Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lucifer, Season Two, Episode Eleven: Stewardess Interruptus

After a brief hiatus, Lucifer is back and ready for trouble.  When we last left Lucifer, he was sharing a moment with Chloe in the wake of her testimony in criminal court.  I know that fans of Deckerstar went weak at the knees when it looked like these two might finally kiss after a season and a half of will they or won't they, Especially given that the writers chose just that moment to go on Xmas hiatus
Lucifer fandom when deckerstar becomes canon
Yeah, they're cruel like that.  At any rate, before they could kiss as the title of the episode explains, Lucifer was blocked by Stewardess Interruptus, i.e. one of his lovers showed up for a booty call. Chloe see this as a sign that she should get moving, leaving Lucifer to explain to his lover that there will be no knocking boots tonight.

The episode begins in earnest when the flight attendant who showed up for the booty call is found dead in an alley.  Unfortunately for Lucifer, that makes him the last person who saw her alive. I know I have been critical of the case of the week loop that writers use to move Lucifer's plotline along but this time, it seemed to work.  It revealed to us for instance that Lucifer is indeed bisexual and made it cannon.  Thus far, all we have been able to do is hypothesis because though we have seen him in bed with a man and a woman at the same time, Lucifer was always placed physically next to the woman and certainly was not interacting with the man.  With Lucifer admitting that he sleeps with men, much to Chloe's surprise, his sexuality has clearly been defined.  Unfortunately, it came with his male lover being found murdered and as we know, his heart does not belong to another man but in fact to Chloe Decker. I'm trying not to complain because we have very few LGBT protagonists on television, I simply fear that with the writers determination to ship Deckerstar, (yeah, apparently that's the ship name) it means that we are not going to see a very serious treatment of Lucifer's bisexuality.

As Lucifer's lovers line up to talk about having sex with him and how great it was, Lucifer visibly preens.  His perspective changes however when he realises that none of his lovers actually care for him and instead wrote him off as a one night stand.  This troubles the normally lighthearted Lucifer. I'm sure the Deckerstar people were in a flurry as Chloe questioned Lucifer's lovers and seemed to express relief that despite the fact that he gave them all amazing orgasms, Lucifer never went out of his way to get to know any of them, or do anything special for them.  

Along with the will they or won't they, we had Maze trying to figure out just where she fits in now. With the death of the murderer of Chloe's farther and Detective Douche's involvement, Maze naturally assumed that this is something they should celebrate, she is after all a demon.  Detective Douche naturally is far more worried about getting caught, given his already extremely tarnished reputation.  Poor Maze just wants some acknowledgement for the good she believes that she does and so seeks out Linda for reassurance, completely ignoring that her neediness is blocking Linda from having lunch.  Linda does her best to make it clear to Maze that she doesn't need the thanks of others to accept herself or her actions in a positive light. 

When Chloe asks Maze to help out by playing a decoy, Maze is all in and is sure to tell Chloe that she doesn't have to thank her.  When Maze arrives at Lux all dolled up in a tacky stewardess outfit she takes a seat next to detective douche.  Dan isn't great at playing his role because he doesn't immediately feign sexual interest in Maze. Maze however does let slip that Dan slept with Charlotte, prompting Chloe to ask Lucifer if there's anyone who hasn't slept with Charlotte. This is the one time that Lucifer can raise his hand. Maze heads off with the mark only to discover after throwing him against the wall that he's not the man they were looking for.  A false identity doesn't stop Maze from asking if she can keep her new toy.

Outside, the real mark approaches Lucifer and as you can well imagine, this is a mistake.  Lucifer goes all devil, while charging that neither he, or the mark were good for the murdered woman. Yes, this is another moment of self enlightenment for Lucifer. At any rate, the perp is scared out of his mind and is happy to confess to police when they arrive.

Later we learn that the real mastermind, absolutely escaped police notice and so we know that he is going to be a problem in the future.  He managed to get his hands on a mysterious container some very mysterious vials. I'm certain that this is going to have something to do with the supernatural nature of Lucifer and his family.  Will it lead to Chloe finding out who Lucifer really is?

Throughout the episode, both Charlotte and Amenadiel made an appearance to push Lucifer in Chloe's direction, having come to the decision that Chloe is the key to their return to heaven, given that God specifically planned her birth. If it wasn't all so self serving it would have been sweet.

Lucifer and Chloe meet up on a beach. Yep, the writers worked hard to pull the heart strings on this one.  Lucifer declares that he is done chasing Chloe because he doesn't deem himself worthy to be with her. This is of course all Chloe needed to hear to bestow a kiss on the stunned Lucifer.

The upside of the Dekerstar is that it will absolutely mean more interactions between Lucifer and Trixie but the bad side is that you cannot unring a bell.  I've never really been invested in Lucifer's relationship with Chloe per say and am far more interested in watching him deal with humanity and trying to figure out where he fits in.  I've found his daddy issues far more compelling than any scene he has done with Chloe.  I'm not throwing my hands up in disgust at this new stage for Deckerstar, as much as hoping that we will get to see more of Lucifer's psyche and how he negotiates it all.