Monday, April 18, 2016

Bitten, Season 3, Episode 10: Truth, Changes, Everything

It is the season finale of Bitten and I am SO FRUSTRATED!

This finale pretty much sums up everything about this series that has annoyed me. We see glimpses of the storyline I would love to see developed, that would be so much more interesting that would lead to so much more character growth – but instead we get a lot of rushing and fight scenes and the interesting elements feel completely unsupported and falling apart because there isn’t enough plot there to make them believable.

So, let’s rush past the action. The Assassin-who-is-called-Albino-despite-that-being-super-offensive decides to take Jeremy out in the woods to kill him and, after a little eye stabbing, he’s killed by Clay and Alexei who is awesome at knife throwing and it would have been nice if he’d used that skill a little before. Close this storyline! Y’know I kind of question why the assassin had to have a twin if he was just going to lurk around for a couple more episodes, doing nothing before also being killed.

The Russians and the show belatedly remember baby Rocco and Rachel and decide to send some wolves to be killed by Nick using Rachel’s creative home defences and Rachel using lethal neck snappy magic

Did I mention under-developed? Well here’s exhibit A. This seasons only real POC character who has been appallingly underused all season. She disappeared for episodes at a time despite having a fascinating story of the human who knew about werewolves and then the witch going through a grand discovery of her powers. What a waste of an interesting character! What a waste of the only POC on the show!

Unfortunately all of the extras in the pack are being hunted by Konstantin’s Russians (he’s the new Russian alpha), he wants to conquer all the werewolves in the world which he may be able to do as his pack seems to have 8 gajillion red shirts. They go hunting Karl Marsden and Extra Dude and Extra Dude #2 all of whom are literally willing to DIE rather than betray Elena since she has been Alpha for, what, a day? Maybe 2? This is what I mean by under developed storyline. We could have had some episodes looking at Elena becoming the beloved knew alpha, we could have seen her earning their respect, their loyalty, winning them all over and creating this pack of extras willing to die for her.

Faced with complete annihilation and with Konstantin demanding she turn up, Elena decides to go for her master plan. A plan which also covers her ongoing concern with how werewolf society works and how much they’re all suffering because of the secret they all have to keep. So she launches her master plan – with Sasha volunteering to take her place to save her life since she can’t shapeshift at the moment after her injuries last episode

Now, when they said that to her last episode I was surprised because, as I said, absolutely no-one on this show is shapeshifting. Seriously, season 3 could have been about the mob for all the wolfiness we saw. But no, this matters

Because as Elena is taken in front of Konstantin and demanding he back down or she nukes them all, Sasha and Paige go to a town meeting – called because of the recent deaths in the county (including the ex-police chief), all killed to try and keep the werewolf secret

In the middle of that, Sasha turns into a wolf

Ok, I get that Elena’s back is somewhat to the wall here – but can we examine the timing of this? The whole meeting is about the mysterious deaths CAUSED BY WEREWOLVES and now is the time you want to show your wolfy selves to the world

Crowd: We have a lot of mysterious deaths and vanishings here
Pack: Werewolves exist!
Mayor: There is no way these two facts could be connected!

I mean, Elena even says that Konstantin better let her go because he’ll be tried as a human now if he murders her – what, those same humans who are now going to investigate your pack for the many many many murders?

And what’s this “you will be tried as a human?” What nonsense is this? It’s not like he had werewolf immunity before! The reason he got away with his many many murders before was because they hid the bodies! They didn’t even kill people in wolf form, it was guns, knives, stranglings and neck snapping. Being a werewolf had absolutely nothing to do with how they hid the bodies, how the people were killed or anything similar. Knowing about werewolves is not going to make it any easier to investigate the murders!

Now the threat to reveal every member of the Russian pack to Moscow may be more powerful – but why hasn’t the Russian pack established more ties and connections in Russian than the American pack?

Add to this we then have the mayor reaching out to touch the sweet little wolfy… I mean even if he has never ever seen a werewolf movie he should still know this is a bad idea. Never mind werewolf, it’s a WOLF, not a stray chihuahua trembling in the corner! I get we’re supposed to see a contrast between the mayor wanting to hug an apex predator while the suspicious police officer shooting him (Sasha dies… in the mayor’s arms. Seriously the mayor acts like Sasha is his best friend from childhood or even his husband there’s so much emotion there).

It all seems more than a little bizarre… this whole plot line could be fascinating and I’d love to actually see more of how werewolves adapt to this new world. In fact, scratch the last 3 season – Bitten’s story starts NOW! The plot lines for this are far more fascinating than we’ve seen so far! But Elena and Clay are treating this as a happily ever after, everything is resolved. She burns down the house to hide all he werewolf records from the authorities (and maybe their murderous legacy. Behold, prophecy fulfilled. The prophecy is awful). We have some radio news vaguely telling us about what is happening in the world but no real touching on this huge societal change. How can the story end here? This is when things should epicly change! We get this now after wasting so many episodes on the damn Assassin?

I don’t think there is a season 4 so this really has ended, that’s just kind of sad really. Also sad is the terrible lack of diversity – the only Black character, the only POC, is Rachel who spent most of her life in the plot box. Paige and Rachel, when they first managed to show themselves, were only very briefly appearing before vanishing again and leaving Elena I an almost all male team. Oh there’s Katja who dies, of course. And there are no LGBT people.

All in all, I’m sad. This could have been so much better than it was.