Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Glitch, Season One, Episode Six

Elishia checks on Maria and learns that Vic broke her neck which means that Vic murdered her.  An angry James marches back the house.  Paddy is searching Vic's notebook when James walks in. James demands to know what Vic knows about the people at the cemetery and Elishia quickly shoots him up with drugs, saying that Vic is delirious with pain.

Just as Sarah planned, Kate is pulled over by Chris.  Kate pulls off her helmet and says her name and address. Chris is absolutely shocked.

Back at the hideout, Elishia tells James that Vic needs surgery otherwise he'll die.  Elishia is worried about how dangerous Vic is and James is insistent that the man he knows is not a killer.  James wonders if there's something that Elishia can tell him about what is going on.  Elishia doesn't want to operate on him Vic but James is insistent and adds that since Kate is a nurse, Kate can help.

Kate is sitting in Chris's squad car and asks him to call her mother.  Chris puts Kate's mother Jo on speaker phone and they chat. Chris asks questions about Kate's family so that she can get an update on her family.  Jo talks about Kate's approaching birthday and how hard it is. Jo says that not a day goes past that she doesn't think about Kate. Jo promises to come for a visit after the baby is born because Kate might like her to hold it. When the call ends, Kate thanks Chris saying that it was very strange. Chris starts the car with the intention of taking Kate to the hospital.

Kirstie, Charles and James stand over Maria's dead body.  Kirstie doesn't want to accept that Maria is gone. Kirstie checks for a pulse but of course, Maria doesn't have one.  James says he has to go and warns them not to anywhere near Vic.  Kirstie asks about burying Maria and James has no problem with it.

Kate is freaking out and begs Chris to stop the car.  Blood is pouring out of her eyes and she tries to explain that she cannot leave the town.

Sarah walks around grabbing all of the pictures and mementos of Kate to toss away when she feels a labour pain.

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In Vic's book, Paddy finds his name and suggests that it would stand as proof that he has returned from the grave.  Beau says that what they really need is his phone because he recorded Paddy coming back but unfortunately, Rory has it.

Kirstie is preparing Maria for burial and tucks the Anne of Green Gables book into her arms. Kirstie is sad that Maria cannot be with her daughter and wonders if what happened to Maria is going to happen to them. Charles points out that Vic cannot hurt anyone now but Kirstie is fixated on the fact that Carlos died first and now Maria.  Kirstie asserts that they aren't natural and  Charles responds that he doesn't believe in natural anymore.  Elishia joins them at the grave site to request Charlie's help.

Vic is still passed out and Elishia asks Charlie to keep an eye on him. John Doe and Elishia go into the next room and John asks if she knows why they are back.  Elishia blows that off and sets to preparation for helping Vic.  An alert Vic denies murdering Maria to Charles, saying that Maria died in a car accident 50 years ago.  Vic claims he only returned Maria to her true state. Vic suggests that it's better than the life here because none of the returned are supposed to be here.  Vic talks about WWI, asking if Charlie remembers his friends and someone who didn't make it back. Vic asks if Charlie wonders why he is standing there when his friends from the war are not. Vic argues that Charlie coming back is wrong because it makes a mockery of the people who sacrificed. Vic asks Charlie how he can live with himself. Sure just tell the sole GLBT character that he doesn't deserve to live.

James comes home to find Sarah with her bag packed ready to head to the hospital.  Sarah tells James he can come or not as he wants. James asks about Kate and Sarah says that Kate left and she doesn't know where she is. Sarah makes it clear that she is not going to share James with Kate and that she is giving him a chance before the baby is born to decide. James promises to meet Sarah at the hospital, saying that there's something he needs to do first.

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Chris takes Kate to the town jail and orders her into the cell.  Kate says that she hasn't done anything but Chris is adamant about her being in custody and plans to charge her with interfering with a grave. Ironically that would be for interfering with her own grave. Kate walks into the cell and asks Chris to call James.

James is busy gathering a list of supplies to help Vic when his phone goes off.  Yep, it's Chris.

Paddy and Beau find Rory and ask for the phone.  When Rory isn't forthcoming, Paddy grabs his knife.  Paddy holds the knife to Rory's throat and threatens to gut him like a fish if he doesn't hand over the phone. Rory begs Beau for help, so Beau points out that Rory is still family. Paddy however is lost in another flashback .  He is sitting at the table with his White family and Kalinda is serving the food.  Paddy's wife clearly knows that something is going on between him and Kalinda. Paddy's son gets up and slices Paddy's throat as his wife looks on.  A horrified and heavily pregnant Kalinda sees Paddy bleeding out through the window and runs away.  Paddy drops the knife and releases Rory, then tells Beau that his family murdered him.

