Sunday, March 26, 2017

Grimm, Season Six, Episode Twelve: Zerstörer Shrugged

"You shall break them with a rod."

Zerstörer Shrugged is the penultimate episode of this series and to say I'm pissed doesn't even begin to cover it. Dear writers of Grimm, you need to fix this next episode. I will not accept an ending to Grimm which brings about the death of the only two reoccurring characters of colour in the entire six year run of this show. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS. I will also not accept that the Zerstörer is this horribly scary devil dude, when so much of what happened is clearly the writers trying to squeeze in relevance in the later stages, rather than spending this entire season building a believable story around the Zerstörer.

When we left Nick and Eve, they were stuck in the other world about to do battle with the Zerstörer. Eve goes all ghastly uber hexenbiest but isn't really able to put up much of a defense.  It's Nick who realises that the Zerstörer is toying with them and instead of actually killing them which he could do easily, he's trying to trap them. Things don't look good for these two.

With Diana now firmly asleep, it's time to try and figure out how to get Nick and Eve the hell out of the other world. Adalind and Renard argue about who is going to open a portal.  If Renard's informant is on point, and Diana is indeed the Shaphat, Monroe suggest that Diana can actually open up a portal using the stick. To back him up, Monroe pulls out his family Wesen bible.  Renard at first has no patience for any kind of biblical talk until Monroe explains that the bible does describe an area like where Nick and and Eve might actually be. It buoys Monroe's case that the bible includes an illustration of the Zerstörer. 

At the Spice Shop, Hank, Wu and Rosealee are looking for myths across cultures for any references which could be useful. They come across an ancient German text which Rosealee uses google translate to decipher.  They learn that the text says,"evil darkness trapped" and "Grimm pull child wife" followed by "follow and flee." 
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It's then that the scoobies realise that it's March 24th, the day the cloth warned them about. I know that there's been a lot of shit going on but did no one think to mark the days off on a calendar? Are we supposed to believe that the scoobies are really that forgetful when they've done nothing but spend time researching this damn prophecy all season? Now they begin to wonder if maybe just maybe, the Zerstörer stalked Eve, so that she'd going looking for him, forcing Nick to follow, thus causing the opening of a portal allowing him to escape. Did you follow that because it's convoluted as fuck? Look, I know that this shit was foretold but the assumptions that had to be made for this plan to work are downright astronomical.

Rosealees is quick to realise that she's got to stop Monroe from opening up a portal and she gets on the phone.  Unfortunately, it's already too late because Diana had been eaves dropping on the adults as children are wont to do and decides to be helpful and open up the portal herself.  Monroe, Adalind and Renard flip the hell out and pull the potential child bride away from the portal. Nick and Eve burst through the glass.  Nick and Adalind hug and then Nick uses the stick to heal the cuts on his hand.  The stick of destiny sure is handy isn't it?

Wu, Rosealee and Hank head over to Rosealee's, thus reuniting the scoobies. They explain to the others exactly what Zerstörer's plan was. Nick returns the favour and describes the alternate world he was trapped on. It's not lost on everyone that it's exactly as described in Monroe's family bible. Given everything that's happened, everyone is really calm.  The fact that the Zerstörer didn't immediately follow Nick and Eve is enough for them to believe that they've dodged a bullet somehow.  When have ancient prophecies ever been wrong?  

It's Diana who drops the big bomb. Something has changed about Eve and she's apparently left part of herself in the other world.  Eve tries to woge and when she cannot, Eve realises that she can longer feel her Hexenbiest nature anymore. This is really not a good thing given that the Zerstörer plans on bringing the pain.  Eve weakly agrees with the scoobies that not being a Hexenbiest might be a good thing. 

Diana's not done with pronouncements for the day.  Diana begins to freak the fuck out because it seems that she can sense the Zerstörer.  He did indeed make a leap through the portal and enter this world.  Diana is certain that the Zerstörer is there for her. While the adults have been chatting, the Zerstörer arrived at a gas station with his bats in tow. In short order, the Zerstörer steps through a mirror and promptly kills the dude in the bathroom. In this world, the Zerstörer is no longer a skeletor like creature and is instead a pretty buff blonde haired dude. The Zerstörer has his magical staff but what he doesn't have is clothing.  Straight out of The Terminator, the Zerstörer takes the clothing from the attendant after making the dudes eyes explode.  All that's missing is a pair of dark sunglasses and the Zerstörer declaring, "I'll be back". 

It's now officially time for an homage to the first season. Diana is still freaking out about being found by the Zerstörer  and begging her parents for protection. Nick decides that the best thing to do is to hide out in the cabin where he killed his first Blutbad because it bears no connection to anyone. Now that they have the place, they still have to deal with the fact that the Zerstörer  may be linked to Diana and actively tracking her. Rosealee creates a spell to make Diana invisible to the Zerstörer. To calm Diana's fears, Renard reveals that this is the same spell that his mother used on him. 

With Diana's hiding place selected, it's now time to track the Zerstörer. Hank and Wu decide to head to the precinct under the understanding that if the Zerstörer  is indeed in this world, he shouldn't be able to hide that easily. Adalind doesn't want to be seperated from Nick but he makes it clear that he cannot go with them, and that Renard will be there to protect them. Nick then asks Adalind to take Kelly with her, suggesting that the cabin is also the safest place for Kelly. Umm what the hell has Nick been smoking? The Zerstörer is looking for his bride which means that anyplace that Diana is isn't safe. 

At Nick's place, someone unexpected arrives - Trubel.  She checks out the carvings on the ceiling and the walls and knows immediately that this does not bode well.  

