Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Between, Season Two, Episode Four: Extraction

Gord collapses to the ground and Frannie cradles his head.  Hearing the gun shot and the screams, Wiley, Liam and Chuck rush outside. A tearful Frannie tries to explain that Renee thought that she killed her brother. They help Gord into the clinic and work feverishly on Gord, as he tells Frannie that he's sorry and that he tried. Gord adds that she needs to be strong and then dies on the table.  A crying Frannie begs Gord to wake up. I knew this character was destined to die.

It's apparently been 53 days since the town has been closed down. In a voice over, Adam talks about reaching a point of no return and no longer recognizing their former selves.  Adam has determined that he cannot live like this because there's nothing left. He feels they are like helpless caged animals. Adam wonders what they have become and explains that this justifies his actions.

On his SAT phone, Liam receives a message informing him that his identity has been compromised that that they will be extracting him at 19:00 tomorrow.  Liam is stunned.

With gun in hand, Adam confronts Liam about his identity and wants to know why Liam lied about working for the pharmaceutical company. Liam remains calm and orders Adam to put the gun down.

Renee returns to the compound and Ronnie immediately confronts her about why she went to Pretty Lake. Renee isn't playing though and is quick to tell Ronnie that it's none of his business. Renee tells Ronnie that he doesn't matter on the compound and calls him a little bitch.  Renee continues to get in his face and Ronnie actually makes a fist, forcing Lamar to tell him to back down. Renee orders Ronnie to get out and he actually complies. It looks like Ronnie has finally found a woman he cannot bully. Nope, I haven't forgotten about Ronnie trying to force himself on Wiley.

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Liam admits to working for Horatio, claiming that he is only doing the contract work that Adam's father couldn't finish. When Liam notices Adam's STAT phone, he tells Adam that he has no idea what he has done, adding that he now has less than 24 hours to find someone who is about to turn 22. Adam keeps pointing the gun, demanding to be told the truth and Liam makes it clear that if he cannot prove that he has a cure, their only hope is gone. This time the government will finish what they started. Wiley finally has to get between Adam and Liam and makes it clear that no one put Adam in charge.  Adam frames it as a choice between him and Liam and Wiley says it's Liam or death. When Chuck throws his weight behind Liam, Adam leaves the room.

Frannie is now at the orphanage and when she sees something in the window, she calls for Harrison. Harrison and Frannie wonder if the CCTV is still working because she wants to get to the bottom of what happened.

Stacey still has Mark locked up and when she refuses to release him, he points out that she barely knows him. Stacey however is adamant that there's something between them.  Mark thanks her for looking out for him but is adamant that he knows what he is doing.  Stacey refuses to comply saying that she cannot lose him. Yes, more boring relationship possessive drama.

Harrison starts rewinding the tape and rushes through the attack on Gord and Frannie.  Finally they get to the point on the tape where Mark is dropping off the backpack. Frannie doesn't immediately recognize him though.

Liam and Wiley decide to look through the files at city hall to see who has a birthday coming up.

Renee unlocks a trailer on the property unaware that she is being watched by Ronnie. She heads inside and closes the door.

Harrison leads the charge into the bar screaming for Mark. Stacey is quick to say that Mark isn't there and that she hasn't seen him for awhile.  Harrison however is not buying that and bashes a bat against one of the tables. Harrison orders a search of the property which Stacey tries to block but it's all for naught because wouldn't you know it, that's when Mark calls out for Stacey.

Chuck is starting to lose it as he wonders around in his blood stained clothing. He hallucinates Gord telling him that these deaths are on his hands.  To try to block the pain, Chuck starts to drink and turns on music loudly.

Liam and Wiley continue to go through the records and Liam complains that this would easier if the records were computerized.  Liam and Wiley find the names of Renee and Michael.  They decide to check on Michael because he lives close by.

Ronnie follows Renee into the container and finds that it's stocked with food.  Renee apologises for before and the two start to kiss.  Ronnie however is not over what happened earlier and he pushes Renee away before locking her in.  Of course he hallucinates his brother telling him that he did a good job.

It's question and answer time for Mark.  Mark says he dropped off the food cause he thought it was the right thing to do. Harrison points out that whoever killed Gord will come back from Frannie. Ronnie's sister tells them about Renee and her living on the edge of town. Mark gives his word not to hurt Ronnie. Harrison demands to come with them but he's told that Frannie needs to stay inside until this is over.

Chuck is still way out of it and clearly now drunk. He passes out on the floor.

Adam is in Liam's lab and he records a message saying that this will be his last day in this hell hole.

Liam and Wiley find Michael dead on the floor. They missed Michael by an hour because his time of birth was 10:08 Am.  Okay this sickness is just ridiculous now. There's no science that could possibly justify this show. Wiley points out that they have eight hours to find Renee.

Ronnie hunts down Lamar to drop a dime on Renee. Yes, he snitched and is acting all righteous now saying that someone has to stop her. This is all about him not being able to control Renee and so he wants pay back.

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Liam says that something like this happened in the past. Apparently, something like this happened in Nigeria though Liam swears he wasn't experimenting on people. Uh huh

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Ronnie is back at the trailer and when he opens it up, Renee is ready to attack.  Ronnie holds a gun to Renee while Lamar checks out the inside of the trailer.  Lamar is pissed and asked how Renee could do this to him, to all of them. The men lock up Renee again as she bangs on the trailer. Lamar suggests telling the others but Ronnie says that there's another play.

