The best part of this episode were the interactions between Donnie and Helena.  Donnie is a bit of a bumbling fool and doesn't fit in and neither does Helena.  The two of them actually are well matched even though I didn't see it at first.  When Helena turns and warns that they shouldn't have threatened babies, I knew that room was fool of dead people.  As much as Helena is charming at times (off key singing) she's downright scary (leaving the factory bloody with a knife).  I didn't like her character when she first arrived on the show but Helena has grown on me and then some.

Okay, the big reveal, the Castor and Leda Original happens to be Siobhan's mother.  Uh huh.  I know that one has to let loose rational thought watching shows like this but I think that Kendall is a step too far.  Having Kendall be the Original might show an even darker side to the pragmatic Siobhan.

I didn't expect Gracie to sell out the clones even if she was listening closely. What I want to know is when she found the time to converse with team Castor? 

Okay, up next is the season finale and though I don't think it can possibly be as cool as clones dancing I am looking forward to seeing how they wrap up the Castor storyline.  There's only two Castor brothers left as far as I know but seeing as how this is Orphan Black, another Castor could appear at anytime.