Monday, November 26, 2012

Misfits Season Three, Episode One

 As we are still behind the current season, we are continuing to post our catch up posts on Monday.  Every Wednesday, the recap and review of the current episode will be featured.

This is our first introduction to Rudy, who is set to see Seth.  When Seth enters his waiting room, Rudy is gone.  Rudy is chasing his twin on the street and then he follows him into a building and up to the roof. One of the Rudy's is upset that the plan is to get rid of him.  The two of them begin to struggle and they both fall off the roof.  Fortunately for them, they don't fall far and are both okay. One Rudy climbs inside of the other.

Simon is still busy practicing to be his future self and he is dressed in his all black gear again.  Simon seems to be having a much easier time moving around than before.  At the end of last season, the Misfits all got new powers and it seems that Simon's power is the ability to see into the future.

At the community center, the new probation worker takes money out of the donation box to buy a drink.  This is Sean's first interaction with Rudy. Rudy in turn lectures the other new people on probation and he is absolutely as disgusting as Nathan.

Kelly is in meeting trying to sell her designs but they don't believe that she is indeed a rocket scientist and quickly throw her out.  Kelly believes that the man she is meeting with thinks that she stole the designs, rather than drawing them up herself. 

Simon enters his flat (once again directors, thanks for the shirtless scene) and Kelly shows up to complain about her new power.  Kelly says that no one believes that someone like her could be a rocket scientist.  Kelly, Simon, Alisha and Curtis all decide to head to the bar.  Kelly asks about Nathan and Simon says that he is still in Vegas with Marnie and Nathan Jr, but he wants all the misfits to go to Vegas for his wedding. Simon adds that it's Nathan's plan to use his power to cheat money out of the casino, to pay for their trip.  

 Rudy shows up at the bar and the moment Alisha sees him, she claims to be tired and suggests they leave. Rudy is busy trying to hit on one of the new girls on probation and he is falling flat on his face.  Rudy heads to the bathroom, where the other Rudy tells him that the girl he is trying to chat up is out of league. It seems that one Rudy is a disgusting pig and the other has all of the conscience.  Both Rudy's go their separate ways and both begin to chat up girls. The blonde who is talking to the Rudy with a conscience, believes that she had him all wrong, but when she asks him to go somewhere else, Rudy declines.  The blonde then runs into the second Rudy, who is now kissing the girl he was chatting up.  In a fit, she uses her power and freezes everyone in the room. She walks over to Rudy, grabs an empty bottle and then hits him over the head with it.  The blonde then puts the broken bottle into Curtis' hand before walking away.  When everyone comes to, no one can explain the broken bottle, or Rudy's injury.

At the community center, Curtis tells Alisha and Kelly what happened the night before.  Alisha makes it clear that they should not get involved in whatever is going on and Kelly points out that this is the kind of thing where they could use the "guy in the mask."

Disgusting Rudy wakes up to find the girl he was making out with the night before watching him. Rudy then heads to the bathroom to clean up, where he is confronted by the Sensitive Rudy, who is concerned that he just had unprotected anal sex.  Disgusting Rudy replies that cute girls don't get HIV but the other Rudy is not impressed.  Disgusting Rudy does not want to listen and asks, "do you know how rare it is to find a girl who genuinely likes it up the ass?"  When decent Rudy threatens to go and tell the girl everything about them, a fight begins. Disgusting Rudy stabs his twin and he ends up being stabbed as well.  With all of the noise, the girl is concerned, but when she opens the door, there is only one Rudy left.

Disgusting Rudy ends up talking to the blonde and he starts to brag about having anal sex. The blonde is not at all pleased and so she stops time and then throws Rudy down a flight of stairs.  Curtis and Alisha approach Rudy to see if he is alright, but the Blonde freezes them yet again. When the Misfits come to, they see that the blonde has set it up to look like they threw a rock through a window.  Curtis starts running and he is caught by the police, but when the cop turns him around, he is no longer a man.  This means that Curtis' new power is to turn into a woman.

Curtis catches up with Rudy, Alisha, and Simon and explains that he got away by doing his thing.  Rudy picks up that this is a reference to the storm and says that he is cool with all of it. The Misfits take Rudy back to Simon's flat.  Of course, the first thing that Rudy wants to know is if turning into a girl has given Curtis sexual confusion. Apparently, the ability shift gender was the only power that Seth had left.  Rudy then asks Simon if he would fuck the girl that Curtis turns into but Simon says that they have never seen her. Rudy says, "I have always wanted me own vagina - not to keep because I have heard that they require a lot of upkeep like cleaning and polishing."  Rudy then pauses and picks up the picture of Alisha and Simon in Vegas.  When Alisha then enters the room, Rudy is clearly shocked to see her, so Alisha explains that she and Rudy went to the same college. Rudy grabs his stomach and then makes a hasty exit.

Back at his own place, Rudy is looking through a shoe box and he pulls out a picture of Alisha. One Rudy holds the picture out to the other.  Clearly something happened between Rudy and Alisha.

Seth is on the phone and he is looking for a specific power.  Kelly shows up to talk to him about taking someone's power but he does not take her seriously.  Seth says he isn't going to do anything about the girl that is freezing people. As Kelly is walking out of the room in frustration, she tells Seth that the new power she has is rubbish.

At the community center, Sean is yelling at Rudy, asking who took the donation box for the blind. Rudy tells Sean that he saw a girl carry something to locker number 43.  When Sean opens the locker, sure enough the dog is in there.  The blonde is walking through the community center, when she sees Rudy, who informs her that Sean is looking for her, because he believes she stole the dog.  The blonde threatens Rudy but Rudy tells her that there is nothing that she can do, because Sean has already reported her.  Before the blonde can use her power, Sean demands that she go to the office.  The blonde is escorted out by the cops but before they can drive away, she freezes them and walks away.

