Monday, August 7, 2017

Wynonna Earp, Season 2, Episode 9: Forever Mine Never Mind

One thing Wynonna Earp has done an amazing job of is making it clear that just because Wynonna is pregnant doesn’t mean she has to be bed ridden or helpless. Wynonna is still kick arse, sparring and being dangerous even when heavily pregnant.

As we see with her sparring with Waverley and big sticks - and this is even more powerful when we remember the actress herself is pregnant. Yup, that’s not stuffing, that stomach’s all her.

Wynonna is always clear that just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she has to take a back seat or that the curse or the mission is any less her’s.

They recap everything nicely and there’s definitely a new level of flirting between Dolls and Wynonna. There’s also a body - which they identify as Tucker’s (the guy who is the worst who was shot and jumped through a window which didn’t kill him apparently. I thought we were done with this character?) despite being horrendously burned. This is confirmed by his Evil Widow sister (wait, didn’t Wynonna already peg Mercedes and Beth Gardener as the Wiws?) who also confirms he was the utter utter worst. She also sort-of-flirts with Waverley which continues to plunge a big wedge between her and Nicole, especially since Nicole is… fraught. I get Nicole’s input and expression of opinion and disagreement with Waverley here but I also get why Waverley - already pissed and touchy - may interpret Nicole’s disagreement as instruction, insisting Waverley is wrong or telling her what she may think or feel.

Note a good point here is when this body arises and Dolls asks if it’s Black Badge’s

Dolls is also striking up a decent rapport with Rosita as she comes up with better and better treatments for Dolls’ demon-dragon thing. He buys her a ticket to a spa as a thank you. Which is… nice… I guess? Maybe? I’m bemused, I think a wad of actual money would be better. Anyway, go spa. Whatever.

Still we are seeing Rosita work really well with the group - that scene with Dolls and later with Wynonna (despite Wynonna planning a private dinner between her and Doc which is… slightly awkward). And then she’s there to comfort Waverley in her need-to-get-her-drink-on after arguing with Nicole again. Waverley is very very frustrated and wishes she could get away from everything for a while - thankfully Rosita has some spa tickets

Of course at the spa Waverley feels super guilty for not being available, but Rosita is there encouraging the theft of towels and the drinking of champagne and giving Waverley someone to talk to about messing up everything by looking at the DNA papers and giving pep talks about how things don’t have to be perfect and imperfections are good - everyone needs a friend like Rosita

We also learn that Rosita has 3 PHDs, no family and is super super super smart.


They split up because SUPER AWKWARD and Waverley goes to Rosita to apologise - and finds her dead…

...wait NO I didn’t want this! The armadillo thing wasn’t serious! I take it back, take it back, take it back!

She has been killed by Tucker who is not dead though he has a nasty case of frostbite. I don’t even know how that came about, presumably walking around in the snowy woods (it’s like eternal winter in Purgatory. Is this place Canada?)

He is still obsessed with Waverly in a deeply terrifying, stalkerish, rapey way. He talks about how happy they’ll be together while she tries to humour his terrifyingness. Until Rosita knocks him out with a big bottle of champagne.

She’s alive! Well, technically. She’s a revenant (I knew it! I knew it! In fact I thought we all knew it! Why is this news?). And they can’t be killed easily.

So back to the bar where they talk about this - Rosita may be a Revenant but is still awesome (and we kind of get a new example of someone who became a revenant for possibly unjust reasons which means this whole killing them every time is kind of fraught). Waverley agrees not to tell Wynonna - because she thinks she may be half Revenant herself. Ooooh awkward.

But we’ve definitely established Rosita as part of the group, which is excellent. And she isn’t dead which is better

Over to Doc and Wynonna. Some evil demon guy (with a devil tail so we know he’s evil) tries to get Doc to sell his ring because he sees how super special it is. Doc says no, so instead he sells Doc the creepiest painting that was ever painted. Seriously it could be oozing blood and be less creepy. No-one would want this painting. No-one. If you find someone who likes this painting, kill them, they’re clearly possessed by demonic serial killing nazis.

It’s even worse than the awful excuse for food that Wynonna serves Doc.

This vague attempt at poisoning is to try and butter Doc up for Wynonna’s big ask. She wants his ring so she can break it and shoot demon Clootie in the face and save her child and end the Earp curse. Awesome offer

Except that the ring is also the only thing stopping Doc getting old and dying. Which is a big counter argument. Except s Wynonna points out he’s not just going to die if the ring is broken - he’ll age like the rest of them. And the whole “having to age like you will is an intolerable fate” is… a pretty hard sell. I mean I can see Doc’s point, I’d hate to go from being immortal to living a natural life span. But, it’s hard not to see that as really selfish, especially when their probably mutual child is set up to inherit the Earp curse.

  • Oh side point - YES an actual character who looks at immortality as a bonus. Yes people who live forever who don’t spend their whole existence lamenting they have such a long life in which to lament.

At the same time, Wynonna has literally no plan beyond “break the seal” (she doesn’t know how) to release Clootie (who knows what that will mean) and then kill him (she doesn’t know how - and nor did ancestor Wyatt Earp).

The arguments get worse and worse and more and more unreasonable because the evil painting has produced an even creepier doll - seriously the mere existence of this artwork is argument enough to ban art entirely - which makes people ever more unreasonable. Thankfully it’s all a ploy to get the ring and then it reveals itself so Wynonna could shoot it, very reasonable

Doc now becomes reasonable and is willing to give the ring to Wynonna so long as she is reasonable and doesn’t actually break it before she has an actual plan.

Also the way he gives it to her is very very proposally

He also realises that the ring attracts trouble, hence the painting which would be nice but one would have thought some of that trouble could have found him down that well at some point. It would have been nice.

Back to the bad guys - it seems Fake!Beth and Fake!Mercedes has fallen out - Fake!beth kills Tucker, for reals I hope this time, while Fake!Mercedes is still looking for the seal though apparently her woo-woo is running out

One of them also dodged around Dolls who investigated their house (finally remembering Wynonna was suspicious of them) and finds the real Mercedes or Beth (I’m betting Mercedes). Only she doesn’t have a face… Which is unpleasant.