Saturday, March 11, 2017

Colony, Season Two, Episode Nine: Tamam Shud

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In Tamam Shud, the chickens finally come home to roost for the Bowman family. From the moment Katie began working for the resistance, the safety and security of her family became tenuous.  As much as Katie wanted to fight, I don't think that she ever took into account everything that she was risking.  Will has worked double time in an effort to cover Katie's tracks and save his family. Before the arrival of Bennett and Burke, Will had trouble staying ahead of the authorities but now his charming smile and handsome good looks aren't going to be enough to keep him and those he loves out of danger. Up until this episode, Will has always found a way to keep the actions of his family away from the authorities but now, there's no where to hide an the bill has come due. The house of cards has officially crashed. 

In recent episodes, we have come to understand that the resistance forces are large and varied, each working different angles to achieve the same goal. This week, we are introduced to two revolutionaries who plan on flying into Los Angelos bloc using a plane which doesn't have radar to avoid detection in order to retrieve the guantlet that Broussard's team stole from the aliens.  It's a bold plan and probably a suicide mission but they go for it anyway.  The pilot is shot out of the sky by a drone but Noa, the other resistance fighter manages to parachute to safety for now. 

Burke and Will arrive at the crash site to begin their investigation.  It's Will who notices the radio which survived the crash because Burke is busy playing his favourite game - cat and mouse.  It seems that Burke has discovered that Katie and Maddie are sisters.  Burke naturally assumes that it isn't coincidence that something was downloaded from Nolan's computer. For Burke, this provides the direct link he has been looking for to prove that Will cannot be trusted. Will tries to deflect by asking Burke about his personal relationships but Burke is not fazed, particularly because he has none to speak of. What Burke doesn't realise is that by questioning Will and bringing up Maddie, he effectively showed his hand. Will now knows that he doesn't have much time left. Will gathers what he needs from the pack and scrambles the radio signal. 

Helena is very much feeling the pressure from all of the resistance activity in her territory and is desperate to avoid a rendition. Of course, Proxy Alcala wants to spin what happened rather than deal with the rebellion.  Alcala suggests that they should simply speak to the people about the Greatest Day. I suppose he thinks that everyone is drinking the same Kool Aid.

Will heads home to give Katie a ride to the Yonk and to speak to her about the missing pilot. The two leave their children alone in the run down apartment.  Will tells Katie of his plan to try and get into contact with the pilot before Homeland can and reveals that Burke is onto him. Katie doesn't want Will to head back to work but he's not prepared to go into hiding with the kids just yet. 

Instead of staying at the Yonk, Katie meets up with Broussard to inform him of the missing pilot. Ona's arrival doesn't come as much of a surprise to Broussard because Hennessy had already informed him that someone would be coming from outside of the Bloc. Kate and Broussard head to a theater to meet up with Hennessy, only to find his throat slit. When Kate and Broussard double back to Hennessy's home, they discover that the gauntlet has been stolen. My guess is that this is the action of the Red Hand, because if Homeland had anything to do with it, they'd already be in cuffs. Broussard and Kate try to reach out using Hennessy's radio to report that their contact has been killed but without proper authorization codes, they are cut off from the conversation quickly.

Now that Burke has the goods on Will, he decides to take his information to Bennett. Burke asserts that it was Kate who stole the file from Nolan's computer and is rewarded by having Bennett authorise him to search deeper.  Burke suggests that if Will is indeed working for the resistance, that if they do this right, he could potentially lead them right to Broussard. 

Because Burke is busy hunting down the goods on Will, it frees Will to try to find a radio to get into contact with Ona. He has to use his badge and promise extra rations to get a person working at an electronics store to help him but it leads nowhere because Ona doesn't answer his hail.

Burke is in full on blood hound mode as he successfully breaks Emmett. Emmett has clearly been beaten but he's loyal enough to Will not to reveal Will's help in his escape from the safe house.  Emmett however has no such loyalty to Katie, who tried to help and no idea that by revealing that it was Katie, who tried to contact him, that he's implicated Will. It's not Emmett's implication of Kate which is the final nail in Will's coffin though, it's Burke learning that Jennifer deleted all of the surveillance in Will's home, before committing suicide. 

Now that Burke has all of the confirmation he needs, he orders the agents to sit on the children. Gracie is very upset about her new babysitters and talks about missing Lynsay.  Bram tries to comfort his sister by saying that Lynsay was trying to brainwash her. 

Will is headed to meet up with Kate when he becomes aware that he is being followed. Will instead heads into a cafe to lead the people trailing him away from Kate. In a stroke of genius, Kate calls the cafe and asks to speak to Alex Graham and Will rightly surmises that the call is for him.  Will tells Kate that his cover has been blown and asks her to take care of the kids. The line goes dead, as Will is arrested. It's Broussard who points out that they need to get moving before Homeland traces the call.  Kate is clearly stunned by Will's arrest but gets it together to ask Broussard to help her to get her children. 