James arrives at the police station and Chris is waiting for him. Chris doesn't want to open the cell and says that maybe the person in the cell may not be Kate.  An irritated James tells Chris if he wants to help, he should run a background search on Elishia. Chris is shocked that the doctor knows about this and he wasn't informed. Chris asks about Vic, and James tells him not to ask.  After informing James that he has fucked up, Chris releases Kate from the jail.

On the way back, James explains the situation with Vic to Kate and that Elishia is going to need her help in the surgery.  Kate looks at the drugs which James procured and says that Elishia is part of a corporation and is protected under those laws. It seems the corporation in question makes anti virals. Kate then brings up Sarah and tells James that it was Sarah who told Chris about her and that Chris was taking her over the bridge.  Naive James is quick to say that Sarah wouldn't have done that.

A depressed Paddy sits next to Beau, saying he has nothing, no proof, no house, no land and no position.  Beau points out that Paddy is alive and now knows how he died. Paddy says he died a hated man who was murdered by his own son while his wife watched. Paddy adds that he never knew his daughter, Beau's great great grandmother.  Beau realises that he is going to juvie for sure now given what happened with Rory. Paddy apologises, calling Beau son, and Beau accepts the apology but tells Paddy not to call him son.  Beau drops Paddy's bag and leaves.

Kirstie has finished burying Maria and she and Charles stand over the grave. Charles says the Lord's Prayer.

Elishia begins to work on Vic with Kate's help and John Doe and James watching.

When Charles cannot finish the prayer, Kristie takes over.

Vic wakes as Elishia is finishing stitching up his leg.  Elishia quickly excuses herself and heads outside and is followed by John Doe.  Elishia believes Vic will survive long enough to kill the returned.  John Doe makes it clear that he is not going to kill anyone and Elishia asserts that John will do what needs to be done.

Kate checks out Vic's wound and notices that it is starting to heal quickly.Vic awakes and asks what's happening and Kate heads outside to get him some water.

Outside, James confronts Elishia about how fast Vic is healing and Elishia tries to say it's all of the antibacterials. James pulls out the paperwork he found and Elishia makes it clear that the corporation is working for her.

John Doe enters Vic's recovery room and picks up a scalpel.

Elishia tells James that before she moved to Yoorona, she was a researcher but doesn't know anything about what is going on here.

John Doe slowly approaches Vic, who tries to tell him that he has it all wrong. Vic tells John Doe that Elishia wants him dead but cannot bring herself to do it and so is getting John Doe to do it. Vic points out that John Doe is stronger than the others and asks who he is. John Doe replies, "no one".

Vic asks if he remembers his death and John says no. Vic offers to help John remember and tells him to go and get his belt. Inside Vic's belt is the item that Elishia pulled out of John Doe's grave. Vic tells John Doe if he wants to know the truth of what happened when he died that he should use the item.  John Doe puts it to his mouth and blows.  Outside, Kate hears the sound and turns.  Charles, Kirstie and Paddy all hear the sound and are effected. John Doe turns around and sees himself with a noose around his neck. Vic asks what he remembers and John says that in the end, he wanted to die. Vic is adamant that no one can escape death and that he isn't what they think he is.  Vic says that Elishia isn't what she appears and is manipulating everyone. Vic then asks for help bringing this to an end, adding that everyone has to go back to the grave. John doe is adamant that he isn't killing anyone and Vic promises him that he won't have to. Kate enters and John Doe and Vic wrestle her into a car. When James and Elishia hear Kate's screams, they get into a car to follow.

When John Doe and Vic come across Charles and Krsitie, Vic stops the car and John throws them in.  Vic continues to drive with James hard on his heels.

Sarah has gone into labour alone and she's asking for James who isn't there.  The nurse encourages Sarah to relax.

Vic gets to the bridge and the returned try to escape.  John Doe and Vic grab the returned and start dragging them towards the bridge. Vic tells Charlie that he knows what he has to do and Charlie starts to cross the bridge on his own, as Kirstie begs him not to.  Vic tells James that Kate's cancer will return and that she will lose her hair and her breasts again.  James shoots Vic and so John Doe starts to move towards the bridge on his own.  John accuses Elishia of lying to him and before he can cross the bridge, she injects him with a sedative.

