Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review of Lost GIrl Season Two, Episode Six: It's Better to Burn out than Fae Way

Last week, the network screwed up and re-aired episode 5, instead of episode 6, greatly upsetting many Lost Girl fans.  It was with baited breathe that I sat down to watch this new episode after the unintentional 3 week hiatus, only to be BORED. 

An artist is running around town spray painting dark fae secrets on a wall that feature The Morrigan and Bo's nemesis Vex. The Morrigan hires Bo to find Jason, after Vex accuses The Morrigan of hiring Jason to paint a picture of him killing a vampire and killing The Scorpion Man. To get Bo to agree to hunt Jason down, The Morrigan tells her that she is in love with him.  I have always known that Bo is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but really?  REALLY?  Why would a supernatural creature who has demonstrated absolutely zero respect for human life suddenly fall in love with a human?

While there, Bo finds out that in her day job The Morrigan works as a muse and an agent.  It seems that she purposefully inspires artists to create, and then uses Bianca, her fae assistant to get them to agree to turn over all of their profits to her.  The side effect of this is that the artist slowly turns mad.  Bianca is able to do this because she is an zenyatta - an Italian fae who can control humans inner motivations.  Despite the fact that The Morrigan finds her indispensable, she treat Bianca like crap.

Bo's little investigation quickly comes to halt, when she learns that Jason is violent however, her desire for self preservation is put on hiatus when The Morrigan offers her the key to free Lauren from The Ashe's influence forever.  Bo called it an offer she couldn't refuse.  Yes, a cheesy play on The Godfather, in an episode that was devoid of a single scene that was well acted. I really think that Vex's performance in this episode particularly should earn him at the very least a Razzie nomination for worst guest performance by an actor.

The entire story comes to a head when Bianca hires a sex worker to kill Vex.  Can I just say for the record that in reality, the person must likely to be subject to violence is not the john but the sex worker.  Oh but wait, who comes rushing to his recuse?  Why it's Bo and Kenzi of course.  Vex has only attempted to kill Bo repeatedly but yeah, rush in there and save his life.  Bo did have the pleasure of shaming Vex for the perfectly acceptable fetish of BDSM. Keep in mind that Bo feeds on people through engaging in sex, but Vex is a pervert for getting his groove on.  I suppose if you're not doing it for sustenance, you are a naughty, naughty boy.

Vex storms into The Morrigan's office and accuses Bianca.  Yes, surprise, surprise, the woman that The Morrigan has been treating like shit, decided to get her revenge by starting off a war between The Morrigan and Vex in the hopes have The Morrigan dethroned.  If you didn't have this figured out within the first 10 minutes you can join Bo in the not sharp tool department. Now, how best to wrap this up all nice and pretty?  Hmmm...yes, I know, let's have Bianca stab herself in the stomach by going on about how The Morrigan stole from people and took away her ability to create art. See - no loose ends.The obviousness of this episode made it boring to watch, and I found myself just anxious for it to just be over.

In the background to serve as Bo's motivation to act was Lauren.  Lauren was staying with Bo and Kenzi to hide out from The Ashe, and even though Kenzi warned Bo about jumping in with both feet, Bo just had to sleep with her.  I know that this was all fan service, because people have wanted to see Bo and Lauren together again, myself included.  I love the chemistry between B and Lauren except for when they are in bed together.  Have you ever seen a more awkward love scene?  It was like watching someone perform sex by the numbers. 

Kenzi did her whole I must threaten whomever Bo is shagging routine, and Hale showed up to do his duty and provide information for Bo.  Isn't that sweet?  He took time out of being Dyson's sidekick, to provide Bo with just what she needed.  Isn't it great that he's royalty and can cure hangovers and then is timely enough to show up long enough to move the ever so boring plot along?

Okay, the big revelation of this episode is that The Morrigan's real name is Emanuelle Vaugier and that Lauren has a girlfriend.  It seems that Lauren's girlfriend is trapped in some kind of tube shaped contraption and she is doing her best to free/heal her.  I suppose we will find out more about this in the episodes to come.  Poor Bo, she just cannot seem to catch a break.  First Lauren sleeps with her at the behest of the old Ashe, and now she has a girlfriend.  Dyson, the man that she is interested in gave up his ability to feel passion for her in order to save her life, and is now cuddled up with the fae woman of his dreams.  It seems to me, that if the writers really want to give us some fan service, they would let Bo and Kenzi get it on for awhile.