Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beauty and the Beast Season 1, Episode 10: On Thin Ice

OMINOUS RECAP Vincent is going to become more bestial! There was a car crash! Catherine was hurt! Cliffhanger involving the possible-but-highly-unlikely-death-of-the-main-character! Evan may know the big secret! No-one can act!

Cue the sad music, because we’re going in. Evan approaches Vincent and Catherine who is bleeding messily on the road. As Evan gets closers, Vincent runs away in a blur of mist and light effects.

Evan races into doctor mode, giving the tearful and panicking Heather instructions to help him with dramatic and messy roadside surgery to restore Catherine’s collapsed lung. They rush her to hospital

Catherine wakes in hospital and a nurse fills her in on what happened, or the injuries she sustained including the amazing doctor who saved her life. Catherine gets a goofy grin imagining it was Vincent – and in he comes masquerading as a doctor to tell her it was Evan who saved her life (dramatic sad music… why?) Vincent angsts that though he could pull the door off the car, even with his medical training he couldn’t pull back the beast and help her like Evan did (way to make her near death all about you, Vinnie). She reaffirms that she loved Vincent and accepts everything he is, even with his changing DNA. Hey boyfriends who could lose it at any moment and kill you are romantic these days. He leaves before Evan comes up. But as Vincent leaves, the chatty nurse spots him, recognises him and calls his name – forcing him to hide.

Catherine and Evan have their cutsey meeting (with lots of funness – though for reasons unknown, Catherine draws Evan’s attention to her being pulled out on the road) and in comes the nurse, Alex, agitated, wanting to ask Catherine about the doctor who visited. The nurse sits, shaken as she says Vincent Keller is supposed to be dead.

Vincent returns to JT who is busy studying the manimal DNA and Vincent, seeing smiling in his home (smiling?! Do you not know this is an angst only zone?! Enough of this shameless mirth!) tells JT about seeing Alex and how we he ran from her – like he did 10 years ago and never reconnected with her (because of the whole Beast thing). At least JT’s girlfriend, Sarah, knows something about evolutionary science and may be able to help with JT’s research. He leaves and Vincent gets a text from Catherine saying not to come to the hospital, it’s not safe.

So he goes to the hospital (yes, of course he does. And is there a reason why Catherine couldn’t text “my nurse recognised you?” rather than an ominous warning), where Heather is taking Catherine for a walk, but ducks out for hangover meds giving Vincent chance to talk to Catherine about Alex. Catherine is sure to tell Vincent just how very very very upset Alex was thinking she saw him. Because we need more angst.

That night, Alex gets in her car, closes the door and finds Vincent sitting next to her. He tells her he was part of a secret special ops group, knows too much and had to fake his own death to protect his friends and family from being killed when his enemies came hunting for him. And he says that Catherine is a cop he had been assigned to as a handler. Alex says she loves him and it’s apparent she hasn’t moved on; he tells her to. They end with Alex asking if she’s going to see Vincent again.

Tess visits Catherine and she feels guilty for not being there when Catherine was attacked. Turns out she wasn’t there because she and Joe, boss Joe, married boss Joe, had a few drinks and got… not quite sexual but close. But Tess doesn’t want to be the “other woman” even if Joe is having marital difficulties. Catherine does some facebook stalking of Alex but Tess takes it to the next level and checks if she has a police record – she doesn’t, but she had repeatedly reported being followed, people breaking into her house, tapping her phones and emails, though the police found no evidence of it and put it down to her being paranoid (but Tess and Catherine aren’t surprised since she reported it to precinct 86 which is, apparently, not very assiduous in their work)

When Tess leaves, Catherine calls JT to warning him about Alex being followed. He says Vincent never tried to get in touch with her but Catherine suspects she may be being watched by Muirfield and they have to warn Vincent. JT says he can’t because he’s not with Vincent – and he thinks Vincent may be with Alex.

Catherine staggers out of bed, unhooks herself and we move to Alex being attacked by someone with a knife who asks her about Vincent – until Catherine fires a warning shot to drive him off (she can barely walk but she’s managed to get fully dressed, leave the hospital and wander to wherever Alex is).  Alex takes Catherine inside to help treat her injuries and reveals she knows about Vincent –and calls Catherine Vincent’s “handler”. She also tells Catherine that she had a break in and whoever broke in went through her closet. Catherine goes to check and finds a large number of photos and letters between Alex and Vincent (cue sad music!) including one revealing they were engaged to be married.

Which is when Vincent arrives to make things EXTRA AWKWARD. They discuss the break in and stalking with Catherine using the Coldest, Iciest Tone of Disapproval before she leaves, telling Vincent to stay with Alex.

Catherine goes to see Evan who is surprised she’d been released from hospital and changes her bandage for her (and adds to the mystery of Evan with Catherine pointing out her doctors through Evan to be a top-notch surgeon by his work on her – not a medical examiner. He dodges the implied question) and passes her the research on the hair they have from Alex’s break in (that precinct 86 had ignored). He got a name and photo of the man Connor Sevina.

She passes this info to Alex – he was an ex-con, just released a few months ago, was shot when arrested and spent some time recovering and Alex was his nurse. She remembers him as a creepy stalker who kept asking her to marry him but she said she was in love with someone else (ANGST). A plan is hatched – because Connor monitors her emails, she’ll send one pretending she’s going to run away with her boyfriend that night – and then they can grab Connor when he shows.

Nice plan on paper but when they try to catch him at the hospital he fires a gun in the crowd and when everyone scatters in panic he manages to drag Alex into a maze of tunnels. Catherine and Vincent split up to follow, Vincent on the edge of control and with his sensitive eyes bothering him.

Connor has a brief firefight with Catherine (after making a speech about how Alex would only ever love Vincent) he doesn’t hit her, but she jumps to the floor to dodge and jars her wounded shoulder. Vincent gives chase, going more feral and knocking down the metal door Connor tries to lock to stop them. Connor tries to shoot him in a large room full of machinery, while Vincent continues to be dazzled by the light – until one of Connor’s shots his an electric box and all the lights go out.

Vincent’s brand new eye-glowing night vision kicks in. Vincent emerges from the dark very dramatically and sends Connor flying. Connor grabs a second gun and shoots at Vincent. Vincent manages to pull back his beast, be completely human, grab the gun Connor dropped and shoot back – hitting and killing Connor. He wipes his prints off the gun, turns the lights back on and rescues Alex – and they reunite with a kiss. Just as Catherine enters the room. Sad music time!

Back to JT and Vincent’s and JT is happy about Vincent’s new mutation – night vision! They continue to make jokes about evolution turning Vincent into a woman and decide that Vincent wandering around zonking out was “growing pains” of his mutations kicking in since he’s evolving so quickly.

At work JT is approached by… Evan. Who wants to talk about an old paper of JT’s on cross-species DNA splicing. JT tries to put him off, pretend it was a mistake but Evan is sure that a cross-species creature exists and he needs a skilled bio-chemist with experience to study this. Not just for money and spotlight – but to protect someone (that would be Catherine)

At Catherine’s, Vincent comes to visit and relationship angst follows. He believes that his ex-showing up doesn’t change “us” which she doubts and he accuses her of pushing him away since she has a thing for unavailable bad boys (which he is the ultimate example of).