Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lucifer, Season One Episode Ten: Pops

This week begins at the murder scene of a famous chef.  Lucifer is all broken up but not because he feels for the man's family or that he was even too young to die but because with the death of Javier, this means that Lucifer will never have a chance to eat the man's tamales again.  He always seems to find a way to make it all about him but I suppose given who Lucifer is, that shouldn't really be a surprise.

Chloe and Lucifer head to the restaurant to question Javier's employees and learn that they all called him Pop's because he was like a father figure for them. Lucifer immediately thinks that one of he workers must have killed him because no one can really get along with their parental figure can they? Chloe tries to dissuade him that this is not the case but then her mother arrives on the scene.  Lucifer is very happy to meet Penelope but it's clear that Chloe is less than pleased to see her mother. Lucifer is his flirtatious self ,earning himself an invite to family dinner.

As Lucifer and Chloe begin interviewing the staff, they are told repeatedly how hard Pop's was on them. Each staff member has a horror story to tell but always finishes with how much they loved and respected Pops. Even Junior, Javier's son, who clearly had a series of complaints reveals when questioned by Lucifer, that all he wanted to do was have a meal with his father again. Lucifer is clearly not buying it. They head to see the sous chef, Anne, who just happened to make Pop's last meal and is set to inherit the restaurant. Anne is adamant that she would never hurt Javier. The interview is cut short when Anne ends up vomiting blood on Lucifer, having clearly been poisoned as well.

Mazikeen goes to see Linda and to call it awkward would be an understatement. Linda rightfully is worried about a conflict of interest which would happen if she treated both Mazikeen and Lucifer. Mazikeen however sees Linda's reluctance as a sign that she needs to offer up sex in the same fashion that Lucifer did.  Linda is quick to reject the offer. Mazikeen it seems really wants to fit in since it seems that she is stuck there for awhile.  Sensibly, Linda suggests that Mazikeen embrace her surroundings and make friends but this does not make the temperamental Mazikeen happy and she storms out.

Dan and Malcolm are out on patrol together and clearly there's still a lot of tension between the two men.  Dan demands to know what Malcolm is going to do with the gun he had him procure and Malcolm reveals that his plan is to kill Lucifer. Malcolm suggests that since Lucifer is busy making the moves on Chloe, that this shouldn't upset Dan too much.

Dan joins Chloe and Lucifer at the crime scene.  Chloe now believes that since Ann was also poisoned that she is not a suspect.  Dan suggests that they check out an employee who was fired. Chloe asks Dan to come to the family dinner to act as a buffer between her and her mother.  Chloe and Lucifer head to the suspects house where Lucifer immediately breaks in and starts searching despite Chloe pointing out that they don't have a warrant. The suspect comes home and during questioning reveals that all she wanted to do was make peace with Javier.

Chloe and Lucifer's interview is cut short when Chloe gets a call from her babysitter. When Chloe arrives home, Trixie is all dressed up to accompany Penelope on an audition and this sets off an argument between Chloe and Penelope.  Chloe feels that Penelope is using Trixie much the same as she was used when she was a child.  The two women are so intently focused on each other, they don't even notice that Trixie has slipped away.

Lucifer still certain that Junior is responsible for Javier's murder lies in wait for him. Junior and Lucifer talk for a bit and Junior manages to convince Lucifer that he is innocent.

Upset that her grandmother and mother are fighting over her, Trixie takes an Uber to Lux where she finds Mazikeen.  Trixie explains that she wants to see Lucifer because Lucifer is her friend.  Mazikeen is still frosty but she actually pores the child a drink and they talk about the issue.  Having figured out where Trixie went, Chloe shows up.  When Trixie calls Mazikeen her friend, Mazikeen tells her to call her Maze but makes certain that Chloe knows not to call her by that name.

Based on his belief that Junior is innocent, Lucifer invites him to cook the family dinner which Penelope invited him to.  When Chloe, Dan and Trixie arrive, Trixie is immediately happy to see Lucifer and he backs away from her as fast as he can.  Clearly, this is a very one sided friendship. When Dan sees that Junior is the cook, he gives Trixie a chocolate cake and suggests that she eat it in bed. Chloe is irritated that Lucifer would dare to invite Junior to cook given that he is a suspect in the poisoning murder of his father.  Lucifer however asks Chloe to just listen and Junior make his best pitch. Chloe however believes that Junior still needs to go to the station and make a statement.  Dinner devolves after that and an argument breaks out thanks to both Lucifer and Penelope. Dan leaves with Juniors so that he can make his statement.

Accepting the possibility of Junior's innocence,  Chloe begins to refocus on Ann.  After a quick call to the hospital and learning that Ann has checked herself out, Chloe and Lucifer head to the restaurant.   Ann is still adamant that she wouldn't do anything to hurt Javier. It's then that Chloe and Lucifer realise that Javier was never the target and that Junior was.  Ann sets the restaurant on fire to make her escape, and Lucifer carries Chloe out of the burning building. Outside, Chloe shows Lucifer the drugs she grabbed which will prove that Anne is the guilty party.  Lucifer, Chloe and Junior talk and Chloe tells Junior that he was set up because Anne wanted to keep the restaurant, even after his father had already decided to change his will and give it to him.

Dan meets up with Malcolm and informs him that no matter how much he detests Lucifer, he cannot allow Malcolm to kill him.  Dan is unwilling to bend even when Malcolm points out that this will force them to both go down together. Malcolm attacks Dan and leaves him unconscious (though I would be surprised if Dan is dead) Malcolm then checks Dan's phone, sees a message from Chloe and decides to answer it for himself.

Chloe and her mother make peace and Penelope decides to get back on the road.  When we next see Chloe she is roaring drunk and arriving at Lux.  It seems that Chloe got a message from Dan saying that their relationship is over and this pushed her over the edge.  This is the moment that Lucifer has been waiting for but instead of pouncing, he decides to be a friend to Chloe and turn her down for sex. Chloe then falls asleep on Lucifer's shoulder.

As much as Lucifer amuses me at times the repetitive nature of the show can get tedious. Clearly this episode was all about redemption between children and parental figures.  Yes, the children balk about the ways in which said parental figure wants to shape them but at the end of the day realising that what they really want is affirmation that they are good and are worthy.  Clearly, this is all a story built around Lucifer's redemption and dealing with his rage but since he is the less introspective person on the planet, he cannot see the forest for the trees.  Lucifer's growth has been really slow going and I think it's time we hit the speed dial a little bit.

Perhaps more irritating than Lucifer's lack of introspection is Malcolm and Dan's entire story line. Can we just be done with it already?  Does anyone care that this rogue cop is going to attempt to kill Lucifer? Let's be serious, Lucifer is not going to die and so this build up to attempted homicide fails to raise any level of concern or excitement.  I want to see more about Amendial and how it is that he could have a mortal attempt this and what this does to his standing as an angel.  I just want Malcolm to hurry up fail so that we can deal with the fallout.