Will is taken to an interrogation room. Will's first tactic is to deny Katie's involvement with the resistance but it doesn't buy him any time because Burke makes it clear that they have him dead to rights at this point. With his kids in custody, Will, who is all too aware of the brutality that Burke is capable of, decides to offer up the only thing he can - access to Ona. It really is a case of competing interests at this point and Bennett is desperate to finally have some progress in his section.  They manage to get Will a radio and he once again reaches out to Ona and this time, she answers back.  Ona arranges to meet with Will but makes it clear that she wants to see Hennessy.

Kate and Broussard storm into her apartment and kill of the Red Hats who have taken the kids hostage. This needed to be done, but it shatters the last little bit of Gracie's innocence because she witnesses Kate shot a Red Hat solider in the head.  I'm certain that this is going to bring about a big change in Gracie's understanding of the world and exactly how much peril that she and her family are in. Until this moment, Gracie has remained relatively untouched. 

A fed up Helena decides that it's time to get Snyder back in the loop. We all know that she saved him for a reason.  Things are clearly out of control and Proxy Alcala seems determined to undermine her legimate concerns, even while he preens about his supposed importance. It's clear that Alcala doesn't take Helena seriously and at this point, he's become nothing more than a hindrance. 

Broussard and Kate's successful action to free her children could not have happened at a better time.  Will is with Bennett and Burke and they are getting ready to do a sting operation to bring in Ona. Will is not impressed when he learns that Burke has people all around the park and is certain that Ona, will smell them right away, thus putting the mission in jeopardy. Burke however is confidant that his people are professionals. Burke gets a message about something going down at Will and Kate's apartment and wants to hold off until they can get more information. Bennett is so desperate for results, he demands that they go ahead with the mission. Realising that the kids are gone, Burke heads out to shadow Will but that's all it takes for Will to realise that Burke no longer has custody of his children. Will buys a bottle of pop from a vendor, smashes it and then slams the broken glass into Burkes stomach, before taking off running. Burke absolutely had this coming. 

Will starts running and the Red Hats take shots at him.  Unfortunately for Will, he quickly finds himself cornered and his no choice but to raise his hands in surrender. Ona has Will's back though and she shows and kills the men chasing him.  Will assures Ona that he had  no choice but to lead the Red Hands to their meeting but points out that he did stab Burke in the stomach. For Ona, Will's attack on Burke is the only reason that he's still alive. 

Kate is now gathered with her kids in Broussard's hide out. Chief on the mind of the Bowman children is if they are going to see their father again.  Kate does her best to dance around the answer because the truth is, she doesn't know herself. Kate doesn't have to cover for long because Will shows up at the hideout. Apparently, while Ona didn't think that Will had to die, after what happened with Homeland, she wasn't prepared to follow him back to the hideout.  Ona wants to have a meeting with Broussard. 

Ona, Boussard, and Will meet up in an alley. Ona provides her bonafides by proving that she is there at the behest of someone Broussard once served in the military with. Ona wants the gauntlet because according to her, the war against the invaders is about to being in earnest. 

It's official, the Bowman family is no longer hedging their bets and have now gone full on team resistance.  This probably wouldn't have happened if Will didn't get caught. It means a significant shift for Colony. For two seasons, Will has been on the inside, working for the government while Katie aligned herself with the Resistance. Now that Will no longer has a cover to keep, he can escalate his activities.  This is going to be of particular importance because we now know that there's a running clock before the humans are effectively eradicated from the Colony.

The other upside of the Bowman family going full on resistance is Katie being done with her incessant apologies for involved her family in the first place.  With the killing of the soldiers who were holding the Bowman kids captive, Kate is finally fully back on the offensive.  I have missed the strong Kate and look forward to her return.  It's time that the women of Colony start kicking ass and taking names. 

I highly suspect that the gauntlet is going to provide the opportunity the Bowman's need to flee. It's clear that they've somehow got to get it over the wall. This reminds me of the fact that when Will and Charlie climbed the wall, they were spared for some reason by the drone.  I suspect we will be circling back to get an explanation of this. 

Snyder is coming back. It's been great watching his exasperation with his former role of work camp ruler but we all know that Snyder is at his sneaky best when he is working for the government.  It won't take long for Snyder to figure out what is going on with the count down I'm sure.  I hope that it leads to Will and Snyder pairing up, even if Snyder is actually a weasel.  

As for Burke, we all know that we haven't see the last of him right? After being stabbed in the stomach, he is going to be even more committed to bringing Will in.  Let the manhunt begin.