Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season Two, Episode Six: Folkmoot

Ty is fast asleep and what he does not know, is that Colin is in the room with him.  Colin starts to speak in ancient Norse and circles Ty's bed leaving fire in his wake.  When Colin returns home, Michele is sleeping and he says "wakey wakey, spread your legs, it's time to screw."  Michele is not interested and tells him that she is not a whore.  When he tells her to behave in the appropriate manner, Michele slaps him across the face.

Ingrid rushes into the living room, which is filled with smoke. We get a flash to Ty waking up to the smoke alarm.  He uses his bare hands to put out the fire and says, he's Höðr, God of all things cold and for once it was useful. When Michele looks over his hands, they're pretty badly burned but Ty doesn't feel anything because cold numbs the pain.  He suggests that Ingrid move out for her own safety because Loki is trying to kill him.  Ingrid says that Gods killing Gods leads to bad places.

In the morning, Colin is not pleased that Ty did not die in the fire.  Michele hands him a package that was waiting at the front door.  It's a smoke alarm with a note which says, "smoke alarms save lives." Ty goes to Agnetha who says, "Loki can be so unimaginative at times, like he is the only one who knows how to set fire to stuff."  Ty is worried that Colin knows what happened to Eva and Agentha points out that if he knew, he wouldn't be after Ty.  Agnetha wants to take a crack at Colin and Ty warns her that he does not want things escalating.

Michele goes to see Mike, who is making money on the stock market.  When he asks why she is there, Michele says that some people are capable of picking the wrong horse and goes on to add that she has seen the long looks he has given her.  Mike counters that he has a strong distrust of Goddess and he does not want to mess up his life with a relationship.  Michel responds that she is not interested in a relationship and only wants power sharing and sex. Mike does not see Michele as powerful, though she controls the power of attraction.  Michele says that she can make the most undesirable creature, desirable to anyone.  Mike decides that if Michele can hook Zeb up with someone that she will have his attention, to which Michele responds, "it's not your attention I'm after."  I don't for a moment understand why Michele's power as Sjöfn is in the least bit attractive to Mike.

Colin is having a swim, when Agnetha pops in for a visit. She makes it clear that Ty did not kill Eva and Eva was a head case.  She suggests that he needs to accept this and move on.  Colin counters replying that Ty is very much still his son in-law. Agnetha goes to see Ty and tells him that he has to stay with her because his house is not safe for him any longer. Ingrid jumps on the offer to move but Ty is not pleased.  Agnetha suggests that Ty stay at Anders and that Ingrid stay there to ensure that Colin does not burn Ty's house to the ground.

Michele goes to see Axl's to find Zeb, who is shocked that Michele wants to get him laid. Zeb rushes to bathroom and Axl follows saying that he cannot trust Goddess.  As the two are leaving, Agnetha arrives and says that Ty wants him to call a folkmoot.  Axl has no idea what it is and so Agnetha informs Axl that Colin has tried to kill Ty and is angry about the death of his daughter.  When Axl continues to ask about what a folkmoot is, Agnetha becomes frustrated, until Axl points out that Olaf is his oracle. She tells Axl that she is counting on him to do the right thing by his brother.

Zeb and Michele are outside and he grabs her ass, which causes her to threaten him and say that she wouldn't touch him if he were dipped in chocolate. When Stacey comes cycling along, Michele grabs Zeb and throws him directly in her path.  Stacey is not the least bit amused. When Michele whispers in Stacey's ear, she immediately becomes attracted to Zeb and they had back to Zeb's flat. There is no way that Zeb could possibly believe that Stacey's change of attitude was naturally occurring.

At the bar, Axl tells Olaf and Mike about the folkmoot.  Olaf starts to give a rambling explanation of what a folkmoot is and in frustration, Mike tells Axl that it is like a court and Olaf throws in that it is presided over by the senior God. Axl has to arrange everything, call all the resident Gods, preside and then decide.  

Axl is waiting in the middle of the road when Colin shows up wearing his iconic red suit.  Colin is not the least bit impressed that Axl has called a folkmoot and points out that this is not the dark ages. Axl tells him that he has been summoned and Colin says the does not get summoned and that he won't be there because it is antiquated.  Axl is very assertive and goes full on Óðinn.  

When Axl returns home, Stacey is riding Zeb and Axl and Gaia are both horrified.  When Zeb comes out of Axl's bedroom for air, he explains that they are in Axl's bed because his sheets are so disgusting that he didn't want to lose his virginity on his bed.  As Zeb is asking if Axl has anymore condoms, Stacy leaves the bedroom and picks up Zeb in a fireman's carry to take him back to bed.  This entire scene has been played for laughs but it is absolutely rape.  Michele used her power on Stacey, which means that she didn't actually consent to sex with Zeb.  Zeb is also just as guilty as Michele, because he has to be aware that Stacey's ability to consent has been impaired but he ignored this for the opportunity to lose his virginity. This makes Zeb both a predator and a rapist. 

