Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lucifer, Season Two, Episode One: Everything's Coming Up Lucifer

This episode opens up with a robbery in a jewelry store which is promptly interrupted by Lucifer, who points out that the thieves are stealing conflict diamonds. This is supposed to be funny but given how these conflict diamonds procured and what they fuel, I'm far from amused. Lucifer has Amenadiel acting as his side kick because together they have determined to hunt down their mother.  Lucifer questions what the thief wants and the thief replies that he wants freedom. Lucifer assumes that the thief is his mother but the thief says that he wanted freedom from death.  Amenadiel  freezes time and declares the thief isn't their mother and adds that they have to find her. Amenadiel is certain that Momma Morningstar definitely needs a body and Lucifer is equally certain that their mother is in L.A.  Amenadiel  storms out and before Lucifer leaves, he makes the thief naked, ties his shoelaces together and puts a tiara on his head.

It's time for Lucifer to have some counselling where he announces that his mother is going to kill him. This surprises Dr. Martin who questions why his mother would do this. Lucifer claims that the big bang was created by to entities falling in love and having sex. These same entities then built heaven which became their home and had angles. Can you just picture the white picket fence? Lucifer says that his mother was great in the beginning but things changed when his father started working on humanity. Both his parents grew cold and distant and that his father tossed him out when he acted up. Everyone knows that snarky rebelling kids are a pain in the ass.  Apparently, Lucifer's mother stood there and let it happen and so, when his mother was tossed out a few years later and placed in a cell in hell, Lucifer was determined to do for his mother what she did for him - nothing.

Chloe and Lucifer are walking down the street and she is not feeling his smarmyness.  Chloe doesn't understand why exactly it is that Lucifer was shot and recovered and so has decided to test Lucifer's blood.  Lucifer asks for help on his woman hunt.  They arrive at a crime scene in which a dead woman has metal horns protruding from her head.  Chloe explains that the woman's name was Gillian Taylor and she was a stand in for an actress. Lucifer claims that Gillian is dead because of him but the ME declares that the horns were added post mortem and that the woman was strangled and killed somewhere else.  Chloe turns and see Dan (who is not dead) talking to cop. This is a shock to her and Lucifer.  Yep, Dan has been reinstated because the department wanted to push it all under the rug.  He has however been demoted and assigned to assist on cases. Look we all know about the blue wall and how corrupt police forces can be but this is ridiculous. Chloe assigns Dan to interview crew members and see if the deceased had any enemies.

Lucifer introduces himself to the new ME and she hugs him.  Lucifer is shocked given that she is wearing a cruxifix.  The ME claims that the devil got a bad rap and all he really did was rebel against his father.
 Lucifer claims that he didn't create hell and just works there. The ME then expresses disgust thinking that Lucifer is method actor. The star shows up and the paparazzi swarm.

Lucifer and Chloe head to Gillian's place and her landlord Roberta says that she saw Gillian as a daughter and that she blames herself. Okay we gotta hit the pause button here.  The moment I saw Rusty Schwimmer I knew that she was the murderer.  You cannot simply cast a well known actress as a throw away character and expect the audience to buy it.  It seems that Roberta got Gillian that job and she believes that Amy did this. Roberta calls Amy a bad influence and talks about Amy's abuse of cocaine. Lucifer of course picks up on the fact that Amy died and came back to life due to her overdose which makes her suspicious to him.  Chloe finds a pile of money in the apartment and wonders if Gillian was as innocent as she seems.  Outside, Lucifer announces that his mother is the killer and that his mother's soul is inside Amy.  When Chloe says that Lucifer is making no sense, he asserts that she doesn't believe him and suggests that she test his blood.

Amenadiel  is at the bar and Lucifer comes downstairs and join him.  Lucifer tells him that Maze always turns up eventually, unless  of course Amenadiel scared her away for good.  Amenadiel  counters that Maze told both of them to shove it. Amenadiel wonders if Maze helped their mother escape and Lucifer says no and that he found their mother. Lucifer reveals that Chloe is going to test his blood and Amenadiel  makes it clear that humans shouldn't have proof of divinity. Amenadiel tasks Lucifer with dealing with their mother while he deals with this mess.

Dan approaches Chloe to say that Amy and Gillian got along mostly but they had a big fight recently. Chloe wonders if Gillian was blackmailing Amy because of her drug problem.

