Friday, August 26, 2016

Zoo, Season 2, Episode 10: The Yellow Brick Road

Since Jackson has gone berserk, been shot in the shoulder by Dariela he now does a runner. Abe and Mitch decide to give chase – despite Alison deciding she has much better plans for Mitch (a love triangle! Oh and Russian politics).

They don’t just want Jackson for their fun friendship, but also because they really need an infected human in which to infect the cure made up of fossil bones, jellyfish and extinct sabre tooth tigers (we’re not going to go into this this episode thankfully because I want to get through one of these episodes without being drunk)

So after a long hunt through a hospital (where we find that Mitch apparently has an ID card which gives him super powerful influence in Finland?) that and elderly Finnish woman’s house followed by a car chase using a parakeet

They don’t find Jackson but they get a consolation price in the form of an elderly Finnish lady who is unnecessarily invested in Mitch and Jamie getting it on. I’m really trying to avoid the Alison/Mitch/Jamie love triangle as each side decides to nobly let the other woman have Mitch because they both have a thing for passive aggressive sarcasm. Far more amusing is Mitch’s terrible attempts to comfort Abe over Jackson which is both awful and full of hypocrisy since Mitch has pretty much carried a storage container of his own angst around since the first episode.

Anyway, elderly Finnish match-maker lady is also infected so can be used to brew the jelly-fish/sabretoothtiger/earthquake sloth cure.

Jackson has a higher priority – SUICIDE!

Well, no, not really – suicidal stupidity. He’s decided he absolutely must must must see his dad so he’s going to wrap a pretty bow around himself and give himself up to Davies to be shot.

Dariela, you could have saved us some time and shot Jackson in the head. BTW Dariela is both all sweet and nice with Abe which looks like a great romance AND she’s pregnant which is why all the animals wants to smoosh her. Budding relationship + preggers? I’m going to start carving Dariela’s gravestone now, ‘kay?

So Russians politics.

Alison is worried that Davies is about to unleash his murder gas around the world any day now but to do that they need to disperse it in various places around the whole world so it’s nicely spread. Most of those places aren’t happy – but Russia could be key to blocking it because Russia is huuuuuuuuge and it’s going to be hard to disperse murder gas while not being able to emit any in Russia.

So without Mitch it’s left to Jamie to belatedly try to remind us she actually has a point to the plot beyond live interest. She convinces the Russians by telling the truth of everything while engaging in lie-detecting hand holding. Honestly, I don’t care how steady her pulse was, there’s no way anyone could listen to this plot line and not think she’s lying.

It helps that the guy is in touch with Dr. Robert Oz. Yes, Jackson’s evil dad (really, you believe this guy as well? Who knew the Russian defence minister would be such a trusting guy?) and he can even track down where Dr. Oz is through the secure lines (because in Russia, secure phone lines track your or something).

Except Robert Oz has already fled after Reiden decided not to imprison him any more. Because… reasons. The plot says so. Or the jelly fish. Or the electric ants in collusion with the earthquake sloth.

This is lucky because he manages to save Jackson from his own actions. Awww, that’s Abe’s job, Richard

Honestly, do you ever reach a point on a show where it's so ridiculous you just start revelling in it?