Thursday, February 25, 2016

Teen Wolf, Season 5. Episode 18: The Maid of Gévaudan

This episode is the return of Crystal Reed – and while I like her and I really like the role she plays… I kind of think the whole point of this episode is “Crystal Reed guest stars” rather than anything particularly useful

Don’t get me wrong, the adventures of Marie Jeanne, the hunter who killed the first Beast and founded the Argent family is a pretty epic one but it doesn’t add any knowledge to what we already know. Like the idea that the Beast will become a complete beast when it remembers it’s original (hidden) name – Sebastian Valet? We knew that. The methods they used to kill him? Well, basic anti-werewolf things.

The fact he was a sister to Marie Jean is a nice touch and the whole story itself is pretty epic. But I’m kind of sat here thinking that it’s a really great story, but why is Gerard taking a time out to tell it to Lydia?

Who isn’t convinced she’s the beast killer anyway – and after story-time goes looking for Parrish. Honestly I think she was two seconds away from “that’s nice old man, but I have shit to do.”

But Crystal reed was awesome.

Meanwhile in the present the actual beast is rampaging around the school presumably killing lots of extras off screen and giving all our heros liberal coatings blood

Scott is super duper heroic, saving people, getting people to safety and constantly putting himself in the Beast’s path, knowing he cannot win but buying lives with his own – because he’s Scott and beneath the goofiness, the hot abs and not being quite as funny or snarky as his fellows, his defining feature is being a really good person.

Malia makes and appearance and so does Braeden and her shotgun (which, coincidentally, is also her defining feature. A gun. Because she has had ZERO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT) which eventually stops Scott being eaten

There’s also Liam running around. He doesn’t get eaten.

Scott does catch the scent of the Beast which they track down the infamous blood stained shoes – in Mason’s car. We’ve found our Beast everyone! Yes, it’s Mason – and just as he begins to realise that, Corey vanishes with him.

This could be huge – this could *gasp* mean an LGBT person on Teen Wolf has an ACTUAL storyline (by the way, this also kind of undercuts the shock of this scene- if Mason has actually been developed we could have had a moment like learning Stiles was the Nogitsune)

On the flip side, Teen Wolf is happy to throw gay people in the plot box, kill them off or vanish them without any reason at all – having a “we had to kill him to stop the beast and now the straight people can practice their saddest faces” excuse does not bode well for Mason’s continues existence.

I rather suspect Corey will not end well.