Nick, Adalind, Renard and the kids head to the cabin which has been undisturbed all of these years.  We get a flash back to Nick and Renard fighting all of those years ago and Renard woging.  This is when they agreed that Adalind shouldn't get her hands on the key.  It's Adalind who points out that all of this is before she had a child with each man. They all head inside and scope out the hiding place. When everyone is settled, Nick says his goodbyes to Adalind and Kelly.  Nick doesn't get far because Adalind runs outside so they can have a more dramatic goodbye.  Yeah, I'm not cool with all of the I love yous between a rapist and their survivor. I refuse to see this as a romantic moment.  

Monroe, Rosealee and Eve continue to research the Zerstörer. Eve keeps thinking about why the Zerstörer's stick looks so cracked.  At this point, Grimm drags the big reveal out far more than they should have.  Of course, the stick is cracked because it's been broken into pieces before and one of those pieces just happens to be Nick's magical stick. When they hear sounds upstairs, the tension peaks radically.  Monroe gets ready to woge but he need not have worried because it's just Truble arriving to find out where the hell Nick is. They decide to quickly catch Truble up on what is going on. 

Hank and Wu head to the gas station to check out the bloody trail that the Zerstörer  left behind. Wu goes onto snark mode as only Wu can.  Nick arrives shortly after and the three cops agree that the broken mirror is probably from the Zerstörer entering this world. 

At the cabin the little family settles in further. Adalind and Renard put Diana to bed with her shoes on.  I guess it's better to be safe than sorry in case they need to flea.  Adalind worries about how long they can keep this up and Renard goes full on dad mode and promises to kill the Zerstörer.  Adalind is also worried how long they can stand to be together in these close quarters. 

The Zerstörer is moving around the city unimpaired, even if he doesn't know the traffic laws. He seems to be learning by mimicking people. The Zerstörer comes across of a group of panhandlers and they don't take well to him mimicking them. One of the panhandlers gets pissed and attempts to hit the Zerstörer  with a bottle and as you might well imagine, this doesn't end well for the panhandler. The Zerstörer  turns his staff into a snake and it takes a big bite out of the panhandler. With the panhandler dead, the Zerstörer  retrieves his staff and walks away mimicking the dead man as he goes. 

The scoobies are still piecing together the history of the evil stick.  Truble is succinct when she says that they have to kill the evil dude or they're all fucked. If Nick's stick is the missing piece, they must do whatever they have to, to ensure that it doesn't fall into the Zerstörer's  hands. It's time to call Nick and give him an update as to what is going on. 

In the cabin, Diana is lying in bed with her mother when the door opens slowly. Guess who?  The Zerstörer creeps into the room quietly as a scared Diana watches. Diana doesn't start to scream until the Zerstörer  looks at Kelly. The scream wakes her parents and we learn that everything was a dream. Adalind and Renard try to calm Diana down but she is beside herself because she's just learned that the Zerstörer wants both her and Kelly as well as her. 

Nick arrives at the Spice Shop because for some reason the Scoobies couldn't update him over the phone and he's happy to see Trubel after her long absence. Trubel is happy to report that the last remnants of Black Claw have been destroyed.  Nick is then warned about his stick and the fact that he has to keep it away from the Zerstörer .  It's Eve however who points out that the stick might be the only weapon they have against the Zerstörer. Nick decides to head back to the precinct and Trubel leaves to go to the location where the Zerstörer was last scene. 

Once Trubel arrives, she finds a group of cops who are dead and sees the Zerstörer walking away. Because the Zerstörer is headed in the direction of the precinct, Truble calls Nick to warn him.  Nick takes this as his cue to get armed and ready and so he Wu and Hank grab some heavy weapons.  Nick's not sure that the guns will work because they didn't in the other realm but Hank is confidant. When the Zerstörer arrives, despite the cops shooting at him, the Zerstörer is unstoppable. The Zerstörer woges and sheds his human parts. Correctly reading the situation, Wu decides to woge himself and go on the attack. Wu poses no threat and is quickly stabbed in the chest by the Zerstörer. Nick rushes to Wu's side only to see Wu die.  Next up is Hank and he decides to unload his weapon into the Zerstörer. Hank doesn't fare any better than Wu and ends up being stabbed through the throat by the Zerstörer. The Zerstörer then goes after Nick and promptly tosses him across the room as the screen goes black. 

The writers had better bring Wu and Hank back to life.  Nick still has the stick so maybe they can undo this horrible thing.  Wu and Hank should not just be killed and treated as disposable characters. I'm absolutely fuming about this.  I know that the writers want to build up tension for the last episode of the series but was it really necessary to do this to Wu and Hank?

I'm really glad that Truble is back for the last two episodes of the series. It just wouldn't have been right to end the show without her.  Unfortunately, with so little time left, I know that the writers won't have time to get into the connection between Truble and Nick. I'm convinced that had they not wasted so much time, they could have written a good story for Nick and Trubel and revealed a deeper connection which I am sure exists.

As I mentioned in the introduction of this recap, I'm not really sold on the idea of the Zerstörer stalking Eve to get to Diana. The connection is just so damn tenuous at best.  It really feels like a lack of planning on the part of the writers. I know that the writers of Grimm have just been sort of slap dash for the past five seasons but you would think that after all of these years that they would have put the ending together better than this because the faithful fans are owed more.

Finally, we have to talk about Eve.  Does anyone remember that Eve was supposed to be a super powerful Hexenbiest?  I'm not at all impressed that she has been depowered, especially after last week's declaration of independence. It seems that even in the end, Grimm cannot stand to have strong female characters. Would it really have killed them to leave Eve alone?