Frannie is teaching Harrison how to shoot a rifle, explaining that Gord taught her.

Liam and Wiley have arrived at the compound and asks if they can get coffee if they get out of this mess. Yeah, dude has timing. The moment is ruined when the vehicle is surrounded by armed people.

Adam is making a recording about what happened in Pretty Lake.  It shows the horror of what happened. What I want to know is how he got all of this video footage?

Wiley explains that they are looking for Renee.  Ronnie appears and he is not impressed to see her.

Frannie and Harrison are both armed and make their through the woods.

Wiley is explaining the cure to Lamar and Ronnie and Liam tries to explain that they don't have time to waste.  Wiley makes it clear that she knows Renee is there.  Ronnie suggests that he should be given a dose before they are taken to Renee.  Ronnie enters the container with a gun in hand and tells Renee that she is going to announce to people that she is handing over power to him. Yes, he's an epic douche. Ronnie then drops the hammer about knowing it's Renee's birthday but says that he might have the perfect present after all.

In the compound, Renee stands in a circle of people and tells about hoarding food. Renee says that she's made decisions that she regrets her actions and that she is leaving the community, making Ronnie and Lamar their leaders.

Mark takes up position with a gun and watches the compound through the scope.  He cannot get a clear shot at Renee though.  Harrison and Frannie arrive but are shot at and so flea.  Not wanting to get shot, Renee, Wiley and Liam take off.  Harrison and Frannie make their way through the woods and come across Mark who holds his hands up. Mark tells Frannie that killing Renee won't make her feel better and that Gord wouldn't want her to do this.

Ronnie is shooting himself up with the cure as he hallucinates his brother again.  He justifies what he did.  Pat calls him a screw up and says that Renee was good for these people.  Pat tells Ronnie that he is not a leader and is a selfish dick.  Ronnie screams out and starts breaking shit and Lamar saw it all.

When they arrive at the lab, Adam apologises and says that he was an idiot not to trust Liam.  Adam asks how he can help and Liam gives him a box to carry to his car. As soon as Adam leaves, Liam injects Renee. Liam tells Renee that all they can do is wait and if she is still alive, they can all celebrate.  Liam grabs his jacket to head to the extraction point. Wiley offers to come along, but Liam says that they will kill Wiley.  Liam asks Wiley to look after the vials and check in in a few hours.  Wiley gives Liam a good bye kiss. Liam promises to come back and get Wiley.

They open up the trailer and tell the people to see what Renee has been hiding.

Harrison and Frannie talk about her desire for revenge.  Frannie doubts that she would have been able to pull the trigger anyway. They all decide to head to the clinic.

Wiley is pacing and Renee is not impressed.  Wiley asks about what happened with Ronnie but Renee is not interesting in a conversation. Renee tells Wiley that if everything works she'll be leaving. Wiley leaves the room and runs into Frannie and Harrison, who came to visit with Gord.  Wiley gives them the cure. Wiley stands alone with Gord's corpse and Harrison promises to meet her back at the orphanage. This is when Renee exists the room.  When Renee approaches, Frannie pulls out a gun and tells Renee that she deserves to die.  Renee goes on the attack and pushes Frannie up against a wall, saying she should have killed her when she had a chance.  Fannie shoots Renee in self defense and drops the gun.  Frannie then walks away leaving Renee's body on the ground.

Ronnie and Lamar sit down to share a meal, as Ronnie questions how long Renee was hiding the food. Lamar remains silent as Ronnie rambles on. Lamar brings up catching Ronnie talking to himself and Ronnie instructs him to eat his food and not set a bad example.  Ronnie then adds that things are going to be a lot different. From the way that Lamar is looking at him, I would say Ronnie's days in power are limited.

Frannie goes to sit with Harrison who is eating.  Frannie has got her sad face on and tells Harrison that she is not okay.

Wiley finds Renee on the ground and puts her head on her lap.  Fannie returns to the lab as Wiley tries to stop the bleeding.

Liam has made his way to the extraction point.

Wiley helps Renee to her feet.

It turns out that Liam is locked in his own truck and that Adam snuck out assuming Liam's identity.

So yeah, Gord is dead.  The truth is, Gord was to nice and naive to live.  Out of the two of them, I think that Frannie has far more sense.  It will be interesting to see how she and Harrison manage now that there's no one older to influence them. At this point, all they have in the world is each other.

Renee's been shot and if she's killed that will be three characters of colour killed off in quick succession.  The truth is I like Renee. I like that she is strong and in control and not willing to let anyone get in her way.  It bothers me however that she gave up her position because Ronnie forced her into it. It's like saying a woman can only be so strong in what is left of Pretty Lake.

Chuck seems to be having a serious issue with PTSD. I suppose it was always only a matter of time before the mental strain started to show.

Oh Adam.  Dude thinks he's so smart but he's motivated by playing hero for Wiley.  I still think that Wiley is too trusting but she's still smarter than Adam who is ruled by his jealousy.  I guess we will have to see what happens now that Adam is outside of Pretty Lake. I don't think it's going to end well in either case.