Amy does a few lines of coke and Lucifer of course shows up calling her a wolf in a tiny skirt.  Lucifer tells Amy that he knows that she is not who she is pretending to be.  Amy tosses Lucifer on the couch, rips open her shirt and comes on strong, claiming to be tired of playing the sweet innocent Lucifer is absolutely horrified by what is happening and is saved by the arrival of Chloe.  Lucifer of course claims it's not what it looks like.  Chloe questions Amy, who claims that Gillian was her sober companion and they fought about the fact that she's tired of being treated like a child.  Amy got a new supply and Gillian was trying to take it away from her.  Amy then hands over her works and pills to Chloe, saying that all she has is a number for her dealer. What junkie do you know who willingly hands over their works and the drugs to a cop, even if said cop claims not to care about the drugs?

Outside Chloe tells Lucifer that she confirmed with the production company that they paid Gillian to be Amy's sober companion.  Lucifer however is only concerned with finding his mother and now believes that his mother is the drug dealer.  Lucifer once again encourages Chloe to test his blood. He even taunts Chloe about being scared to find the truth and she snarks about learning about how many STDS he has.

Amenadiel  arrives at the police station and stops time.  He is looking through Chloe's desk when  time starts again.  The cops are shocked to see him and he lies and claims that he must have gotten lost. Amenadiel leaves with his head down. Clearly, Amenadiel is not flying on full throttle.

Lucifer is back in therapy and blames Amenadiel  for not watching over hell like he should have. He then brings up the fact that Maze is missing which might explain why his mother was able to hit the ground running.  Lucifer also blames Chloe, saying that he asked father for a favor on her behalf. Linda asks Lucifer if he is leaving out someone and he blames her for not fixing his existential problem earlier. Linda is almost wordless and says that Lucifer isn't gaining anything from their sessions, causing him to wonder if they are breaking up.  Linda is worried that she isn't helping and might be making things worse because he reinterprets everything she says.

Chloe arrives at the bar and finds Amenadiel waiting for her. Amenadiel tells her that he was hoping that he wouldn't have to do this and that she needs to know the truth about Lucifer. Amenadiel  pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the stomach. A shocked Chloe tells him that he is going to be fine and that she is going to call an ambulance.  Amenadiel however is standing there just fine.  Amenadiel  tells Chloe that she needs to see what Lucifer is and that everything is all a lie. He pulls up his shirt and reveals a bullet proof vest and blood packs.  Amenadiel claims that this is what Lucifer was wearing when they confronted Malcolm. Amenadiel  explains everything away about Lucifer and says that they had a difficult childhood and that Lucifer created a persona to deal with it. Amenadiel claims the only person Lucifer lies to is himself.  Chloe questions why Amenadiel  is telling her this now and he explains that she needed to know. Chloe leaves when she gets a call.

Chloe joins Lucifer at an AA meeting.  Chloe tells Lucifer that the killer is not his mother and he calls it all a wild goose chase, standing to leave. Chloe however won't let him go, saying that there's still a killer out there.  Lucifer then stands to speak and says that he loves drug.  He then pulls money out of his wallet and says that he loves spending on drugs. He is interrupted and told that the theme of the day is the lowest point.  Lucifer responds that geographically that would be hell but in reality, it would be when his mother abandoned him and he abandoned her in turn.  He wonders what she could say to justify what she did.  He asks what would she say.

Outside of the meeting, Chloe tells Lucifer that what he said was impressive. A man approaches with drugs and says that he has something if they have cash.  Lucifer pulls out Amy's drugs and compares them to the drugs Erwin offered.  Lucifer leaves and Chloe starts to question Erwin, who vomits when he sees a crime scene photo.  Erwin reveals that Amy had a dealer before him and that he wouldn't be happy to lose his best customer. Yeah, I see what you did with the gender there Lucifer but I'm still not buying it. You tipped your hand and we all know who the killer is.

It's time to hit the club. Someone approaches Lucifer with a knife but before he can strike, Maze intervenes and disarms him. Later Maze and Lucifer drink together in an empty bar.  It seems that Lucifer wasn't worried about the attack because he is only vulnerable around Chloe. Maze wonders why she should come running when Lucifer needs her and she turns the subject to the guy she saved him from.   It turns out that the guy is Amy's boyfriend, who must have seen Lucifer getting into Amy's trailer.  Maze learns that Lucifer's mother escaped hell and she defends herself against the allegation that she's colluding with Momma Morningstar, by reminding Lucifer that she tortured his mother in hell.  Maze says that she could never break Momma Morningstar with torture and looks wistful about this. Maze then pulls the tape off of the boyfriends lips and he says that Erwin the drug dealer didn't kill Jillian. Lucifer tapes up his mouth again and asks Maze where she was.  Maze claims that she was with a friend who was helping her do some soul searching; however she doesn't expect Lucifer to understand that. Maze says that she needs to figure out where she fits in now that they are stuck here.  Lucifer removes the tape and the boyfriend says that Amy had another drug dealer who goes by the name of Bobby B. Lucifer rushes out to tell Chloe.  When Maze wonders why he is rushing to tell Chloe, Lucifer snarks about there being things about him that Maze wouldn't understand either.

