Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Originals, Season Four, Episode Two: No Quarter

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Thanks to five years of labour on Hayley's part the majority of the Original family are alive and awake.  After the vampires feed to regain their strength, they have a decision to make. Should they flee New Orleans because Marcel's bite is deadly to them now or should they make an attempt to get Klaus? The Original family may betray each other and fight like cats and dogs but when it comes to an outside threat they stand together always and No Quarter, is no exception. 

It looks like the Mikaelsons are not going to have the element of surprise because Sofya reports back to Marcel that some of the people she had falling Haley watched her intercept Keelin. Marcel is quick to surmise that this means that Hayley now has her hands on a cure for his bite. The Mikaelsons coming back to town is a headache however not overly a concern because Marcel is still the HNIC for now. We all know that this is temporary right?

Having been out of the loop for so long, Rebekah and Elijah are forced to turn to Josh to get some idea of what Marcel is up to.  Josh just happens to be having a little alone time with his new boyfriend Eddie and yes, this comes with an on camera kiss. Eddie, unlike his supernatural boyfriend is all too human.  We all know already that Eddie is on borrowed time right?  At any rate, Josh sends Eddie away so he can deal with the Mikaelsons. After some quick questioning Elijah and Rebekah learn that Josh despite his relationship with Marcel, isn't really in the loop. Rebekah then suggests that she act as a distraction to Marcel since they have so much unsettled history. 

Rebekah heads off to confront Marcel as the rest of the family goes to Rosseau's in order to access the tunnels underneath the city where Marcel is hiding Klaus. The Original family must now decide what to do with Josh.  Kol isn't in favour of killing him because Davina cared about Josh and Marcel is in agreement because Marcel cares about Josh.  Kol volunteers to stay behind with Josh while everyone else heads through the tunnels to find Klaus. 

Speaking of Klaus, he's still crumbled in a ball enduring the pain of Papa Tunde's blade.  In order to distract himself from the torture he conjures up Cami. Even though Cami is a figment of Klaus's imagination, she goes into to counsellor mode because it seems that once again, Klaus has some demons that he needs to deal with.  Through the connection, Klaus can feel that his siblings are now awake but he still needs to free himself.  For some reason, Klaus seems to like it there because he's convinced to some degree that he deserves this punishment and to be perfectly honest, he's absolutely right. Cami quickly digs through the layers of Klaus's emotional shit and gets to the heart of the matter - Klaus is scared that he won't be embraced by Hope when they finally meet after all of these years. It's no surprise that Hope features largely in his thoughts given that she is his daughter and Klaus has a whole host of unresolved daddy issues.  It seems that Klaus is terrified that he won't be a good daddy and that he will pass on a legacy of violence.  The mere fact that he threatens to kill anyone who breaks Hope's heart shows that he hasn't learned any lessons from the time he spent policing Rebekah's sexuality.

Marcel and Rebekah meet and she asks for Klaus's freedom.  We all know that it's not going to be that easy right? Marcel is particularly annoyed that Rebekah believes that she can just stroll into town and trade upon their long relationship to get what she wants. Marcel feels absolutely justified in what he has done to Klaus.  Rebekah makes it clear that right or wrong, her family will keep on coming until they get what they want but Marcel still will not bend.  When it's clear that the conversation isn't going anywhere, Rebekah pulls out the knife that was used to curse her and threatens Marcel, who is a bit shocked that Rebekah would go to such lengths. On one hand while I feel that Marcel more than any other person should know about the siblings extreme loyalty to each other, he's not wrong to be a little shocked at Rebekah since the two of them did conspire to bring Michael to town to kill Klaus. 

As we all know, The Originals is not about to let Rebekah play the role of hero or act tough.  Rebekah is the Original damsel in distress and she quickly falls into this role when Sofya sneaks up and shoots Rebekah full of arrows. Did Marcel arrange for Sofya to eavesdrop on their conversation in case he needed back up or is Sofya stalking Marcel?  I think I'm going to go with the later since Marcel would have no reason to be afraid of Rebekah. 

Marcel quickly realises that Rebekah was there to act as a distraction and that her siblings are probably breaking Klaus out of prison and so he takes off. Elijah, Freya and Hayley have found Klaus, though Klaus still isn't conscious and is working out his issues with ghost Cami.  The spell guarding Klaus is so strong, Freya is forced to channel Hayley while Elijah acts as look out. Ghost Cami is loudly screaming at Klaus that he needs to take the knife out now. By the way this whole taking out Papa's knife thing is new. When it was first introduced, that knife stayed where it was until someone pulled it out. 

Kol notices the picture of Cami and Davina and gets quiet. Yes, he's still mourning the loss of his precious Davina Claire and I am hoping that her character stays dead.  Given that Josh had a close relationship with Davina, he quickly picks up on what is going on in Kol's brain. Josh brings up how he felt when Aiden died and talks about how over time the pain and grief got easier.  Josh opened up to Kol because he feels that this is what Davina would have wanted him to do. Josh and Kol's moment of bonding comes to an end when Josh gets a text from Marcel with the code word TEUTOBERG. Kol forces Josh to reveal that it's code for the bad guys got the jump on the good guys and that his job is to warn everyone in the quarter about what is going on.  Of course, Kol cannot allow Josh to sound the alarm.  Kol responds by breaking Josh's neck and heading off to save Rebekah.

What was that I was saying about Rebekah being the Original damsel in distress? When Kol arrives, he rips out the heart of Soyfa's partner and she takes off before he can do the same to her.  Marcel may be the HNIC; however, any member of the Original family with the exception of Rebekah and at times Freya are forces to be reckoned with.  Kol rips the arrows out of Rebekah's back and then proceeds to take on Marcels' vampires. After Rebekah recovers, she joins her brother in the fight. 

