Thursday, August 25, 2016

Glitch, Season One, Episode Four

Kirstie gets into a bath outside and then promptly has a vision of how she died.

Maria gets into Vic's squad car and he suggests that they (read: the returned dead) need proper medical attention away from town.  Maria points out that Elishia has been taking care of them but Vic suggests that this is only because Elishia wants to be responsible for the scientific discovery which explains why everyone came back from the dead.  Maria brings up the barrier which is keeping them in town but Vic says that Elishia could have been the one to make her sick. Vic then pulls his trump card by saying that if the right doctors and scientists can figure out why Maria came back, then maybe they can bring back Anna.  A guilt laden Maria agrees with this but says that she needs to speak to someone first.

Okay, so Vic got into a car accident and has been acting weird since. Does this mean that he's dead? Are they ever going to explain why he is so determined to find out why exactly he is so desperate to find Elishia and all of the other dead people?

There's a party going on in the woods and Kirstie encourages Charlie to join it with her.  They grab a beer and when the music starts, Kirstie begins to dance, drawing the attention of the local boys.  Kirstie then starts to grind against Charlie and he is not at all cool with it.  When Kirstie kisses Charlie, he tells her to stop, so she makes her way over to another guy.  Charlie is approached by a girl who is happy to call Kirstie a slut after first learning that Kirstie is not in fact Charlie's girlfriend. I guess we can add random slut shaming to this stellar show now. The girl asks Charlie if he wants to smoke a joint in her car but he turns her down. While Charlie was distracted with the girl, Kirstie disappears.  

James and Kate are back at the hideout and Kate invites him in. Because it's pretty late, James decides that he needs to go home instead. That doesn't stop them from sharing a passionate kiss which is promptly interrupted by a panicked Charles, who cannot find Kirstie. Kirstie has made her way down to the lake with a guy from the party and she entices him to go for a swim. When Kirstie jumps into the water, she remembers being drowned and so she entices the guy she is with now to pretend to drown her as a form of sex play. At least Glitch bothered to get the guy to ask for consent before he started to choke her. I suppose that's something.  It's James to the rescue and he pulls the dude off of Kirstie, as said dude tries to explain that this is what Kirstie asked him to do. Once Kirstie affirms that this is the case, James sends the guy on his way and Charles back to Elishia's.  Once alone, Kirstie explains that she was murdered, so James says that if that is what happened, then they can chase down police records.

Later, Elishia calls to report that John took off and that Maria is missing. James brings up Kirstie's murder and his plan to look into it but Elishia wants him to prioritize finding Maria and John Doe.

John Doe is walking through the street and he enters a market and grabs a box of cereal.  John then finds some milk and it first he seems confused but he opens it up and takes a big swig.  A worker catches him in the act and tells him to leave the store, causing John to go on the attack once again.

James is back home and explains his absence by claiming to have to deal with a domestic.  Sarah brings up Vic's visit and the fact that someone had been interfering with the graves. James explains that Kirstie's grave was disturbed and of course Sarah has heard of her. Apparently, Kirstie was found naked after being strangled down by the lake. Sarah asks James to come with her to her last ultrasound appointment and James agrees but asks her to return home afterward so that they can talk. With everything going on, are we really supposed to care about this damn love triangle?

no fucks given nashville idgaf hayden panettiere i dont give a fuck

Beau is at the police station and he is told that he is lucky that the Fitzgerald's aren't going to press charges.  The cop then brings up the supermarket being robbed but when Beau says he knows nothing, his mother encourages him to speak up.  Beau tells the cop that he won't believe him and then says that the person who robbed the grocery store was Paddy. Speaking of Paddy, he's in the woods trying desperately to get his box opened.

damn packaging

James is at the police station on his day off and he's looking through Kirstie's case files.  He's told about Beau, who was caught in the old Fitzgerald house and that Paddy is behind the robberies. Apparently, Beau revealed where Paddy was camping and so James agrees to check it out.

