Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Being Human U.S. Season Two, Episode Eight: I've Got You Under My Skin


When we last left Sally, the reaper had told her that he was coming and that she had to prepare herself.  It's now a week later and the reaper has finally made his appearance.  Sally is not in the least bit impressed that he has kept her waiting all of this time.  It turns out that the reason he didn't return to reap Sally is because he wants her to be his replacement.  He gives her 24 hours to make up her mind.  You would think that after Aidan simply forgot to pop by and help her last week when Danny was threatening her, that she would realize that he really isn't all that invested in her, but no, she runs back to him for advice.

Aidan advises that she attempt to reap the reaper.  Did he forget that just last week she almost died because she could not take on Danny?  How can someone who gives such obviously bad advice be called a friend?  Still unsure, Sally turns to Stevie who warns her that reaping changes who you are because you essentially ends someone's existence.  He tells Sally that all of his friends have abandoned him, and that she needs to be prepared for the changes that will come.  When the reaper shows up Sally attempts to reap him.  At first it appears that she is victorious but then reappears and lets her know that she had no chance of reaping him with her amateur attempt. 

The reaper tells Sally that he chose her for her darkness.  He first assignment is to reap Stevie.  It seems that Stevie has not be honest with he and actually reaped his friends.  He is stalking the man that taunted in high school, waiting for the opportunity to torture him upon the moment of death.  Sally pleads for Stevie and says that she can help him change, but the reaper says that is not who she is anymore.

When Sally catches up with Stevie, she tries to warn him and he denies that he reaped his friends. He doesn't take the warning seriously but the reaper appears and says that he is lying.  In a fit of rage, Stevie admits that he did in reap his friends, and Sally cries, "Oh Stevie, I can't help you anymore"  After Stevie is destroyed,  the reaper tells Sally that it's her turn next.


Josh continues to be angst ridden. Now that Nora has dumped him, Josh has taken to his bed.  After a week, Aidan calls in the help of his sister, Emily.  Emily, is the only gay character on the show, and so it's hardly surprising that they have her in the role of extended family, there to help heal the straight characters pain. Yes folks, that's a trope.

Emily yanks Josh out of bed, and he thanks her saying that he really needed someone who had to love him.  They head out and Emily ends up getting drunk, leaving Julia and Josh to put her to bed. This starts them off reminiscing about the wonderful things that they shared.  Josh admits that he is very proud of Julia for becoming a doctor and establishing her life despite her messed up family, and the fact that he dumped her.  Julia decides that because Josh is being honest that she might as well be to, and admits that she moved to Boston to find him and even took the job at the hospital to be near him.  Ummm yeah, creepy stalking behaviour.  Why are the women on this show so damn needy?

Things come to a head when Julia demands to know why Josh left her.  He grabs her by the arms and shakes her.  Josh tells her that he was afraid that the violence of who he is would spill over on to her and that he would hurt her. He goes on to say that he believes that Julia would eventually leave him and in doing so say goodbye to all of her friends and loved ones to escape him.  When Josh realizes that he has been phsyical with her he withdraws.

In the morning, Emily asks Josh if he and Julia had sex and when he says no, she tells him that he blew his one opportunity. Josh makes it clear that he has no intention of getting involved with Julia again and Julia is relieved to hear it believing that Josh has messed with Julia's head enough.


Things go south for Aidan the moment Suren tells him that mother is returning to Boston because she wants to find out how things are going now that the orphans have been culled.  The problem of course with this is that Suren lied to Mother about all the vampires being dead.

Aidan comes with a plan to trick the orphans into believing that he is going to help them relocate to another city.  Aidan reaches out to Henry who is more than happy to help. Once the orphans are all in one room and actually agree to relocate with Henry's prodding, Suren withdraws the invite and Aidan bars the door, causing the orphans to all immolate.  When Henry is upset by Aidan actions, Aidan tells him that this is the only way to save Henry. Aidan sees Henry as his son and therefore would do anything to protect.

As upset as Henry is by the death of the orphans, he is willing to let it go to end his exile from the vampires.  Aidan tells him that it is not that simple, and that there is a cost to pay for sleep with Suren, who is a vampire princess.  Henry simply does not care anymore and claims he is willing to do anything.  When they approach Suren, it is clear that forgive and forget is not her style at all.  She decides that Henry needs to be punished for helping the orphans to organize and for the role he played in her being grounded for 100 years. He is given the choice of being skinned alive, which while painful will not kill him, or going back into hiding.

Aidan is absolutely aghast at this suggestion.  He recognizes that this move will give Suren the vengeance she desires as well prove once and for all to mother that she is not soft.  Aidan begs Suren to reconsider but she refuses and so he tells Henry that this is his choice to make.  He bravely agrees to Suren's terms and Aidan reminds her that Henry belongs to him and his blood.  As Aidan walks out the door, he tells Suren that he wants Henry back alive.  Outside of the room, Henry can be heard screaming, please kill me.

This is yet another episode where the roommates seemed extremely disconnected from each other. As I noted last episode, Aidan is far more invested in Josh than Sally.  He barely took the time to find out what was going on with her, though he was well aware that the reaper had made designs on her. I find it interesting that Aidan repeatedly called Henry his son.  Normally this relationship is called a sire bond.

I don't know about you, but I am tired of Josh's angst.  This problem with Nora, he created himself.  I am happy to have a GLBT character back on the show but not happy that the portrayal is so typical.

Sally's story is finally getting very interesting.  I think I would have been really tempted to take off with sexy reaper guy. It will be interesting to see how dark Sally will go.