When Marcel arrives at the old Mikaelson place, Elijah is there waiting for him. For once, Marcel isn't concerned with getting dirty and throws himself into the fight with Marcel, calling out to Freya to keep working on the spell no matter what happens. Freya manages to create a wedge in the spell protecting Klaus and releases Hayley to go and help Elijah.  Hayley is quick to jump in the middle of the two men and question if Marcel wants her daughter to be an orphan.  This question just serves to trigger Marcel's own familial issues because Klaus was his father figure. He is still seriously pissed that Elijah stabbed him in the back and tossed him off a bridge as Klaus watched. Speaking of Klaus, he's finally managed to pull the knife out and he uses it to stab Marcel, thus giving him and his family a head start on their escape.

Klaus, Hayley and Freya reunite with Kol and Rebekah. They decide to get moving quickly because Marcel is sure to be on their tail.  Unfortunately for them, Marcel is already there. Marcel starts in about being betrayed and Kol points out that he's not a Mikaelson and that he will never will be.  This statement drives me absolutely insane. Klaus steps forward to suggest a peace arguing that if they fight, his family will throw everything that they have at Marcel  and if even one of them escapes, they will come seeking revenge.  Klaus assures Marcel that if it isn't his siblings, it will he his daughter and if she fails his granddaughter.  

Rather than have another epic fight, Marcel decides to let the Mikaelsons go on their way, banishing them from New Orleans forever. Marcel makes it clear that it's not because of Klaus's threat because he could kill them all and sleep just fine that night. Marcel is choosing to let the Mikaelsons go to prove to himself that just because he was raised by them doesn't mean that he's like them. Marcel makes it clear that he's glad that he's not a Mikaelson. Oh Marcel you're drinking deep from that self denial now.

The family all arrives at the house and Klaus stands outside clearly unsure about going in. Klaus thanks Rebekah for coming back to save him and she kisses him on the cheek. It's one of the few real loving family moments we've seen on the show to date. Hayley has to coax him into the house and see Hope.  When they arrive in Hope's room, Klaus stars at his now five year old daughter in wonder. Hayley offers to wake Hope for Klaus but he's content to stand their and watch her sleep for now. 

The Mikaelsons may be at peace for now but it certainly won't last given what Vincent has found. If you'll recall, last week we met Maxine, whom Vincent is crushing on and her little boy Adam.  Adam has gone missing, so Maxine turns to Vincent as leader of the coven to help her find him. Even though he's been warned by Marcel that something is going on, it's not until he learns of Adam's disappearance that he decides to go check out the wonky house on the other side of town. When Maxine is told that she has to stay behind and wait, she offers Vincent a protection charm that she made for Adam. 

When Vincent enters the house it turns into a third rate horror movie complete. with darkness and windows and doors randomly closing as they do. A glowing orb floats in front of Vincent's face and he's forced to grab Adam's charm. At this point I cannot help but wonder what the hell kind of black man Vincent is? Instead of running out of the house like he should have, thankful that he's still alive dude decides to speak with the entity.  The sigil that has been appearing all over town appears on the wall.

When next we see Vincent, he purifying himself. I guess playing with evil can leave a taint.  Vincent picks up the phone to call Marcel but gets the machine because Marcel is getting cozy with Sofya and calming her jealousy about Rebekah.  Vincent leaves a message saying that Marcel needs to get in touch with him right away because there's some dark magic which he has seen before afoot in the city. Vincent then cuts himself and uses the blood to open a safe. Inside the safe is a brown leather book with the sigil on the cover. 

It's only the second episode and it's already clear that the Mikaelsons, Vincent and Marcel are going to have kiss and make up to deal with whatever dark magic Vincent has stumbled across.  The Mikaelsons are going to get drawn in because Hope was drawing the sigils in the last episode.  We don't know what kind of evil is coming to town be we do know that it's dark and dangerous.

In No Quarter we got treated to more of the idea that Marcel is just an uppity negro who won't stay in his lane.  When Kol tells Marcel that he's not a Mikaelson and never will be it's a commentary about the fact that no matter the history between Marcel and the Mikaelson clan, or how long he has worked on their behalf that he's an outsider.  Marcel is the dark stain on their white sheets.  On one hand, Klaus supposedly considers Marcel a son and yet, he watched as Elijah tossed him into the river like refuse and he has never expressed the kind of protectiveness towards Marcel that he has towards Hope.  Let's not forget for one minute that Marcel wasn't deemed good enough to be in a romantic relationship with Rebekah. 

The juxtaposition between Marcel and Hope just screams a need for commentary. Marcel was adopted by Klaus and Klaus became a father to him.  Klaus reared Marcel from the time he was a young child.  Marcel has been alive for hundred of years and while Klaus may whine about the fact that Marcel is torturing him though he supposedly views him as a son, Klaus has always treated him as little better than a servant.  Marcel is expected to eternally obey.  Klaus may have saved Marcel from his slave owning father, but he simply replaced him with his own brand of slavery.  Hope on the other hand is biologically related to Klaus. He has doted on  Hope from the moment she was born and it's clear how much he loves her. The Originals treatment of the relationship between Klaus, Hope and Marcel sets up a framework in which the adopted child is necessarily secondary to the biological child.  It's an awful awful trope. 

They've introduced a new love interest for Josh which I am kind of happy about, even if I don't think that dude is going to make it to the end of the season. Aidan was a freaking werewolf and he still ended up dying, what chance does a human have with the Originals back in town and some freaking dark magic about to descend on New Orleans? Absolutely freaking none.  I really don't want to see The Originals to kill off another LGBT character but with Eddie being human and not being connected to anyone in the story but Josh, things don't look good for him right now.