Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wynonna Earp, Season 1, Episode 1: Purgatory

New show, following Wynonna Earp, descendent of Wyatt Earp and general troubled lady – and this is an episode full of exposition. Normally I’d complain because that would suggest an epic amount of info dumping but this is really well done – the information well presented and paced among the action. This huge introduction was so well presented, lots of points to the writers for that

Wynonna’s heading home on a bus which, unfortunately, breaks down and a nice lady she just met decides to get off the bus… which is most unwise as the bus is surrounded by ominous scary shadows which promptly rip her heart out. The rest of the bus drivers off – afraid – but Wynonna insists on getting out of the bus to help. It doesn’t go well… until her alarm on her phone goes off on her 27th birthday – and Wynonna suddenly kicks serious arse and stabs the monster – Revenants – in the eye. So we have an introduction to the stakes and her abilities.

That’s a nice intro to the action. And when she finally gets back into town to see her Aunt Gus for her dead Uncle Curtis’s funeral. Now for the intro into her home life in Purgatory – she clearly has a troubled past, even her aunt thinks she’s “damaged” beyond repair and she has spent time in a mental institution. She has been in trouble with the police (and sasses the sheriff most awesomely) and isn’t fully popular with everyone round town, though she has some fans, including her sister, Waverly.

Through her interactions with Waverly and various other people in town we learn about the Earp curse. Whenever an Earp reaches the age of 27 all the men the original Earp killed come back and the current Earp (the heir), with her new minted shiny combat skills, brings them down, all around the town of Purgatory. It’s a fate Wynonna has been running from ever since her tragic childhood when Revenants attacked their family and killed their older sister, Willa, who was supposed to be the heir. On top of that, Wynonna, using Earp’s fabled Peacemaker gun, tried to shoot the Revenants and hit her dad instead

Wynonna has a few issues to deal with. Waverley, on the other hand, is super eager to get involved and get fighting. I do like Waverley and Wynonna, they have issues (Wynonna’s reluctance to fight, her leaving town and Waverley behind) but genuinely love and care for each other. So does their Aunt Gus though she still thinks Wynonna needs to leave for everyone’s sake because she’s “so broken.”

Wynonna agrees and plans to leave town – with her sister (for much emotional sibling drama) before the Revenants kidnap Waverley and plan to hang her unless Wynonna hands over the Peacemaker. Y’know that’s not going to happen, especially since she goes to the meeting on a big motorbike (an official declaration of bad ass status) and with a fun, slightly cheesey (that trick shot ricochet?) amount of fun fighting she puts those Revenants down and saves her sister. That trick shot also is a nice sort-of-redemption moment since she saved her sister with an awesome shot when, as a child, her lack of marksmanship got her dad killed.

Wynonna is now hanging around for lots more demon killing.

Other elements: we have Agent Dolls, Deputy Marshall, working for the “Black badge” squad that presumably kills monsters. She wants to recruit Wynonna. Wynonna doesn’t want to be recruited. Much snark ensues – but Wynonna has enough legal skeletons in her closet for a bit of blackmail. He also has all due contempt for the Sheriff and his terrible, sexist policing. So does Wynonna – she has excelln lines to say it

Doc Holliday – he’s around town, apparently the same Doc Holliday as Wyatt Earp knew (unknown to Wynonna who assumes he’s cosplaying) is also back… he doesn’t seem all that impressed. Of course if he’s back that also implies that Wyatt Earp killed him too

During the battle Wynonna was helped by cover fire from someone… she assumes Dolls. The Revenants assume Doc Holliday

I also have to mention the snark, because damn there’s some good snark in this show. Wynonna occasionally has razor with and a vicious tongue and I give a solid 10 points for every excellent come back.

So… first episode has me hooked in J Just the right combo of action, humour and a sprinkle of darkness.