Thursday, August 10, 2017

Shadowhunters, Season 2, Episode 19: Hail and Farewell

Time for everyone to be super stompy and unhappy.

Jonathan has been discovered and is now all stompy and angry but still pretty much dependent on his daddy issues and being constantly manipulated by Valentine. They’re also on the run now, hunted by the Clave

Clary & co have decided to tell the Inquisitor about Lake Lin being the real mirror. Since before this absolutely no-one knew and, within like 10 minutes of Clary telling the Inquisitor and her deciding to guard the lake, Valentine also knows I’m going to put this down as yet another ridiculous decision. Seriously the whole point of the lake’s security was that only someone who was getting convenient plot points beamed into her oh-so-empty head could actually find it. And the first thing she does is broadcast it? And the first thing the Inquisitor does is spread it around and place a guard?

More tension comes from the Downworld. Fearing that Valentine is going to use the mortal instruments to summon the angel Raziel and basically nuke all things Downworld, Magnus, Raphael and Luke accept the Seelie Queen’s offer of sanctuary for their people in the Seelie realm - out of angelic reach - but agree to basically letting her set Downworlder policy. And among that is to hunt down Valentine themselves rather than work with the Clave to do it

And… this is bad?

I mean, seriously, even Alec oh-so-nice Shadowhunter decided it was grossly appropriate to just lie to the Downworlders that Valentine had the mortal genocide sword - and he IS vastly better than every other Clave authority out there. The Inquisitor treats them worse than dirt, Aldertree tortured and threatened Raphael without any consequences at all and they’ve been grossly ineffective at stopping Valentine. In fact that, even now on the run and after a decade or more of vanishing, Valentine still has legions of followers he can call on at at time suggesting a not insignificant proportion of the Clave are Circle members

On top of all this, this independence is considered breaking the Accords and may lead to the Clave and Downworld going to war

Let’s be clear, they’re not attacking Shadowhunters, they merely do not wish to co-operate: this is considered an act of war. When thinking why Magnus, Luke and Raphael would basically serve the Seelie you have to see that they’re actually just swapping one master for another - and the Seelie has shown them nothing close to the disrespect the Clave has.

We still having touching bonding moments between Raphael and Izzy who decide despite their very very very very shaky beginning there is definitely something between them. And between Luke and Clary where, astonishingly, no-one faints because Luke is actually thinking of his pack for once. He still keeps feeding them info though because Shadowhunter addiction is hard to kick

Simon also helps Maia in being Luke’s second and dishing out marching orders to the rest of the pack and they definitely set themselves on the path to dating (a path I kind of thought the were already on though I do like the conversation about how dating feels too mundane for such weird lives). But Clary shows up and interrupts because Clary. She wants Simon to intercede with the Seelie queen because she thinks her taunting her about him is actually meaningful while I think this show is way to obsessed with Clary’s romances when the world hangs in the balance.

Between warlock wards stopping any nephilim from leaving the city (y’know this is actually somewhat hilarious that the warlocks have this level of power. At which point do the Warlocks just say “fuck this noise” and start putting this ward on every Institute?) Valentine and Jonathan are now not having a great time. Valentine decides to abandon Jonathan with a whole lot of Forsaken - that would be humans turned into zombie monsters. Hey angelic runes create zombie monsters…

Hey has anyone checked the credentials of these angels?

Clary, Jace, Alec and Izzy go hunting. First they find the body of the real Sebastian (which is briefly possessed and properly stabbed) and then Clary and Jace use shirtless rune flirting woo-woo to find Sebastian (Jace thanks Alec for not asking about his relationship with Clary. I personally find this hilarious because at no point has Alec expressed even the slightest interest in Clary and Jace getting it on. He’s not respecting your privacy, Jace, he doesn’t care. Also you’re currently hunting your demon half-brother - priorities).

While Clary and Alec fight Forsaken, innocent humans, Jace is captured by Jonathan who has a bad case of Supervillain disease and keeps expositioning rather than killing Jace. Seriously he had a chain around his neck and decided to let him go so they could stab each other instead. Izzie with the electrum whip also joins in, saving Jace, because she has a super grudge against the man who helped her come off drugs. Unfortunately while Jonathan hates electrum, he’s also pretty immune to pain and whips are super super super useless weapons. Really.

Between them they get Jonathon properly stabbed, mainly because he’s too busy taunting people rather than murdering them. Bad guys, less rhetoric, more killing

This is why heroes win. Heroes quip, bad guys monologue.

Simone does agree with Clary to speak to the now older Seelie Queen and she seems to be quite happy with the prospect of Downworlders rebelling against their cruel masters, the Clave. Simon tells her no when she tries to recruit him and she is most put out by someone telling her no.

With Jonathan and a bunch of Circle extras dead, Valentine is desperate - and he decided to make a deal. With the Seelie Queen

This is not going to be good. Or sensible.