Friday, November 4, 2016

American Horror Story, Season 6. Episode 8: Chapter 8

It looks like I was too hasty last week in assuming Lee, Audrey and Monet were all dead. They are being tortured, especially Lee who is being brutally, cruelly tortured by having strips of her flesh removed for the Polk family to eat

She’s left under the charge of one of the ridiculous Deliverance stereotypes (cannibalism, bestiality, obsession with pigs, incest, oxy and developmentally disabled – this isn’t just Bingo. This is ALL the Bingo). Lee comes perilously close to despair – accepting the oxycontin he offers for the pain despite her initial objection that she’s an addict and can’t risk it. She has given up hope, she no longer sees a chance of her escaping. In this moment she leaves a message for her daughter – she confesses to killing

She works to try and get through to him so he’d help her escape. She appeals to his sense of family including a bombshell moment, when she confesses to killing Mason. Yes, everyone was right – Lee did kill her ex-husband because she couldn’t stand the idea of losing her daughter. Young Polk also gives some family history – including the pig masked serial killer.

She hangs on and manipulates and seduces the Polk guard until he releases one of her hands – and she then kills him to make her own escape. Go Lee. I actually think she will be the survivor now – just because the irony is that her confession is now on tape.

Audrey and Monet also manage an escape. More Polk kids decide they need teeth necklaces for whatever reason, along with rambling away and giving the impression they don’t realise television may be fictional. They try to rip out Monet’s teeth and Monet escapes – but she can’t break the chains holding Audrey. She runs, later pursued by two of the Polks

That leaves Audrey at the mercy of Mama Polk and, despite some brief defiance, Audrey quickly crumples before the teeth pulling old woman.

Until Lee arrives and rescues her – and then Audrey stoves in Mama Polk’s head.

There’s something here – the two Black women thought, resisted – consistently – and escaped (and saved Audrey). Audrey did not, her defiance crumples – in fact crumple and crying. The Black women fight. The White woman delicately collapses. The flip side is that this behaviour can equally be an indicator of how Audrey is considerably more sheltered than Lee and Monet (and this can be a racial trope but is also a racial reality).

Lee and Audrey make it back to the house – but a lot has being going on there

Dominic and Shelby are pretty much falling apart. Dominic keeps begging Sidney to stop this whole disaster – he was hoping for a spin off show, not murder. While Shelby just realised she killed the love of her life. On top of that they’re attacked by scrabbly people crawling up walls, chandeliers being dropped on them, pig serial killers and who knows what else.

It all becomes too much for Shelby and she cuts her own throat

This doesn’t go well for Dominic because Audrey and Lee don’t believe for a second that Shelby was capable of killing Matt. Partly because they’re a little contemptuous of her, partly because Lee (Lee of all people!) protests Shelby adored Matt and Audrey points out that Shelby is way way way too self-centred to commit suicide.

They kick Dominic out – right into the serial killing pig man. Bye Dominic.

Together, Lee and Audrey (who are becoming steadily more awesome together) manage to get through the night (with the help of Audrey’s pain pills). Really, I love these two together this episode, they’re really excellent.

But with daylight Lee decides they need to go back to the Polk farm… she warns Audrey that their murdering of many people has been filmed and Audrey doesn’t really want people to use an edited film of her killing an old woman to get out there. Of course the real reason is Lee remembers she has a taped confession back at the farm

On the way out they run into an actor who plays the pig headed serial killer and isn’t dead


Damn I kind of want Audrey and Lee to survive and Thelma and Louise it.