Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Librarians, Season 3, Episode 10: And the Wrath of Chaos

It’s season finale time – so time to put all these plot lines to bed

First of all, Eve is meeting with the General from DOSA and agrees to hand over the Library so long as the Libarians are spared

Naturally I assume this is a plot, especially when she tells the others she’s working with DOSA – and then she arranges a fake mission to get all the Librarians but Flynn out of the Library before having DOSA move in. DOSA start taking artefacts but I’m giving Eve the benefit of the doubt because she has a plan – she uses medusa’s head on Jenkins


Of course, as an immortal and made of awesome, Jenkins would be a major obstacle for DOSA. They also tend to keep him as an artefact.

Jenkins has some stern words for Eve. And no sword is so sharp as Jenkins’s scorn.

Flynn is running around the Library trying to keep Artefacts out of DOSA hands and manages to get in touch with the other Librarians who quickly figure out they’re being manipulated. He tells them to infiltrate DOSA’s library and free Jenkins because he, as the last of the three immortals, has the power to lock down the Library

They free Jenkins from his prison where he has been craftily locked in a box sealed with 3 very stupid locks to fool the Librarians who need to reverse and slow down their brains (or, actually, need to be so arrogant as to assume that DOSA wouldn’t even try to outsmart them). Which is a nice idea except if they really wanted to secure Jenkins they could have 3 password locks actually activated by… passwords? Real passwords? Actual secure, 16-random-digit-changed-every-month passwords? Passwords that you couldn’t break because you solved the puzzle written on the ACTUAL BOX. Or a key?! Y’know anything would be more secure than that. Who are these people on TV and in games who lock things up with puzzles? “I want to keep my shit safe but if a really clever person breaks in they deserve my stuff!”

Eve meanwhile starts to redeem my faith in her by asking the General about Apep’s casket – which DOSA has. Eve asks if it’s safe. Really safe? Really really? Just because it’s scientifically protected against all “known” magic- that kind of relies on DOSA knowing all magic. I mean really? General brings the Casket to show Eve who continues to pour doubt and talks about the magical artefact that the Library would use to contain it. She leaves and the General gets kind of doubtful… so she opens the Casket and is possessed by Apep.

Something Eve realises when she’s thrown across the room when the General and her minions bring a big bomb into the Library

The librarians free Jenkins and they find Eve – Jenkins nearly strangles her since he is Not Amused before Eve quickly coughs out that she’s actually wrong with Flynn and it’s all a double cross and despite all their pledges of openness they completely kept it a secret from them (the excuse being that the Librarians were Plan B should this plan fail). Still, it feels shallow after we had a whole episode of everyone calling out Flynn for him going it alone

The plan was to get Apep in the Library, with them knowing DOSA had Apep, because the ultimate battle is happening here. What Eve didn’t realise is that Flynn lied to her – and never told her the Eye of Ra he intends to use to stop Apep demands a human sacrifice. Flynn intends to kill himself

In the epic Library catacombs, General Apep sets off the bomb, blowing a hole in the floor and setting all the dark magic loose when Flynn comes to confront Apep. After much verbal jousting, and a tragic goodbye and declaration of love to Eve, Flynn uses the eye, preparing to sacrifice himself for the greater good

But that is not this show. As we already touched on in episode 6: this is not a show where we have to embrace the grim dark for the sake of the greater good. The Librarians are brilliant and awesome and Eve is sure they can and WILL find another way. I already said how much I love this, how much the Librarians will not play to the eternal grimdark taking over all the things

Eve turns to the Librarians and demands they do better – they’re brilliant do it. This needs a human sacrifice – so they all run off to implement plan b. Jake has the “soul” tattoo on his arm, Ezekiel has “heart”, the love potion from Cyndi and Cassandra has her super enhanced mind magic: heart, soul and mind, a recipe for a human. They pass that all to Apep and create human Apep. Why, a new human all ready for sacrifice. Flynn is saved, Apep is not. (Personally I was all for making the General a human sacrifice but this works too).

I really like this call back to the previous episodes (both in theme and in object), making these episodes more pointful and meaningful in the overall arc.

In the aftermath the Librarians did make a point of saving the General. She points out she still has all their artefacts – but that was kind of the point. Flynn and Eve wanted her to take them out of the Library so they would be safe while they fought Apep. They’d like them back now – unless the General can honestly say none of her people will open Pandora’s box, touch the Hand of Midas etc etc. She insists they’re not idiots

They point out she just opened the sarcophagus of the Egyptian god of chaos.

Ouch. I’d also like to point out that, with coal black eyes, super strength throwing Eve across he room, an evil, echo-reverb voice AND had a full on cackling evil laugh. Yet her soldiers, with a bomb, still followed her. Seriously? Your people are so ignorant of the supernatural that you have no training or concept of possession/shapshifters/dopplegangers/evil twins/brain swapping etc etc etc. Really? This is supernatural threat 101?

In light of her department’s proven inability to handle shit, she gives back the Artefacts. I do think it’s awfully simplistic – because it’s sensible. And who is this sensible?

In the dénouement the Librarians agree not to use magic – including their recent new abilities from the Monkey King and Cassanda – because magic is a useful tool if treated with respect. It’s something to use as a very very very last resort, not a common tool. I think that they need to continue the conflict about whether or not to use magic in future seasons because this definitely has not been addressed yet, not fully. At the same time I can see why they did this because in the last couple of episodes Jake and Cassandra have had a major power creep which needs restricting.

And Flynn has a moment with Eve. She doesn’t quite give him permission to run off and do things on his own – but she does recognise that he has been doing this a long time and that change is slow. Which kind of nicely – if, perhaps, too neatly and easily addresses all of the seasons ongoing conflicts. Which is fairly impressive given how many there were and how few episodes there have been