Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 6: Ghosted

Last episode Stiles managed to communicate to the gang to check out the town of Canaan. Of course this also means confirming that Stiles existed – and prompting everyone’s memory to come back.

Being not terrible, Scott tries to tell the Sherriff (who, in the grand tradition of the Stalinski family has no firstname) that he has a son.

It’s a hard sell, but he can hardly not try can he?

Just in case people weren’t listening to Stiles, Lydia has some Banshee visions about a woman in the town of Canaan in the 80s. Canaan was inflicted with a terrible scourge – 80s fashions. Oh and the Wild Hunt attacking and making everyone disappear into puffs of green smoke. Except this woman who I wish to point out I totally called as a Banshee even before the screaming started.

Malia does some impressive research (but being so disconnected from, well, everything, doesn’t realise it) and it’s time for a road trip to a ghost town with convenient discarded, well preserved newspaper with the date 04/08/1987 which, given USians unique way of writing dates, means 8th April 1987

Lots of spooky effects with some spooky hallucinations for everyone (I vote gas leak) which seem to be kind of sort of prophetic in some very not useful or defined ways.

In case the spooky deserted town isn’t spooky enough, the gang stumbles across Lenore, the woman from Lydia’s vision, the woman who wasn’t claimed by the wild hunt. She is super creepy and invites them all in for toxic lemonade which may date back to the 1980s (Malia drinks it, of course she does). She gets very excitable and the floor starts shaking every time someone tries to talk about the disappearing people which makes interviewing her somewhat awkward. Especially since Malia has her usual tact

She also has a small son, Caleb, who entertains them with home videos and obvious proof that he is waay waaaay waaaaaay too old to be this creepy little child. Why is it children are the creepiest thing ever? It probably says something disturbing about our species that children have the power to freak us out so completely. Is any species this scared of their offspring?

Anyway creepy child and/or his mother has the power to seal doors, stop werewolves from ripping off heads and even drown people – because that was how the kid died.

The kid is a ghost, his mother a banshee and Lydia manages to get through Lenore’s detachment by having a competitive screaming match. At the end of which Lenore realises she has been in a kind of limbo for 30 years

We learn that the hunt did take down the town and left her alone (which isn’t exactly new) and left Lenore behind because she’s a banshee – so that’s Lydia’s fearful fate, to be the one left behind. The Hunt also brought Lenore her ghostly son and she is determined to stay home with them

Which means this whole visit has been to confirm that that the Wild Hunt leaves ghost towns behind. Which was definitely stuff they needed to know, I guess, but we already knew that and I kind of hoped for another nugget or two to give us some more information. What is especially annoying is that there was a vast amount of information that everyone ignored!

The hunt brought a ghost back? Why? And do Banshees get ghost powers? Was Lenore channelling Caleb? For that matter – GHOSTS! Why is no-one curious about this? How can you just let this go without any curiosity?

Lydia does do some more research: she connects the Wild Hunt to the Morrigan who, in turn, was a Banshee so there’s definitely a Banshee angle here. There’s also some terrible fate awaiting all the people who has been taken.

Meanwhile at the school the Baby Team are plotting. Liam and Hayden are thinking about setting up some kind of trap to try and imprison/contain the Hunters of the Wild Hunt. While messing with school supplies they run into Suspicious Teacher who is also willing to help them and in no way is creepy and suspicious, no not at all. This Garrett teacher who is totally creepy has some ideas on catching the Wild Hunt which means, in part, harnessing lots of lightening which isn’t something they can do

It is something one of the dead Chimera could do – Josh. And his powers were absorbed by Theo the evil plotting last season. They just have to release him from his prison/resurrect him from death: which they do with the help of Kira’s sword provided by Noshiko.

Hey, you know who else could harness electricity? Kira. The storm Kitsunes. Lightening was all of her woo-woo. So rather than bringing Theo back we could have kept Kira. She with the actual relevant powers rather than dumping her in the plot box. Honestly, it’s bad enough they just dump her out of the show because the writers have no use for her – but then turn round and create a storyline that just would fit her powers so perfectly. Honestly, are you trolling us now, Teen Wolf?

So they have used Kira’s sword to rescue Theo the evil who, to make matters even worse, doesn’t even have the super powers they need to do some electricity channelling. He’s lost all the powers he stole. So they can just stab him now? No, apparently not because he knows all about the Wild Hunt… which seems dubious but it looks like the Dread Doctors were such curious people and carried this random information

Because no-one in this world can possibly make good decisions, especially not the baby B team, they decide to keep him around and not just murder him.

Oh he also remembers Stiles because being buried etc means he’s immune to the mind wiping of the Wild Hunt. This is still not a good reason to stab him. Please make with the stabbing already.

This may happen because Scott is totally not happy to see Theo back. Nor is Malia, and Malia has way way way way less impulse control.

Turning to characters I care about, Melissa is healing Chris since he’s been stabbed by Wild Hunt poison weapons. Thankfully he knows the cure – except his dying and he only knows the recipe ingredients in Gaelic. Because, of course he does. This is all needlessly convoluted byt Melissa is awesome so I’ll go with that.

Returning to Sheriff Stilinski, he is growing increasingly tense with his mysterious wife, Claudia. He starts to peel at the ghastly wall paper we’ve seen Lydia fiddle with for some time. Whatever he finds is a cliffhanger

I’m going to guess a series of lines with Stile’s height or some over relic of his childhood.

I still want Kira back – and some explanation of Banshee powers. Please more examination of banshee powers!