At Anders, Ty decides to return Mike's call.  Mike is not impressed that Ty didn't tell him that Colin tried to kill him.  Ty ends the conversation, Dawn shows up and is unimpressed to see him.  It seems that he has not gone on vacation because she saw him kissing Agnetha. Dawn believes that Ty and Agnetha are having an affair and threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave. Ty sits and asks her if she remembers the night she almost died and tells her that it was the worst night of his life. Dawn doubts whether or not Ty actually stayed with her the night that Eva died.  Ty says it breaks his heart that they cannot be together and again affirms that he is not a killer, before grabbing his bags and leaving.

At Colin's, he is yelling at Michele about the folkmoot, who takes the opportunity to point out that he cannot escape it.  Colin orders her onto her knees and Michele says, "never again."  Colin suggests that Michele is doing him a big favor because he was getting bored of her anyway.  Michele takes this in stride and then knees him in the balls before walking out of the room.  Gotta say that this was a longtime coming

At Axl's, Zeb and Stacey are making out. Stacey is sad that she is leaving to go to work and promises to call him.  Zeb goes on to brag to Axl that the had sex 7 times and apparently they used butter when they ran out of lubricant.  I am sick that this rape is being played as Zeb's conquest. When Axl and Gaia do show disgust, it's about the idea of anyone having sex with Zeb rather than the fact that Zeb is raping Stacey. 

Ty confronts Agnetha about the fact that Dawn still believes that he is a killer.  Agnetha is not impressed and says that after Colin gets his wings cut at the folkmoot that she will take care of Dawn. When Ty urgently asks how, Agentha replies, "I will make it alright Ty." Clearly Agnetha is now threatening Dawn's safety - after all, what is one human life to an immortal God?

Ty goes to see Mike and admits that he helped to cover up a murder and is upset that Dawn thinks he's a murderer.  Mike asks how far he will go to keep Dawn safe.  Mike adds that Ty fucked up, but that he can make good on this if he is willing. 

Olaf is going on about the details of the folkmoot at the bar with Axl and in the end promises to handle it all.  When Michele arrives, she says, "good evening" and heads upstairs to see Mike. As Michele is climbing the stairs, Olaf simulates fellatio using a beer bottle.  Michele tells Mike that she has completed his request and  suggests that Mike is playing a game. Mike answers that if this is a game, he cannot lose.  The two quickly end up making out.

Colin is asleep in his bed when he wakes to find Ty pointing a knife at him.  The next morning Zeb and Stacey are having sex in the kitchen, when Axl goes to grab his keys.  He tries not to look and Stacey informs him that they will be done soon and she needs a ride to the folkmoot. Everyone has arrived except for Colin.  Stacey approaches Michele to say that she is going to send Zeb a picture of her breasts, causing Mike to quip to Michele, "I fear you have created a monster." Michele assures him that it will wear off in a few days.  This means that Zeb who has already raped Stacey several times, will have the ability to do so over days.

Loki finally shows up and he is also holding a sword.  Colin demands that they get the show on the road and Olaf and Axl crawl into a tent so that Axl can find out what to do.  Axl charges Ty with trying to kill Ea and he admits to this and Axl then declares him guilty. Agnetha calls for Colin's death because of his actions and Colin suggests that the person who killed Eva deserves worse.  Colin says that his daughter has been killed in every realm. We get a flashback to Ty telling Colin how Eva died. Agnetha says that she did what she had to do to protect Ty.  Axl punishes Agnetha by forcing her to shift into a tree for the term of her natural life.  Colin is not happy and when he takes his sword to try and kill Agnetha himself, Axl counters and what follows is a pretty great sword battle. This is one of the few great Óðinn moments that we have seen from Axl so far.  I know that it is about Axl growing into Óðinn, but I wish that they would move this part of the storyline along a little faster.

Agnetha stops in front of Ty and says that he turned out to be just another God after all.  Ty counters saying he did what he did to save someone he loves. Agnetha is not impressed that he did this to save  mortal and she walks into the forest stripping off her clothes and disappears.

Back at his place, Ty is packing up the necklace that Agnetha gave him, along with his wedding ring.  When Stacey and Axl return, Zeb is anxious to see them because he was worried that they had died in a forest fire. The news is reporting that a fire broke out in the same area that the folkmoot was held. In his home, Colin watches the news with a slight smile on his face.