Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alcatraz: Episode 9: The Ames Brothers

This week we follow the Ames brothers – Pinky and Herman Ames. Inmates in the past who are reputed to have tried to escape Alcatraz.  And we get to see the plotting behind it – including picking Warden James’s keys and make impressions of them at church services and some crafty – and gruesome – methods of replicating the keys.

In fact the plot, involving one of the guards, Donovan, is crafty and clever throughout involving not just the gruesome kitchens, but deliberately being taken to the hold.  I’m impressed, yes yes I am. Except Warden James is waaay ahead of them and is as clever as he is creepy as he is ruthless. The plan also fails because his most precious keys don’t lead to the gold – but to something else (the secret rooms where he does his experiments, I assume)

This leads to the new guard entering Warden James’ trust – but this guard is Tommy Madsen’s brother (the grandfather of Rebecca) who is seeking an answer to what they are doing to tommy Madsen and the other men in the medical wing

In the modern world we have Dr. Soto and Rebecca spying on Hauser’s scientists. These two are really starting to bounce off each other well. Unfortunately for the scientist they’re spying on, the power goes out in a storm, the CCTV goes haywire – and Pinky Ames is waiting in one of the cells with a large, heavy weapon – bolt cutters. And Dr. Soto falls into the hands of Herman Ames and becomes the brothers’ hostage. They need him to update their old map of Alcatraz – seeking gold buried under it still.

Dr. Soto is locked in the hole but has amazing cell phone reception that allows him to get a guide on how to open the hold but not to escape.

Rebecca and Hauser quickly become aware that something is amiss – and Rebecca runs across Donovan – another former guard who colluded with the Ames brothers passing himself off as a Ranger and tour guide.  This doesn’t do the best job of convincing Rebecca who rumbles him and ends up in a confrontation with him and both Ames brothers – wherein Rebecca reminds us of how much arse she kicks by beating Donovan in hand to hand combat (most satisfying after all the “honey” commentary) and shooting Herman Ames in the neck.

This, predictably, sends the much bigger Pinky Ames into a rage and we have another firefight with Hauser and Rebecca facing off against Pinky and Donovan, until the bullets run out and Hauser is injured (but is big stoic tough guy about it. Pfft, Rebecca didn’t need you anyway tough guy. Though I did like his “have you been shot?” line when she tries to convince him to seek sensible medical attention).

Hauser and Rebecca are back at base camp and figuring out the plot to steal the gold – but Pinky is using Dr. Soto as a hostage to draw our Rebecca since she killed his brother. Rebecca commences to use much badassery and generally works with strength and skill and cleverness to kill Pinky.

That just leaves Donavon heading for the gold. Well Hauser confronts him but it doesn’t go very well. Luckily Rebecca arrives for a hat-trick just to confirm how awesome she is.

And Donavon? Ends up in the gentle care of Dr. Beauregard –  Those are the Wand those laser cut keys mentioned before? Are Warden James’s keys. So how did he get laser cut keys?

Warden James still has maximum levels of creepiness, even when he seems to be compassionate. His deputy, Tiller is far more hostile and antagonistic but not even a tenth as creepy.

I have to declare several kinds of fanpoodleness for Rebecca who really showed how strong she was this episode. Less love for Dr. Soto being a perpetual victim in this episode.

The plot – well it’s an interesting episode with a little meta – just enough to add even more questions!