Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season Two, Episode Seven: Effortless Manly Coolness

At Ty's, Olaf and Ingrid are discussing going out but when she finds out that the trip involves a great distance she asks about Danny. Apparently, Ingrid spoke to Olaf about this the night before but because he was drunk and stoned, he has no memory of it.  Ingrid says that she promised Danny that she would pick him up, but Olaf is more interested in heading out, so he leaves and Ty follows saying that he has an appointment.  They head over to Axl's, where Gaia convinces him to help Ingrid out.

It turns out that Danny was a nurse at the psych hospital in which Ingrid spent time. Ingrid explains that she wasn't actually mentally ill, it was just the Goddess thing. Apparently, having sex was not the only ethical lines they crossed, because Danny and Ingrid stole drugs from the hospital and sold them. It turns out that Danny was actually just released from prison that day and this is why he needed Ingrid to pick him up.

At the bar, Mike and Michele are making out when a man walks in and hands Mike a package. Axl, Danny and Ingrid stop at what appears to be a halfway house and Ingrid says immediately that it is too run down for Danny to stay there.  Considering that she does not have a place to live, it's kind of ridiculous that she would snub her nose at free housing. Ty heads off to the hospital to see Michele to talk about dying and coming back without brain damage.  Michele wants to know why Ty needs answers to these questions before agreeing to give him an answer.  This kind of makes me wonder if New Zealand is somehow lacking the internet?  Everything that Ty wants to know he can learn via Google, but I guess that would make too much sense wouldn't it.

Axl takes Danny and Ingrid to Ty's because Ingrid has decided that Ty would have no problem with allowing a complete stranger to stay with him. When  Ty returns, Axl makes it clear that Danny has just gotten out of jail, and Ty makes it clear that it's not a good time for him to have visitors. Ingrid promises that Danny will be no bother because he will be in her room, which causes Ty to remind her that it's actually his room. When Ingrid asks if it is alright for her to be there, Ty says yes, but not to bring in whoever she likes.  Ty is concerned that Olaf is not aware of Danny, but Ingrid again insists that Danny is the one who needs somewhere to stay. 

 Ingrid decides that Ty doesn't need her either and gets Axl to drive them to Mike's bar where she promises that she is good to pay for the drinks, just not today.  Talk about the sense of entitlement on her.  Axl questions how Olaf is going to react when he finds out and Mike responds, "I'm sure he'll roll with it; he and Ingrid had a strange and special relationship."  When Michele arrives, Mike leaves the bar to talk to her but before he goes, he asks Axl to get Ingrid and Danny out of there before they start screwing on his furniture.

Michele and Mike start to have sex and she wants to know who the man in the suit was but Mike says that he cannot say and Michele promises to tell Mike about Ty if he makes her come.  Ingrid and Danny make their way back to Axl's house.  Danny believes that the government is going to make magic mushrooms legal to help people stop smoking.  He wants to get in on the ground floor by growing the mushrooms now. Gaia escapes saying that she has night shift.

Ty is coming back from a run when Mike confronts him about Ty wanting to kill himself. He tells Ty that needs him to come to the bar later on to discuss a legal thing.  The next morning, Ingrid has made herself at home and is making breakfast but when Axl sees the mess that both she and Danny have created in the living room, he is not impressed. It turns out that the bag that Axl thought was full of garbage, is actually full of drugs and Danny asks him if he wants a cut.  It seems that Danny and Ingrid plan to sell drugs to finance the farm they are planing. Axl is enraged and orders Danny to get out.  Ingrid grabs her things to leave and Axl tries to stop her from leaving with Danny.  Axl believes that Danny has brainwashed Ingrid, because she has completely fallen for the idea of the magic mushroom farm.

At the bar, Stacey says to Michele, "there is a name for when you have sex without consent." Unfortunately, Michele believes that Stacey should just get over it and points out that she was totally into Zeb.  Stacey makes it clear that Michele put her under some kind of spell.  I am glad that they have finally gotten around to calling what happened to Stacey rape, but she shouldn't be the only one recognizing that what happened to her was a complete violation. Mike and Ingrid enter and Mike says that he has Agnetha's will and that he is the executor of.  Mike informs them that to get the money, they have to have a plan which will set them up for the rest of their life.  Ingrid asks about the possibility of a farm.

Gaia returns and discovers that Axl kicked out Ingrid and Danny.  Axl adds that "Ingrid was in the looney bin" when she met Danny. It's amazing how easily they just throw around ableist language.  Gaia believes that this is wrong and says that Axl must save Ingrid from Danny because she is a family friend and Axl is the kindest, smartest and the one who cares the most. 

Ty is at the bar and wants to know why they have been called, but Mike says that they have to wait for Axl.  Ty is not impressed and sees this as yet another example of Mike trying to control everything. When Axl arrives, Mike says that there is quite a bit to hand out after the goddess have had their portion of a sum yet to be determined.  When Axl learns that Ingrid plans to buy a farm, he is clearly concerned.

Stacey and Michele are walking together in the park and they bicker.  Their conversation while snarky is hardly antagonistic and I don't understand the tone considering that Michele arranged for her to be raped repeatedly over the course of days by Zeb.  Do the writers of The Almighty Johnsons believe that by finally labeling something as rape that consequences are unimportant?

