Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bedlam: Season 1, Episode 5: Committed

Phone rings in the middle of the night – and we have a new haunted tenant, Mark, Jed's friend - he answers the phone and hears a voice repeating “don't leave me”. He hangs up and it rings again. He pulls the cord out of the wall... and it rings again. Did I mention that Bedlam does do the Spooky well?

Of course going into the empty flat next door where he hears scratching and they find “Don't Leave me” written on the wall. Did I mention the spooky? I did, didn't I? And the writing keeps on coming back, of course and his pictures are also showing up there. And the spooky calls? Coming from his own flat. Again with the spooky. We need to mention the spooky. And the spooky is – a ghost of a woman who committed suicide after being abandoned and betrayed by her lover – Robert Bettany – Kate's past relative.

Jed summons side-kick Ryan to do some grave robbing – to bring the two old lover's corpses together – but not soon enough.

Interestingly, this ghost touches on elements of stalking. I think there's something to examine here how they use ghosts to speak about other matters – mental illness, child abuse, stalking. It's actually pretty good how they can touch on these issues and their effects through this interesting lens. And the spooky. Let us not forget the spooky. And how it can be done with such a low budget.

Kate is continuing to have terrifying dreams – but she's not finding bodies of women who have been killed with plastic bags – now she's the one being attacked. And every time she wakes up she is by the sealed room – a room which Warren (Evil Dad) angrily refuses to open. Aha... suspicious! More suspicious is Jed catching him taking rubbish to the incinerator – Kate checks it out and finds a necklace – Zoe's. She tells Jed and we have the big emotional kiss we've been working up to from episode 1

Ryan is continuing to research ghosts and Jed's parentage – including that Jed must have been conceived inside the asylum, not just born there (one of these days Ryan will have his own life, perhaps). He and Molly find Jed's possible father – and decide to go randomly looking him up. I'm not sure why – maybe they're really bored? Ryan needs to be a sidekick and Molly doesn't have a waif or stray to look after. And we learn the truth about what happened to his mother and why he was born in the hospital – and how the baby needed to be resuscitated. I have to say I love Molly's rage here – no pretending it's anything less than awful.

Jed grieves about how hard it is to have his gift – especially with his friend turning on him and then losing him. I do so hate it when people stand over a fresh body and talk about how bad it makes them feel – it's so “all about me”. This scene would have been much better NOT over Mark's corpse