Saturday, March 11, 2017

Supernatural, Season 12, Episode 15: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Sam and Dean are in maximum hunting mode, moving from case to case to case while Dean gets crustier and crustier. Dean, you’re hot, but no-one’s hot enough to put up with that level of hygiene.

What is the source of all of these new missions? Sam is getting data from the Men of Letters. And like Mary, he’s lying to Dean about it.

Dean, you need to have words with your family.

This week we have a hellhound running amok killing one guy and chasing his girlfriend who was just saved from having to have an awkward conversation about how she’s not that into him when he has an engagement ring all ready.

Sam and Dean swoop in and, naturally, assume that the dead guy made a deal with the devil and try to reassure Gwen that she’s probably ok since she didn’t make any devil deals (since Hellhounds are like demonic debt collectors)

Except the hellhound keeps coming and Gwen insists she’s not made any deals (and since these debts generally last 10 years before collection, it’s reasonable to assume Gwen wasn’t making demon deals as a minor). They explain the real situation to her

-and can we have a moment to look at Dean’s epic lack of fucks to give. I think this, along with last episode him being hailed as a killer, is showing more and more how burnt out Dean is. Dean is spending less time and energy on victims and his snarky commentary through this – his eagerness to get on with this and fighting is clear. Gwen’s feelings and fears? Less important.

And they call Crowley – who is still kind of annoyed with them – to let him know one of his hellhounds has gone rogue. Looks like Crowley has been letting things slip in Hell again (honestly the king of hell gig is awful for Crowley because he’s utterly uninterested in actually doing the job). And one of his Hellhounds, the hellhound, the first hellhound, has escaped and is now after Gwen because she managed to fend said hound off with an axe.

He joins them to help because rogue hellhounds are a problem and show his lack of control, because killing the first hellhound will make him look shiny but probably mainly because he’s really really bored with being King of Hell

He and Dean doesn’t actually do a whole lot except talk about how much they’ve influenced each other over the years. Dean pointing out that Crowley is helping him save an innocent with Crowley pointing out that Dean is working with the king of Hell- both things that were unthinkable 5 years ago

They also have an almost 4th wall breaking moment commenting on Dean’s Manpain (literal quote from Crowley) and the Innocent of the Week. Looks like at least someone on the Supernatural writing squad is very aware of what they’ve created.

Instead the hound chases down Sam and Gwen and is duly murdered with both of them. Gwen has been excellently willing to step up in her own defence throughout this episode.

Sam does thank Crowley though. He sounds like he’s choking on it.

He also finally reveals he’s lying to Dean as well. Dean isn’t happy but is willing to go along because while he hates the Men of Letters, he’s also desperately connected to Sam and will always follow him no matter what. He still doesn’t trust them. And can I say again how much I’m not buying the whole “Men of Letters get results” line when last week was an epic comment on how inept they were not their skills

So how did this hound escape?

Well Crowley has been letting the whole King of Hell thing slide by gloating over his captive, Lucifer, having a long dramatic speech about how superior Crowley is, how he’s always 10 steps ahead and how he’s totally awesome and Lucifer totally sucks. It felt a little beneath Crowley and I keep expecting it to backfire

And it looked like it was going to when demons actually free the hellhound to create a distraction to allow them to free Lucifer after a) making a deal (and being promptly betrayed because LUCIFER, seriously you trust this guy?) and b) being such a fanboy he actually made Lucifer uncomfortable).

Crowley comes back to a free Lucifer who prepares to take over again, complete with dramatic wing moment (I miss those!) at which point Crowley snaps his fingers – and has Lucifer cowering on the floor

Crowley’s Lucifer prison isn’t the chains. It’s his vessel – the rebuilt Vessel Crowley made for him. So even free of his chains he’s still utterly controlled by Crowley

Crowley boasted he’s 10 steps ahead. We should have known, this is Crowley, that is not a boast