Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Last Ship, Season Three, Episode Nine: Eutopia

Eutopia begins four weeks ago with Asian workers creating torpedoes to block the cure. The shipping crates they are loaded onto are marked for Vietnam. At the Vietnam/Chinese border, soldiers patrol. The torpedo lands at their feet and the soldiers take cover. After a few minutes they decide that the torpedo is a dud and come out of hiding. They are mistaken in that because a green mist rises into the air.

Later, we see the same soldiers receiving what they think is the vaccine but of course they are unprotected.  The soldiers are later shown dying in hospital beds of virus.  Chandler calls what happened genocide as he speaks to President Oliver about how lethal the missiles are. Chandler however does assure the president that they are now pretty sure where the missiles are being created. Sasha jumps in to say that Peng is building them on a former U.S. base, being too smart to do this in the open.  Tom asks for support and Oliver is quick to throw it in Chandler's face that Michener once offered him those same ships and at the time Tom chose to go solo. Oliver makes it clear that if he is going to declare war against China, it has to be done on more than the word of smugglers and pirates. Oliver orders Tom to go to the base and tie it to Peng, but does authorize the two additional ships to be under Tom's command.  Clearly, Oliver feels like he is stepping out on a limb given that he and Tom aren't as close as Tom was with Michener.

Kara is still trying to get the proof of life videos and learns that there is something wrong with the signal; it seems to contain encrypted information. It's time to brief the president and Kara unsurprisingly is shut out of the room.  It seems that her comments about what Michener wanted have not been forgotten. Alex simply gathers her information and walks into the oval. Allison however shows a softer side and promises to help Kara get back on the inside lane.

Back on ship, Slattery interrupts Doc Rios check up on Takehaya. It seems that while his son is doing fine, the blood transfusions aren't working as well as they used to on Takehaya. Takehaya asks to help saying that he has men, ships and knows these waters. Takehaya wants to fight Peng with them but his weakness is apparent. Slattery tells Takehaya to get some rest and notably calls him captain. It's clear the relationship between these two men has changed in light of the truth surrounding Peng's actions.

Vulture team, led by Chandler make landing but the island seems deserted. A golf ball is launched into their midst and a man appears dressed like a golf pro asking about his ball. Vulture team end up catching a ride on the man's golf course as he talks about hearing about safe places to life which weren't infected with the virus and that they came there to be safe.  It seems that a settlement has been established on the island. The people stay in hiding until the man calls out that Vulture team are friends.  The man explains that they have a factory and that everyone buys from them. The man takes Vulture team to what looks like a sweat shop but it's clear that Tom and Sasha are not convinced. Tom makes it clear that this isn't the factory he wanted to see as a girl rushes by chasing after a dog.  The man tires to distract attention away from the girl. so Tom sends Danny to investigate. The girl immediately asks for Danny for help saying that she is a slave at the big factory near the big guns. The man tries to silence the girl but Tom won't allow him to do so.  The girl is insistent that the American be told about the Chinese warship that came yesterday. Tom makes it clear that he wants to be taken to the factory.

Kara notices Alex rifling through her office.  He claims that he is worried about Kara and whose team she is on.  Kara makes it clear that she is committed to the U.S and when she invokes Chandler and the genocide he uncovered, Alex is unimpressed.  Alex says that they need to focus on the American people because the country is collapsing, suggesting that Kara figure out who her friends are.

Chandler reports to Slattery that they've found the entrance to the factory and on the ship, Slattery prepares to fire.  When the factory area appears deserted, the man tries to lie and say nothing is going on but he is shot from behind. Vulture team starts to take fire and so Tom orders everyone to take cover. Despite being outgunned, Vulture team kills all the bad guys,  Rah Rah Rah U.S.A. The team moves in and finds the factory empty causing suspicion as to whether someone gave Peng a heads up that they were coming.  Sasha finds a sign which reveals that the missiles are headed for Korea.

The tech has figured out what is blocking the transmission but so far is unable to break the code. The tech however does tell Kara that the source is in the building.

Back on ship, they discuss plotting a path to Korea. It's Slattery who turns to Takehaya for advice and he gives them a different route than that offered by crewman.  Slattery orders the crew to take Takehaya's course. Tom coordinates a plan of attack.

Back stateside, Kara gives a briefing to Allison, the president and Alex regarding the position of The Nathan James and the plan of attack. Alex reads a message and quickly excuses himself saying that he hopes it puts an end to this chapter.

The ships coordinate now that they have found the Chinese ship.  Tom orders the Chinese ship be sunk. Slattery points out that this will be war and Tom says that he will take the heat. Slattery however suggests that they take it together. Kara heads back to the tech and is told that three words are coordinates which maps every nine square meters on earth.  Dennis hands the information to Kara when he is called away.

