Thursday, February 25, 2016

iZombie, Season 2, Episode 14: Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind

Last week they found the tainted Utopian needed to make the cure!


And it turns cured rats into rotting rage filled hungry zombies. This is not good and certainly not the cure they have been looking for.

The case this week involves a dead coffee shop owner who was positively buzzing with super happy dappy hippy dippyness. She is the nicest person in the world to a point that is almost painfully naïve but, yes she is awesomely nice in a way I kind of appreciate and have to at least partially admire even if I’m sure I’d love to strangle her if I actually met her in person.

I’m not a positive and happy-dappy person, I admit

This means Liv is buzzing around this week being the ultimate flower child. Again, like the past few weeks I think Liv’s brain personality has been a tiny side point in the overall plot that I don’t think they want to distract from. Rather than be a major plot element that it used to be, it’s now just a quirk lurking in the background of every episode.

The murder mysteries continue to be interesting – and I’m not usually a fan of random-event-of-the-week but it tends to work on crime dramas and I do like how Izombie does it with both the brain and how some of the crimes are odd: like not always catching the bad guy. It’s a surprising slice of realism

This goes give more space for the meta – and some surprises

Firstly we have Drake - turns out he’s actually an undercover cop, hasn’t killed anyone but has managed to get informers to safe houses and is feeding information to the police. The one blip in his cover is his repeated going to the police station to see Liv – that’s bad for his cover, but he will not give her up.

Secondly we have Major drop in to see Liv unexpectedly to confess all about being the Chaos Killer… only to run into Gilda. Who he knows, of course, from before – and he let’s Liv know about it by calling her Rita

Liv quickly realises Gilda is the woman Major was sleeping with – and that Gilda probably knew all about it while being Liv’s room-mate. Liv promptly punches her in the face and gives her her marching orders.

Does this man we can get Peyton back?

And thirdly – another biggie: Stacey Boss learns that Blaine is the man informing on him to the DA. That is not a healthy place for Blaine. Despite often being almost comic I have to give praise to have very very very menacing Stacey can be

Blaine ends up by a hole, in the woods… with his throat slit

Oh the emotions! Firstly I was super sad because I love his sarcasm and snark. But then I remember Lowell and cheer…

And then he comes back as a zombie. Ok it was expected but still awesome. His facial expression is immense. He isn’t shocked and outraged – he’s resigned and irritated. It’s a perfect “I don’t believe this shit.”

Diversity issues: we have a Black woman who is a walking Angry Stereotype. She’s a vindicated stereotype of what she’s accused of, but she’s still an immense stereotype

Ravi… a coffee saleswoman tries to impress him with a Ghandi quote – and Ravi’s response is interesting. On the one hand it is a very dismissive way to refer to Ghandi’s legacy. I can see them TRYING to make an interesting comment on Ravi teasing someone for assuming he’d be impressed because he’s of Indian origin and it also makes an interesting point about assuming what culture/country Ravi would identify with. I mean we know he identifies as Asian, because he has before, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t consider being British his national identifier. The sad thing is it could make a very good point about not assuming his culture and national origin- but then turning round and outright dismissing Ghandi like that, dismissing the significance and outright upholding the idea of Imperial controlled India is just too outrageously out there to make the point. I can see the point they're trying to make but doing it this way is just such a terrible choice that it overwhelms any point they're trying to makle.

The episode continues what I love about this show – the snark, the banter and interactions between these characters just give me endless joy. I really don’t praise it enough.