Lucifer is at the station and they exchange information about there being another dealer. Chloe thinks they are looking for a doctor or a pharmacist and hands Lucifer a list to look through.  Lucifer looks at a picture of Roberta the land lord and realises that she must be Bobby B. Uh huh colour me surprised.

Amenadiel  arrives at the bar to find Amy's boyfriend covered in feathers escaping from Maze. Maze claims that she needs to figure out where she fits in and needs space from both of them. Amenadiel  claims he was feeling the same thing and distance between them might be good. It's clear however that he doesn't mean that.

Chloe heads to see the ME and asks if she believes in God.  Ella says that's not the question she expected.  Chloe asks Ella if it all really exists - angels or the devils. Ella however isn't certain that it's all a metaphor and explains that she doubts so that she can believe.  Chloe asks if Ella would want proof and Ella claims it defeats the point of faith. In a  light bulb moment, Ella puts together some of the evidence and says that the rods were taken from a garden.  Yep, it's the flamingo legs from Roberta's garden.

Lucifer knocks on Roberta's door and he greets her with hello murderer.  Roberta claims not to understand and so Lucifer says that he wants to get to the good stuff.  Lucifer then lists out how Roberta killed Gillian and Roberta still denies it.  Lucifer then gets his mojo on and asks Roberta why she did kill Gillian and Roberta picks up the fireplace poker.  Roberta hits Lucifer across the head and he collapses on the ground shocked that he was able to be hurt. Roberta gets to beating on Lucifer while outside, Chloe knocks on the door.  Roberta strangles Lucifer, as he struggles to call out for help.  Roberta then admits what she did and adds that Gillian cut her off from her best customer. Roberta lets Lucifer go and prepares to strike again but Chloe uses the taser on her from behind. Yep, every police procedural has to have the bad guy confess and wrap everything up within an hour.

Outside, Chloe wants to know how Lucifer put it together and he calls it the devil's business.  Chloe then brings up Amenadiel explaining and filling in all the gaps.  Chloe however doesn't accept that Lucifer is "crazy", or that he is the devil.  Chloe says the doesn't know what Lucifer's deal is but he makes her a better detective and always has her back.

Lucifer shows up unannounced at Linda's office and thanks her.  Lucifer admits that he blamed everyone else but himself and that he chose to do nothing when his mother was cast out. Lucifer says he didn't ask his mother why she did what she did. Linda tells Lucifer that it's good and he admits to assuming a lot about his mother, including the fact that she wants revenge. This is a problem because he doesn't know what his mother is doing if she's not coming to kill him and he finds that terrifying.

Chloe holds the vial of Lucifer's blood but tosses it back in her desk. Amenadiel works on stopping time but is not able to hold it for long. Lucifer drives in his car.  Maze is at a bar when Linda  arrives and the two women hug.  Chloe goes to leave the station and makes eye contact with Dan. Yes, it's awkward.  Lucifer is playing All Along the Watchtower on the piano. When Lucifer finishes his song, the elevator door opens and a woman enters the room clearly upset. It's his mother and she is injured and asking for help.  Momma Morningstar collapses in his arms.

Okay, for a season opener, this wasn't too bad.  Only two days have passed since the season finale so there are a lot of unanswered questions with the top priority being what Momma Morningstar wants. I really hope that she is going to be a bad ass character that has both Lucifer and Amenadiel jumping through hoops.

Okay so Maze took off, fed up with both Lucifer and Amenadiel and rightfully so. Last season, both men sought to use her for their own ends though it seemed to bite Amenadiel in teh ass because he now has feelings for her.  I am really curious about where things are going to go between Maze and Linda.  Could we actually have a lesbian relationship developing here? It would be really nice to see and given both Linda and Maze's connection with Lucifer it wouldn't be any easy thing to simply kill one of these characters off as writers are wont to do.  Yeah, I am keeping my fingers crossed and trying to keep my hopes realistic.

Amenadiel is shooting the equivalent of angel blanks.  He spent much of last season judging Lucifer at every turn and it seems his own decisions have now compromised his powers.  I want to see where this is going and if it will take the self righteous stick out of Amenadiel's ass.  Yes, I'm all for that being gone, even though it will reduce some of the supernatural element.

In case you had any doubts, Lucifer and Chloe are good together. He clearly cares about her and now knows for certain that her feelings are returned. I really don't want to see them get together as a couple though.  As tiresome as I find Dan's character, it's worth keeping him around if he stops Lucifer and Chloe from becoming a couple.  That being said, Dan is temporary at best because Kevin Alejandro's characters have a tendency to die the moment an audience gets comfortable with him.