James stands over Vic's body and Elishia tells James that he had no choice and that Vic would have killed all of the Returned because that wasn't Vic. Elishia says that Vic died when he had that accident and that she doesn't know who is lying there. Elihsia suggests they move Vic's body, adding that James cannot be seen. James puts his gun away and makes his way back to Kate, who tells him that it's okay. James says that it's not. Kate tells James that he has to go and James says that he has to see Sarah who is in hospital. Kate tells James to go and hugs him. James gets into his car and leaves.

Vis is safely packed in the trunk and John Doe is in the passenger seat.  Kate says that she needs to be alone and walks off as the others get in Elishia's car.

Later in the woods, Kirstie and Charles prepare to bury Vic.  Charles thanks Kirstie for looking out for him and calls her a real friend. Kirstie says that all she needs is a "poufy" falling in love with her. Charles denies being in love with her and asks what a "poufer" is.

A man pulls onto the bridge and takes a sample of Vic's blood.

James arrives at the hospital as Sarah is in labour.

Elishia sits by John's bedside as he regains consciousness and tells him that the drugs are wearing off. Elishia says that she wasn't going to let John die but he is adamant that he shouldn't be there. John gets out of bed and tells Elishia that she had no right to bring him back.  John walks out, leaving Elishia alone and crying.

Sarah has started to push the baby out and John is at her bedside.  Yes, the baby is indeed a girl. A crying Sarah holds her new daughter and caresses her head. James and Sarah kiss.

Kate is back at the park looking up at the stars.

Paddy has built a fire and is lying on the ground next to Kalia's dress.  He thinks of her smiling and sewing.  Paddy rips out the hem of the dress and finds a letter; it is his old will.

James is holding his daughter and Sarah calls out for him.  It looks like Sarah is hemorrhaging. The doctor's say they may have to do a hysterectomy and that Sarah's life is at risk. James tries to tell Sarah that it's going to be okay,as the doctor's wheels her away.

Elishia is packing up a bag of medical supplies, she grabs her keys and heads to her car.  She pauses and looks around with tears in her eyes before getting in and driving away.

James waits for news on Sarah. and the doctor tells him that she is going to be okay but that they had to do the hysterectomy. James goes to see Sarah who is still asleep and tells her that the baby is fine and perfect. James starts to cry.  The doctor comes in and says that technically Sarah was gone for awhile and then leaves Sarah and James together.  Sarah opens her eyes briefly and James pulls away from her.

Outside James checks his messages and it's from Chris saying that Elishia died four years ago and that there's a death certificate.

Well that brings an end to one of the worst series that I have ever watched.  The acting was horrible and the entire situation ridiculous.  I love the premise of people coming back from the dead and moving away from the typical zombie tale that has become so popular but it seems as though the writers didn't know what to do with it from there.

The love triangle between James, Sarah and Kate is something I most certainly could have done without it.  It added unnecessary drama to the story.  People suddenly coming back from the dead is more than enough excitement.  It's clear now that something is going on in the tiny town because Vic came back and without a doubt Sarah did as well judging by James's reaction to her.  The problem is that I no longer care what happens to these people, nor am I remotely interested in the mystery.

Glitch is cluelessly racist.  Paddy and Beau as sidekicks didn't work for so many reasons.  First off, Paddy repeatedly used racist slurs to refer to Beau and in all six episodes, Beau only told him off ONCE.  Whatever Paddy wanted or needed Beau was more than happy to provide even though it meant risking himself for someone who clearly didn't respect him.  None of this makes any kind of sense whatsoever unless we are to accept the idea that people of colour just love to take on the servant role.  Then there's Paddy's great grandmother, or Paddy's Black Rose.

All she did was smile like a Mammy.  Paddy expresses love for the woman but I don't see how love could have existed in that situation because of the power differential between them.  She was his servant at a time when WOC were deemed disposable at best.  The kindest thing I can say about Paddy is that he abused his power but I tend to see more in the role of rapist. That she bore him a child doesn't take away from the power differential.

We got one GLBT character on the show.  His story like all of the rest was tragic.  His lover was shot in the head and died in his arms during WWI and then he committed suicide upon return home. In the present, Charlie even denies that he's gay.  I understand this instinct given the homophobia of his time. That being said, to have Charlie then affectionately called a pouf which is a gay slur is not at all acceptable.  To then have him smile and question what a pouf is because the slur happened after his time is ludicrous given how well everyone else adapted to the modern world and seemed to have no problem relating.  It seemed a weak excuse to get away with a slur.

Unfortunately, this hot mess has been renewed so you will have the pleasure of my suffering next year, if you've even been following these reviews at all.  Glitch is very low budget which I can absolutely forgive but there's no excuse for the horrible acting and writing.