Kara takes the information and uses the map to find the locations sent in the secret message, even as the attack on the Chinese ship begins. When Kara finds the location for where the Nathan James and the other ships are about to attack, she grabs the mic and orders that all ships stop immediately. It's too late because the battle has begun.  The ships find themselves under attack and begin to report the damages.

On board the Nathan James, the crew has sustained injury and so Slattery calls for a corman on the bridge. Tom learns that the missiles were launched from the mainland. The crew of the Nathan James watches as one of the ships is destroyed. Before the second ship can abandon ship, it too is destroyed. Multiple planes are on their way to the Nathan James.

Stateside, they lose the signal from all three ships.

Tom gives the order to shoot at the Chinese ship but the planes are still coming.  The Nathan James does manage to shoot the Chinese ship and sink it.  Slattery gives the order to do a search and recovery.

Stateside, silence has descended.

The crew of The Nathan James fishes survivors out of the water and administers medical treatment.  Doc Rios offers medical assistance to Sasha.  From the helicopter comes a report that there are no survivors from the ship The Nathan James sunk. Slattery gives the order for the helicopter to return to ship.

Captain Meylan is now aboard the Nathan James and meets with Chandler and Slattery. Sasha says that they were set up because somehow the Chinese knew where they would be. When Tom reveals that Takeahaya set them on this course, Meylan is not impressed. Slattery is quick to jump to Takehaya's defense, explaining that he is working with them now against Peng. Tom cuts off further questions by ordering Slattery to walk Meylan to his quarters.

Peng gets a report about the lost ship and learns that one of the ships got away.

Alex confronts Kara about trying to stop the ships and wants to know how she knew. Kara claims that it was just instinct because of the way they were being drawn into that pass.  The Nathan James makes contact and Alex is quick to grab the communication before Kara can.   Tom gives a report about what happened and his belief that their lines of communication have been compromised by the enemy. Alex reports to the president about what happened and says that the James went radio silent. Alex checks his phone again and walks off but this time, Kara follows him.

Oliver speaks to Allison about getting more ships out there.  Allison tells Oliver that Tom's China adventure ends now and orders the president to sit down. Oliver reminds Allison that he's the president but she insists he sit down. Oliver picks up the phone to call someone to throw Allison out only to learn that the phone lines have been cut. Allison it seems has arranged for a total lock down.

Kara is still following Alex through a series of tunnels in the hotel.

In the office, Oliver calls for secret service only to find out that from now on Murphy and Costas, Allison's men will protect him because his detail has been re-purposed.

Kara continues to follow Alex into the parking garage.

Allison tells Oliver he is in a new America that now demands the revolution of government. Yes, Allison is working with the senators because she believes each region must look after itself. Allison is working towards the disillusionment of a central government pointing out that Oliver knew that Michner was moving too fast because America isn't healthy enough to return to the way things used to be. Allison says that there are only tribes scrambling out of the mud and that democracy is a luxury which cannot be afforded.

Alex meets with a man and while they engage in a disagreement, are car pulls up and shoots both of them. Kara rushes to his side and tells Alex that she is not safe because "they're all in on it", before dying on the ground. Kara grabs Alex's phone and takes off running.

Allison tells Oliver that Senator Baley and Alex are dead and warns that if he tries to contact any of his allies, the consequences will be as swift as they were for Michener. Oliver tells Allison that she has gone insane, so Allison warns that his family and friends will not be safe if he doesn't play ball. Allison tells Oliver that there's a place for him at the table if he goes with the program. Allison walks out after informing Oliver that the office is his home now.

Kara has made her way to the street and walks calmly away from the executive offices as police cars pull up.

Holy shit.  It's been a long time since The Last Ship has truly been able to grab my attention. Damn Allison.  I must admit that I didn't see it coming.  As much as I love this strong take control Allison, it bothers me that now that we have a woman stepping up who is outside of the role of love interest she's the antagonist and therefore evil.  Yes, The Last Ship has gender issues.

It looks like Tom is going to have to save the world again.  Now his ship has been damaged and he's once again outnumbered thus setting up The Nathan James as the last ship to stand against evil.  They still haven't decided to explain why it is that Peng has set his sites on genocide and simply expect us to believe he is evil for reasons.  They need to do better than that.

It looks Takeahaya has moved from enigmatic Asian character to servant.  I like that Slattery stood up for him but I want to see Takeahaya regain some of his confidence and become a leader on the ship. I somehow feel as though he won't make the season though because the writers are already claiming that the blood transfusions have stopped working. I don't see this ending anywhere good.