Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Being Human U.K Season Three, Episode Three: Type 4

George and Mitchell are having a chat about Annie.  Apparently, despite all the clues that she has given, Mitchell is unsure about how Annie feels about him.  George is frustrated and feels like Mitchell is behaving like a 12 year old. Annie comes running home from a club because she is being followed by a dead woman named Sasha.  At first they try to keep her outside of the house, but when Sasha makes such a racket that Mitchell, George and Annie are worried that the neighbors will call the cops.  It turns out that Sasha is a zombie and is not aware that she is dead.

At first they plan to simply take her back to the hospital but when Annie and Mitchell go there, they learn that the doctors were experimenting on the corpses without anesthesia. Annie is horrified by the video.  It seems that because Mitchell entered the afterlife, the four people who died were not able to cross over and so he feels responsible for Sasha.

Back at the house, George is cleaning up in the bathroom when he discovers a pregnancy test.  When he approaches Nina she admits that she is pregnant and that she planned on having an abortion.  Nina tells him that her mother used to beat her as a child because she blamed her for ruining her life.  This is why Nina does not want to have the baby.  George asserts that he wants the child and when Nina tells him that it is her body, he responds, that it is not all her body because part of what is living in her is his and that he has rights.  Thankfully, Nina tosses him out of the room.  She was absolutely right, the decision always belongs to the mother.

Nothing is ever simple in Mitchell's life.  He is approached by a vampire named Graham who tells him that he is seeking out Mitchell because he managed to get a coven of vampires to reject blood.  The truth is that he is there because of the slaughter Mitchell committed on the train.  He interjects himself in Mitchell's life and flirts with Annie.  When Mitchell is given a message from George that Graham intends to do something to make him proud, Mitchell tracks down Graham and stakes him.

After wandering around for awhile, Sasha's rotting body begins to fail her.  Nina and Annie sit watch over her while she is dying.  Sasha tells her about regretting not doing more with her life and this includes having a child and telling the man that she loved more often about her feelings.  As she walks through her door, she tells Annie to seize the day.

When Nina returns to her bedroom, she tells George that she has decided to keep the baby.  I really feel that this is the cowards way out.  In the media unwanted pregnancy usually results in a change of heart of a miscarriage.  Though women have abortions everyday, it is only ever considered in the media.  Nina's change of heart is a convenient way of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. The decision of the writers removes all of the agency from Nina's assertion that this is her body.

In this episode we also get the first kiss between Mitchell and Annie.  When he returns from killing Graham, he attempts to confess to Annie about the train but she tells him that she knows what he is and that she wants him anyway.  She wants the man who has always been a friend to her, George and Nina.  She knows that he is good.  This is again another common trope in urban fantasy. We have seen this same sort of romantic revisionism on True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries, as well as in several book series.  Mitchell is a mass murderer, and so by definition, he cannot possibly be good. This is a dangerous trope because it suggests that a woman can save an inherently damaged man through her love.  I know that this kiss was purely fan service, but that does not make it any less problematic.

I was further troubled by Mitchell asking Annie if she forgave him.  How could Annie possibly forgive him when she is not the one he wronged?  What Mitchell wants is absolution and no one can do that. No matter how many good acts he does, he is still and always will be a mass murderer. One of the things that is normally great about Being Human U.K. is that the writers have not allowed Mitchell to run from this truth, but in this episode they let that go in furtherance of a relationship between Annie and Mitchell.