Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review of Lost Girl Season Two, Episode Eighteen: Fae-nted Love

This series continues to underwhelm me.  As much as I detest love triangles, this seems to be the only thing that Lost Girl is capable of doing marginally well.

The episode begins with Bo being hurt and calling Ryan for a bootycall healing. Though he apparently once told her that he was allergic to cuddling, he is not impressed by being shown the door.  I guess this is supposed to represent his love and genuine affection for Bo, though he couldn't be arsed to show the slightest respect for her friends. This is perfectly in character for Bo, who is a succubus and a return to the Bo who actually cares what Kenzi thinks.One of the things that Lost Girl does best is the lack of slut shaming when it comes to Bo.  Far too often on television, a woman must be purer that Caesars wife or be subject to all sorts of abuse.

Tryst, shows up at the apartment in the hope of hiring Kenzi and Bo to investigate why his grandmother has suddenly decided to leave her assets to someone other than him.  The dialogue in this scene was not only extremely dated, it was annoying. I can't blame the actor for giving a bad performance, when he was given such absolute bunk to work with.  This would have been a great story to talk about elder abuse, but instead the big bad in this episode turned out to be an addonc who was using woo woo to run his cult.  Apparently, he does a sort of fake baptism thing using water, which causes victims to lose their memory, and revert to a childlike state of innocence.

Surprise, surprise, it's Bo who is hit with the holy water and Kenzi and Trick are forced to come to her recuse.  Is there ever going to be an episode in which Bo is not being rescued by someone? In this case, not only is Bo in need of rescuing, reverts to a childlike state.  If she is continually so vulnerable, is it really a good thing that the fate of the fae rests on her shoulders?   When she gets dunked with the not holy water, Bo forgets who she is and all about her relationships.  Sure enough, she runs into Ryan who is more than happy to take advantage of this situation. He tells her that they are madly in love and then promptly proposes to her.  

At her dress fitting, Bo begins to get back some of her memory as Trick had suggested to Kenzi and tells Ryan that perhaps now is not the time for a life long commitment. She justifies this by explaining that she felt physically attracted towards the woman who was helping with the dress fitting. Yeah and that makes so much sense because if you happen to feel sexually attracted to someone who is not your intended spouse, you cannot possibly be experiencing true love.  Ryan's response is to knock her unconscious and take her back to the addonc for yet another dunk in the magical water. Ryan sets up a wedding, but before they can make it official, Trick and Kenzi burst into the room.  This is a good thing because had the wedding become official, Bo would have been forced to remain married to Ryan for 1000 years.  

Ryan actions are explained away by exposure to Bo's blood.  Trick and Kenzi actually have to work a spell on Ryan.  Together Bo and Ryan return to the addonc and demand he return the money.  When he refuses, they release some sort of mist, which causes all of his victims to return to their normal state.  Ryan kisses Bo goodbye in what I suppose is their moment of closure. Back at the bar, Bo discusses Ryan's exposure to her blood, and tells Trick that she will wait for answers to her questions until the current danger to the fae is passed, but when the time comes, he will have a lot of explaining to do.

Lauren was completely absent from this episode, along with Nadia and everyone's favorite token Hale.  Dyson did have a side plot involving a fae, who the Ash wanted him to question, but it seemed totally unrelated to the drama involving Bo,Ryan, Trick and Kenzi.  It was almost like an episode within an episode.  It read very much like one more episode of Dyson angsting, because heaven forbid we forget for one moment he is suffering.  The only thing original about this is that, Lost Girl has an angsting werewolf, whereas; most movies and television shows in the urban fantasy genre, have a tendency to restrict that to vampires.

I know that we are slowly starting to build to the big showdown at the end of the season, but this episode really did serve to slow things down, rather than to speed things up.  It was absolutely boring and served basically as an opportunity for Bo to have closure with Ryan - a character I have not invested in, in the slightest.