Back at Mike's, Ty is not impressed that they all have to wait until the goddesses figure out what they want to do with their lives before they can inherit their share. Mike suggests that it is evil, infuriating and typical of Ty's beloved mother.  Considering that Mike wanted nothing to do with her from the moment he discovered that  Freyja was alive, he should be thankful that he was even included, rather than sulking about the terms of inclusion. Ty asks Mike for an advance on his share but Mike says no because he is not going to help Ty kill himself.  Ty argues that the god spirit travels and Mike asks what happens if he does not revive without the God spirit. Ty says he does not want to be a refrigerator repairman who can never be with the woman he loves and that this is what he wants to spend his life doing.  Mike again says no and that he is following the rules of the bequest.

Axl shows up at the hotel room which Ingrid has rented and says that Danny "is a drug dealing moron with no grasp on reality."  Ingrid says that Danny helped her and was the only one who could see who she really was.  Axl tells her to hang onto her money and not give it to Danny and begs her not to tell him about the money.  Danny arrives with booze and says he has no grudges because Ingrid has come into a lot of money.

Axl changes his approach and tells Mike that he cannot give Ingrid the money because she intends to start a magic mushroom farm.  Axl says that Ingrid is being conned and Mike believes that it is not his problem but Axl counters suggesting that someone has to protect Ingrid, even if it is mainly from herself. Mike says that Danny is Ingrid's tool and asks, "who are we to judge?"  Axl points out that they are Gods and there aren't that many of them, so they need to look out for each other.  Mike tells him that he is not entirely Óðinn yet and walks off.

Axl discusses it with Zeb who says that people don't give respect, you have to command it. Mike is in bed with Michele and they are discussing the bequest and Mike says that he is turning back into the miserable bastard who spent half his life worrying about everything.  Michele asks if a stable of young men to satisfy her 24 hours per day counts as a life plan, to which Mike says, "no." Michele suggests that he stop obsessing about his mother and sleep with her instead.

Axl is making a power breakfast to fuel him for a mission to save Ingrid from Danny. Mike goes to see Ty to say that he gets where he is coming from. Ty says that he does not understand because Mike loves being a God, whereas; being Höðr is keeping him from everything he loves in life.  Mike says he wants Ty to be happy, but he doesn't want Ty to die.  Ty answers that if he has to go on like this that he will kill himself.  Mike says that he can have the advance, as long as Ty finds a safe way for his spirit to leave his body and Ty agrees to this deal.  Mike suggests that they start with Kvasir, who must answer any question that a God asks him.

Axl and Zeb are parked outside of Ingrid's hotel room when they see Danny leave they enter, pull Ingrid out of bed and pack up her things.  Mike and Ty go to the last place where they saw Kvsair but there is no sign of him.  Mike asks Ty if Agnetha did this to mess with his head and turn him into a responsible guy who has no fun. Ty says it's because Agnetha knew Mike is good at this, but Mike counters that he only wants to be a hedonist with a bar. Ty puts things into perspective by reminding Mike that he wants to touch the woman he loves without freezing her to death.

When Ingrid arrives at Mike's, Axl ushers her upstairs and tells her that she cannot buy a mushroom farm with Danny. When Ingrid asks who else is she to build her life around, Zeb suggests himself without sex and they can of course spend her money.  At this point, I am completely done with Zeb and see him as nothing but a predator, which this scene once again proves.  Axl says that Ingrid deserves someone better and that her family of Gods believe so as well.  Ingrid points out that Axl is right about Danny but at least Danny needs her.  She challenges Axl to prove that the pantheon of Norse Gods needs her and promises to listen to him, if he accomplishes this. Axl tells Zeb that it is time for plan B and asks Zeb to make sure that Ingrid doesn't drink too much or leave.

Axl calls Mike and asks him to round everyone up and bring them to the bar.  Mike refuses to do so until Axl lies and says that he found Frigg.  Upstairs, Ingrid continues to get drunk and tells Zeb that Stacey, who isn't even a proper God, used him and treated him like dirt by using him and dumping him. Zeb agrees that it was harsh and then adds, "in fairness she was under some kind of spell."  Wow wasn't it big of him to admit that?  That's what they call accountability folks.  Ingrid cuts him off saying that Gods and Goddess will abuse you if you have a vulnerable side. The only one who was abused in that situation is Stacey and I am disgusted by Ingrid's suggestion.

When everyone arrives, Axl tells them that they are waiting for Olaf.  Mike wants to know why they have to wait for Olaf, and Mike says that they have to save Ingrid from herself. Upstairs, Zeb is drunk and going on about how Stacey is a heartless bitch and how he thought they were soul mates.  Really? So now we are going to play pity the rapist.   Zeb leaves in a huff. Axl asks Stacey to lead them off with a discussion of what makes Ingrid a really special person.  Olaf comes running in asking about Frigg and Axl asks him to tell Ingrid how much she means to him.  Olaf takes her hand and says that she is an awesome lady and Ingrid says that all the Gods are narcissists and liars. Ty stops her from leaving and says that her need to be needed doesn't make her weak or stupid and asks her to remember that she is the Goddess of prudence and apologizes for kicking her out.

Axl walks Ingrid back to the hotel and she ends up attacking Danny for being a predator.  Olaf is at the bar whining about being left out of Agnetha's will. Michele says not to be upset because by the time the Goddesses are through, there won't be anything left.  Axl sits on his couch and tells Gaia about his day.  At Ty's, Ingrid starts to do a search for Kvsair and when she asks why, Ty admits that he doesn't want to be a God anymore. Dawn is lying in bed when Anders gets in next to her and says that he was detained at customs and then throws her out of bed.