Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vampire Diaries, Season 7, Episode 13: This Woman's Work

Time for some insight into Rayna’s past. She’s the daughter of one of the Brotherhood Hunters (one of those hunters that Jeremy has become who gets the fancy body art and super vampire killy powers). And her dad went out to kill a vampire – Julian – and it didn’t go well.

Since killing a Brotherhood hunter eventually drives a vampire insane and then to suicide, Julian has an elegant solution – compel Rayna into killing her own dad

And, lo, now we know why Rayna really really wants Julian and the Heretics dead. Though (and it does kill me to provide any kind of defence for Julian), killing the hunter that was trying to kill him is hardly the worst thing he ever did.

From there Rayna went to some shamans who promptly sacrificed themselves (Native Americans – death, sacrifice and woo-woo. I think these and Rayna are these the first Native American stereotypes characters that the show has had.)

She hunts down the heretics and is the reason why Bo (hey, remember him?) can’t speak – but eventually they do manage to escape, until the present day anyway. Enzo’s people have her locked up which lasts all of 5 minutes because she’s determined and their glass cages aren’t very secure. She also wants her sword back

Enzo manages that one by blackmailing Damon with the possibility of telling Bonnie that he murdered Elena.  That gets Damon to convince Bonnie to give up the sword in an exchange in which Bonnie gets hurt, Enzo gets tied up, Rayna gets her sword and Bonnie and Damon have some… connection moments. Between Damon not hesitating before healing Bonnie as he did before –since her dying would wake Elena (yes Bonnie has low expectations, but who can blame her after the way they’ve treated her), to lots of talk of Bonnie being Damon’s only and best friend and even a very on-the-nose conversation about how Elena would totally not expect him to be celibate waiting for her.

Yes, I think we’re definitely inching down the road to Bonnie/Damon romance.

Caroline is being drained of her life force by her evil demon babies – she needs an emergency c-section which means a whole lot of compelled doctors and all the heretics running round to help (I’m not quite sure why they’re all helping but they are). But there woo-woo is interrupted by Bo’s throat wound opening up – a signal that Rayna has her sword back

All the Heretics except Valerie now want to run for the hills since the sword lets Rayna track people she’s stabbed so Mary Lou, Nora and Bo run while Stefan gets hyper pissed at Damon for giving up the damn  sword

Rayna strikes – and kills Bo. Seriously, Vampire Diaries, are you even kidding right now?! There were two POC Heretics and they’re both dead and both had the most incredibly minor roles – you even made Bo mute! And now he’s dead? Really, Vampire Diaries you do not have the reputation to get away with this bullshit.

Damon tries to run to the rescue but Rayna is far too dangerous for him and Bonnie and the heretics can’t help because a) she’s immune to magic and b) they all need to use their magic for the woo-woo c-section. Stefan, given all the givens, isn’t exactly eager to ruin to Damon’s rescue but after a lot of begging he runs to help

He saves Stefan – and is stabbed. Which means Rayna can now track him to the ends of the Earth like she did Bo. Stefan buzzes off. But the babies are born (which, since we’ve seen the future, should surprise no-one)

And twist absolutely no-one didn’t fail to predict – Enzo reveals Elena is actually alive (or so he claims when a pissed off Damon threatens to kill him)! Tyler had a fake coffin and Damon was hallucinating and that means Damon can totally get off his guilt trip

Except, y’know, Stefan now having to go on the run to prevent Rayna from finding and catching him (or you could gather everyone together, let Rayna come and then all shoot her with big guns. Yes?)

So while Damon calls Stefan to say how he totally hasn’t killed Elena and isn’t that wonderful he also has to promise desperately that he will save Stefan from having to run for the rest of his life (or until Rayna dies of old age, I guess).