Sunday, August 6, 2017

Zoo, Season 3, Episode 6: Oz is Oz

A significant portion of this episode is spent with Abigail’s backstory as she heals in one of their big water tanks after the Razorbacks took her to them for help

She has always known about Jackson (though pretty much loathed him as a useless, drunken safari guard) and worshipped her dad. She’s also brilliant, apparently as brilliant as Mitch (apparently Mitch is brilliant) She continued to work on her dad’s pet project - Blue Diaspora, the creation of the hybrids, even after the Council forbade her father to pursue it, even after he himself abandoned it and focused more on Mitch’s cure for the animals. She’s convinced that since the animals are still subject to the Mother Cell, it’s only a matter of time before animals turn evil again: the hybrids are the answer. But mainly I think he wants to please her dad.

Hence the creation of the first hybrid, Abendigos: the giant ape thing.

And then Jackson returned with his dad and Daddy Oz is now all focused on saving Jackson and curing the animals. And when Jackson is sick, daddy Oz sacrifices himself to save him.

Abigail is Not Amused by this. She hates Jackson and passes on that hatred to Abendigos. She’s also the one who saved Mitch and put him in a tank.

Also there’s this guy who is clearly into Abigail.

On to Clem and the present and people are trying to sell her - except Mitch arrives with a gun which isn’t exactly a coherent plant. But Clem points the gun to her oh-so-precious womb and she manages to leave. But we’re reminded that Clem is now going to be the most hunted woman on the planet

Mitch plans to do lots of testing - which Clem, child of lots of medical testing due to her childhood illness, is not a fan of because it’s a wretched life. She also wants Mitch to be less scientist and more father. Mitch is pretty good here both declaring his fatherly devotion in a very touching way but also pragmatically pointing out the kid can actually stop humanity’s extinction so realistically a little Science is going to have to happen.

Also Mitch is not ready to be called a grandfather. They head to the plane - there Mitch confronts Dariela who is just everyone’s punching bag, but Clem forgives her because MOTHERHOOD

Tessa and Jackson have a lot of action with lions and guns and giant ape hybrids, Oh My. Tessa realises that Jackson is controlling animals with his mind but they’ll discuss that later because war zone. They decide they absolutely must have Abendigos and take him with them to the plane.

There they briefly talk about Jackson’s mind control powers… but only in the context that Daddy Oz experimented on him so Tessa can be “oh you poor dear” rather than “you have super powers?!”. Jackson also concludes since he has an evil father and an evil sister he is totally evil as well and she should stay away from him because Evil!

In fictionlandia there is no faster way to ensure a woman considers you her one true soul mate than declaring you’re too dangerous to be around.

In New York Jamie is still under arrest for murder because you can’t confess to a crime and then do a take backsie and ask to be released. But now they have Leanne’s computer and eye-lens they can do some hacking to see what Leanne saw

A contact lens that records everything you see all day seems like an awful waste of memory.

Anyway, looking through it they discover that Abigail, the source of all evil, actually did the murdering because they no longer needed Leanne because they have the Malvotox B drug which is the special thing of specialness. They conclude *gasp* that Abigail is working with other people (really? I mean, was this that much of a stretch? Did anyone expect her to be alone?). Following the paper trail they realise the shadowy and unknown mr. Duncan, Shepherd-hunter’s Most Wanted #1 who is a ghost that Jamie could never find. Now they may have CCTV footage of him - but the image is unclear

Don’t worry, on TVlandia, it’s amazing what they can achieve with grainy TV footage and magic computer programmes so they work on that. In the meantime they’ve proven Jamie’s innocence so they can return to the plane as well for a big reunion and lots of calling Mitch grandfather

Except Tessa who they get rid of because it’s just too dangerous around Jackson and we know there’s no way this ends here. Actually I lay odds on Abigail murdering Tessa and Jackson having ALL THE MANPAIN

There’s also the issue of Reiden kidnapping all those kids. Well with Reiden apparently not co-operating with the government over the kidnapping which is bad. Really? They now go in with police to raid Reiden facilities and find all the children have disappeared

Because the government decided not to track these kids at all? Not to have any oversight? In a world where no more children are being born? Really? This was considered a reasonable idea?

This entire show rests on ridiculous decision making. Anyway, time to wrap up with some hooks for next episode

Cliffhanger 1: Mitch reveals the picture of the mysterious Mr Duncan and it’s… him. So clone? Shapeshifter? Blank spots in Mitch’s memory?

Cliffhanger 2: since the kids are taking Malvotox B which is radioactive, the gang now has a possible location to investigate for radioactive kids… and I rather think a level of radiation which is this trackable would not be harmless.

Cliffhanger 3: Abe can cure sterility! But it needs them to collect DNA from 6 different hybrids! Gotta catch them all!

Wait didn’t we do this storyline already? Wasn’t season 2 all about collecting all the weird animals - the immortal jellyfish and electric aunts and fucking earthquake fucking sloth? We’re doing it again?