Maria, accompanied by Vic, goes back to see Leon.  Maria apologises for driving that night, adding that she wasn't meant to drive. Maria starts to cry saying that she was so angry because Vic accused her of being unfaithful.  Maria tells Leon that they can bring back Anna because Vic will help them. Leon says that he was jealous and apologises to Maria and she accepts his apology.  Vic breaks up the reunion and Maria promises to return as soon as she can so that they can be a family again.

James comes across Paddy's camp and Paddy sneaks up on him with his big knife. James explains that he was at the cemetery the night Paddy came back and that he's helping the others who also came back. James asks about medical care and Paddy is not impressed, rightly guessing that Beau told on him. James defends Beau, pointing out that Beau is only a child. James brings Paddy to the hideout and naturally the bigot is surprised that Elishia is a woman.  Paddy and Kate meet up and Paddy says that he wishes he could dig up his wife.

James sits down with Kirstie to tell her what he learned from he file. It's Elishia who reveals that Kirstie was killed by her boyfriend. It seems that jealousy was a possible motive though he didn't admit guilt.  James tells Kirstie that her murderer went to jail for 18 years and was just released a few years ago.  Kirstie asks to see the crime scene photos and James warns her that they are gruesome. Kirstie demands to see her boyfriend but she's reminded that she cannot leave town. James again points out that her murderer served his time already. Kirstie grabs the file and walks off.

Vic is still trying to get Maria to take him to the hideout and she demands to talk to James.  Vic claims that he is trying to help her but Maria is no longer buying it.  Maria gets out of the car to run and Vic is quick to follow.

James is determined to go and talk to Kirstie's ex because he is the only sentient living person who has a connection to someone who has come back other than himself.  James tells Kate the news, promising to talk to Sarah when he returns.  Kate is quick to point out that he cannot avoid talking to Sarah forever and James snaps, saying that he will deal with this.


At what point is Kate going to remember that she was dead when James got together with Sarah?

Maria takes Vic to the place where her car struck a pole, explaining that this is where she and Anna died. Vic is not impressed by the delay and Maria explains that James and Kate have been kind to her. As Maria looks at a Rose and talks about how Leon gave her roses the first time they went dancing, a frustrated Vic grabs her head and snaps her neck.  Vic looks through Maria's clothing and finds a dry cleaning receipt.

James finds Kevin, the man who murdered Kirstie.  James starts asking about Kevin's location last Wednesday and if he keeps in contact with anyone from there.  James asks if Kevin has ever visited Kirstie's grave and things go south from there.  Kevin questions if James is going to arrest him and when James says no, Kevin tells him to piss off.

Kirstie finds Charles and apologises for what happened last night.  Kirstie explains that she found out how she died and asks Charles for his help.  It seems Kirstie wants to settle the score.

Paddy is still trying to get into his damn box. He takes an axe to it and finally manages to get it open. Inside he finds what appears to be a very old dress.  He then hallucinates Kalinda stitching said dress.

Kirstie calls Kevin up and and he asks if James put her up to it.  Kirstie asks Kevin if he wants to see her and asks him to meet her by the lake at 10pm tonight. Kirstie instructs him to come alone and warns that he won't get a second chance.

Kate is trying to fix up an old bike she found when Elishia finds her.  Kate explains that there's something she wants to do. It's something she wanted to do when she first got her to town but then got too sick. Elishia is quick to remind Kate that she cannot leave town.

John Doe heads to a public pool and jumps in.  He needed that given that he's the only returned person who hasn't seen fit to wash yet.

Back at the medical center, Sarah is having her last ultrasound. With everything going on, James is of course late. James announces that he wants to know the sex and it turns out that they are having a girl. When Elishia finishes, James stops to talk to her about his visit with Kevin. Elishia however is not interested and wants to know where John Doe is and where Maria is.  James reveals that Vic isn't answering his phone and his fear that something is wrong. James asks about Kate and is told that she's fine.  James walks over to Sarah who has been attempting to listen to his conversation with Elishia and Elishia answers a phone call.

