Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 12: Raw Talent

So we have a weird and much more depressing spiderman origin story. A super hot guy is sleeping in his car, constantly being moved on by the police day after day after day after day until he is bitten by a spider

The spider climbs under his skin - and he has to cut it out. Which is more than a little creepy - and then the police who are moving him on shoot him for no apparent reason. Before dying he considers calling Scott. I have a feeling I’m supposed to recognise him.

Mason reminds us that something scary has been released by the Wild Hunt  - which also comes with someone being covered in spiders. Icky icky icky. But also there’s lacrosse to play, a brief reminder of hot guys but mainly we’re focused Liam’s ongoing difficulty controlling himself and lots of supernatural shenanigans on the lacrosse field. One point of note is Brett telling Liam he is becoming dangerous to other people. All of this is watched by Tamorah.

Mason, Corey and Liam end up in the school in the middle of the night because everyone does. I mean, seriously, more people have died in this school than most battlefields but everyone just loves walking the halls at midnight. There they find a skinless body in the bathroom (like the fourth in this bathroom this month; they’re not even shocked any more), they assume it’s extra, Aaron, a fellow lacrosse player who is instead sat in the dark in an empty classroom thinking about tomorrow’s history test

No-one thinks this is creepy. To be fair this is Beacon Hills

Scott is having his own creepy time - finding an Argent bullet has left him jumpy, being hunted by the Argents seems to be a very real fear that has lingered with Scott - so much so that when he is found by Sheriff Stilinski and the deputies he attacks the sheriff, glowing eyes and all, before he realises what he did.

Lydia and Scott tell them about the dead hellhound (Parrish is especially disturbed that Hellhounds can be killed as this has been proven to be… challenging) but don’t mention the bullet.

This brings us one of Malia’s awesome scenes:
Lydia: you say anything about the Argent bullet
Scott: Nor did you
Malia: Neither of you did. Wait. Was I supposed to say something?

Malia is much more fun when not embroiled in a romance, her slightly alien way of thinking is really well acted.

They decide to speak to Chris Argent first - and head to his bunker. To find lots and lots and lots of bullets and a brief horror he may have started hunting again (and Malia tries to hack his laptop which is hilarious. Of course the password is Allison).

They follow him to where he’s performing an arms deal - and suspicious because he wants to know why people want so many guns. They try to take the gun anyway and are clearly skilled with weapons - and Lydia and Scott arrive. Between them they take out the gunmen (along with hilarious moment from Malia) so they can talk.

Argent denies hunting and despite Scott’s ongoing fear of being hunted (with some excellent support and friendship from Malia trying to help him work through his issues), they look for the bullet that killed the Hellhound and find that it’s silver.

Which is definite proof of a hunter - an amateur one. Because real hunters know silver isn’t any more efficient against werewolves than lead - and makes for inferior bullets.

Tamorah is that amateur hunter in question - who is being stalked by some Sun Tzu quoting knife wielding weirdo. This doesn’t put her off hunting supernatural teenagers - and with wolfsbane and weapons tries to kill Brett. As she does she explains - no-one should have this power, no-one should make people afraid… he manages to escape and so does she despite clearly not being that a grade a werewolf hunter

But only because she’s saved by a much much much more experienced hunter. Gerard Argent. Gah I did wonder when this guy would come back. Can someone please murder him?

Tamorah’s also cut by Brett’s claws but, as I remember, only Alphas cause new werewolves.

Now to advance the plot - over to Lydia and convenient visions. She tries to identify the sounds from her evil visions. Parrish and her realise it’s Eichen house because EVERYTHING is Eichen house. Parrish insists on going alone because Lydia is a delicate little flower who everyone tries to murder. The last is actually pretty true.

Parrish goes to Eichenn house and finds a doctor who tells him all about the captive Hellhound who apparently built Eichenn house in the first place just to give him somewhere to hibernate just so he can be on hand in case the big evil things escape from the Hunt.

Well we know the purpose of Eichenn house - what they added torture and more evil for funsies? A daring decor choice?

Parrish finds a creepy basement where the lights don’t work and a creepy voice says, in a weakly, ghostly way: “there’s something in here”.

Yeah I’d run. I’d run so fast. I would break the sound barrier. I would be the first man on Mars. I would violate PHYSICS to escape

Parrish is a damn fool (and a cop, I guess. Also almost immortal) and he finds lots and lots of bodies and apparently the nice human doctor has killed all the inmates. Every last one. As he plots to kill Parish he says he did it because keeping the monsters locked up didn’t work (honestly, looking at the last 6 seasons? He’s not wrong.) So he’s killed them all so he can stop being afraid.

Lydia arrives with a live saving thrive before the whole gang gathers together to identify the common theme in case you haven’t been paying attention or you’re sulking because Mason drooled about the 8 pack which we didn’t get to see.

The theme is fear. Fear is being magically enhanced which is worrying for Scott and co - because THEY are they things people are afraid of. They are the monsters people are afraid of. And people who are scared do evil evil evil things.

Actually - can we make this a storyline for a whole season? Because this is an awesome concept - monsters having to deal with irrational over the top human fears. An enemy that causes fear which turns the prey of monsters into the threat. You wait to bring this plot line in the last season?