One Rudy is telling the other that he has to tell Alisha what she did to him.  The disgusting Rudy says he doesn't think about her at all and spends his time thinking about sex.  Disgusting Rudy then tells his twin to get inside because he has anuses to violate.

At the bar, Rudy is fingering the girl he slept with the other night, as Kelly and Simon look on with disgust. Rudy then approaches Simon and Kelly and tells them that they don't have to worry about the blonde because he took care of her.  When Alisha walks into the bar, Rudy suddenly doubles over with cramps but this time, he is unable to stop his twin from popping out. The sensitive Rudy is staring at Alisha and when she says what, Rudy responds, "you know what you did." In the meantime, the disgusting Rudy is trying to distract everyone and get his other half out of the bar.  Sensitive Rudy says that he had a thing for Alisha for two years, and when she took his virginity, it was the happiest day of his life. "I told all of my friends I was seeing you and the next day you wouldn't even look at me. I loved you," Rudy adds. Sensitive Rudy then announces to the entire bar  that they used to call Alisha the "cock monster." Simon being naive and socially awkward, has no idea what this means. Rudy then says, "I tried to kill myself, I wanted to die because of you." Alisha rightfully responds that it is not her fault that he tried to kill himself before walking away.

Back in Simon's flat, Alisha is taking off her makeup.  When Simon walks in, Alisha tells him that she is a different person and never wanted him to know about her past. To Simon's credit, he says that everyone has a past and that all that matters is them now.  Simon then makes a joke about how he used to get tons of pussy when he was in school, which causes Alisha to laugh and embrace him.

Sensitive Rudy breaks into the flat where Disgusting Rudy is sleeping.  Disgusting Rudy suggests that they stay separate because he humiliated him.  Disgusting Rudy says that he does not need Sensitive Rudy showing up every time he feels down, reminding him of every reason to feel shitty about himself. Sensitive Rudy tries to convince Disgusting Rudy that this is a part of who he is but Disgusting Rudy still wants to stay split.

The next morning, Simon is in bed asleep with Alisha and she decides to get up.  At the community center, disgusting Rudy has snuck a girl in but what he does not know is that he was seen by the angry blonde. As Rudy begins to have sex with woman he has been seeing, the blonde shows up and says that the police have more important things to do than look for her, just before she freezes time again.

Alisha enters the community center.  When Rudy is finally unfrozen, he finds that his lover has been stabbed and his hand is on the knife.  She collapses as Rudy says, "it wasn't me." Rudy turns to the blonde to ask what she did and she replies, "I didn't do anything." Alisha shows up at the doorway but before she can do anything, the blonde freezes them again.  In another room, Sensitive Rudy is packing his things.  When Disgusting Rudy and Alisha come to, they are hanging from nooses, balanced on chairs.  Alisha says that she is going to use her power to find out where the blonde is.  When Alisha closes her eyes, she sees the blonde writing a suicide note. The blonde then appears in front of Alisha and Rudy and he stalls so he can get the blonde to move closer and then he kicks her in the face, knocking over his chair. The blonde cracks her head open on the ground and dies on the spot. Alisha tells Rudy to wrap his legs around her to keep himself alive and then admits that she does remember him.  "I was a bitch," Alisha says, "I didn't care who I hurt but I am not that person anymore. I hate myself for what I did to you. I'm sorry." Rudy replies, "that's good enough." and then he lets go of Alisha, as she starts to scream for help.

When Disgusting Rudy comes to, he finds himself looking at Alisha and his other half.  In typical Misfit fashion, they take the bodies for burial.  Instead of having something decent to say, Disgusting Rudy says, "I keep seeing her lovely face. She truly loved it up the ass, God rest her beautiful soul."   The misfits are in a convertible and Curtis is driving, when they get called over by the police.  Rudy admits that the car is stolen.  It puts the Misfits all back on probation.  Sean enters the lockeroom clapping his hands and congratulates them.

On the roof, Kelly is designing a new engine and Rudy suggests that they need catch phrases for when things go down.  Alisha says that maybe it will be different this time, but Rudy assures her that there will be shit because he can smell it.

So this is the first new episode without Nathan and rather than creating a new character, the producer seems to have just hired a new actor and told the writers to come up with a new name.  There is nothing differentiating Nathan from Rudy.  I do however believe that the way in which Nathan was written out of the show as absolutely ridiculous.  Nathan has always made it clear that he has no interest in children or commitment and yet now they have him in Vegas intent on marriage?  This makes absolutely no sense.

This entire episode was built around misogyny and slut shaming.  Despite the fact that Simon said that everyone had a past, it was clear that Alisha felt ashamed for her sexual history.  The men in Misfits have plenty of sex and not a single one of them has ever experienced a moment of shame because of it. In fact the only time the men are shamed is for not having sex. The mere fact that Alisha declares on several occasions that she is a different person now speaks loudly about the fact that the women of Misfits are to remain chaste unless inside of a committed relationship.  Alisha and Rudy had a one night stand not an ongoing relationship and yet, because he tried to commit suicide, she apologized as though she had done something wrong, rather than him attaching unnecessary weight to sex. She even goes as far as to refer to herself as a slur in her apology.  Misfits has had some anti-woman episodes in the past, but this by far takes the cake.

Though I refereed to the Rudy's as sensitive and disgusting, there really isn't that much of a separation between the two. It was the supposedly sensitive Rudy who decided to announce to a bar full of people that Alisha was called a cock monster because his fee fees where hurt.  There is nothing sensitive about that and it in fact screams of punishment for daring not to love him. I know that the writers were trying to create a character with a lot of dimensions with Rudy but all I saw was the second coming of Nathan with even more disgusting antics and moral judgements.