Elishia goes to the public pool to find John Doe. John explains that he doesn't remember anything or who he is and that there's nothing for him here.  Elishia asks him to come with her because she has something she wants to show him.  Elishia takes John Doe to place that seems to have death masks. Elishia explains to John Doe that he was buried outside of the cemetery which means that he was either a suicide or a murderer.  After looking up some records, she found these masks. The masks represent the faces of runaway convicts in the 1830's.  These men were caught, flogged and hanged for killing a coach load of people. John Doe is angry to learn that he is indeed a murderer. Elishia tries to justify his actions by pointing out that he would have been treated brutally and advises him to start fresh and decide what kind of person he wants to be.

monty python life of brian always look on the bright side of life bright side of life

John Doe has been attacking people since he came back to life.  He shoved Kirstie into a wall and manhandled her until Charles intervened. He also shoved Elishia into a wall and choked her but now John Doe should look at the bright side because he can change? Fuck this shit. Seriously, FUCK THIS SHIT. 

James takes Sarah home and she asks if there's something he wants to talk about.  Sarah questions if there is something wrong with the baby because she saw him and Elishia talking.  James responds that it's about Kate and Sarah takes his hand acknowledging how hard this must be for him. Sarah asks to talk in the morning, adding that soon it will be the three of them. James responds by giving her a kiss.

Vic shows up at the laundromat and it's closed. He ignores yet another call from James.

That night, Kevin is waiting by the pond where he killed Kirstie.  Kevin is shocked when Kirstie makes her appearance and wonders if she is a ghost. Kirstie asks Kevin why he killed her and Kevin says nothing.  Kevin admits to killing her and then slowly approaches.  In the bushes, Charles watches When Kevin reaches out to touch, Kirstie, she runs away. Kirstie doesn't get far because she gets caught up in another memory, quickly realising that it wasn't Kevin who killed her.  Kirstie returns to Kevin, who is drinking in his truck and Kirstie admits to remembering that Kevin didn't kill her. Apparently Kevin felt guilty for not following her after they had a fight.  When Kevin says that it doesn't matter, Kirstie makes it clear that it does because Kevin is innocent. Kevin became a social pariah and after a few years started to believe he was guilty himself. Kevin adds that since he spent half his life in jail, whatever was good in him has been beaten out. Kirstie still wants justice but Kevin argues that there's no justice and nothing is fair and that Kirstie would know that but she died to young. Kirstie offers to tell everyone that Kevin is innocent and Kevin asks if he can be 21 again and have his life back, get married and have a few kids.  Kevin starts to cry and backs away saying that he cannot do this.  Kirstie begs Kevin not to cry but he says goodbye and gets into his car and leaves.

Back at the hideout, Elishia tells John that there's no word from Maria. Elishia is not certain it's going to work keeping the dead there and that she probably made it worse.  John takes his chance and snags a kiss which Elishia is only to happy to return. Right the guy that just choked you that you had to room from is a valid love interest.

It's now morning and Vic has been standing outside of the laundromat all night. Vic hands over the slip and the proprietor gives him an address and directions for the bat cave.

Paddy knocks on Beau's door and apologises for leaving him in a lurch. Paddy enters and Beau introduces him to his mother.  Paddy pulls out the dress and explains that he gave it to the love of his life. Beau's mother goes to the other room and pulls out a picture of the woman who wore the dress which means that Paddy and Beau are related. He's actually Beau's great grandfather.

friday chris tucker hell no hell naw

Okay, so this bigot was killed by an Aboriginal man and has been using anti Aboriginal slurs since his first appearance, and treated Beau like a dog is now his grandfather?  The love of his life was an Aboriginal woman? Yeah, I think not.

Kate has the bike up and running and so she takes off for a ride. Kate puts her wedding ring back on.
Sarah is making coffee as James sleeps. When she hears the dog barking so goes to the door and not only finds the dog but Kate.  Yeah I guess there's not chance of them letting the love triangle die anytime soon.