Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fringe Season Five, Episode 12: Liberty

At the lab, Astrid is trying to track Michael and Walter is upset that they have no way to communicate with Donald.  Broyles is busy questioning a loyalist about Michael but he is having a hard time getting any information. Eventually, Broyles is told that Michael is a detainee on liberty island.

On liberty island, Michael is strapped to a chair and Windmark enters the room and says that he is intrigued by him, but refers to him as an anomaly. Windmark tells Michael that it is in his best interest to communicate with him.  Windmark asks what the Fringe team wants with him and what his purpose is.  He then asks about September and why he hid him.  The more Windmark tries to use his powers, the more stressed he becomes until blood pours out of his nose.  This astonishes him, but he continues to try and question Michael. A blood vessel then bursts in his left eye. Windmark stands and orders diagnostics to be run on Michael.

Broyles calls Peter and tells him that Michael is being held on Liberty island.  Broyles sends them the schematics and says that there are five layers of security around the complex.  Michael is being kept on the east wing and Walter realises that they are going to experiment on him.  Astrid wonders about breaking into the system to shut down security.  Olivia suggests going through the alternate universe and then grabbing Michael and bring him back. 

The fringe team heads to the basement to look for the Cortexafan to help Olivia cross over.  Peter is worried that giving her a massive dose might stop Olivia's heart, or give her seizures.  Walter admits that those are the risks but promises to do all he can to alleviate it.  Olivia does not believe that there is another way and reminds Peter that Etta died, so they could finish the plan. Peter asks what happens if he loses her too, but Olivia says that she can do this and without Michael they lose everything.  Peter asks what happens when she crosses over because they don't know what happened in the alternate universe.  Astrid suggests that they have a look in the universe window.

Michael is being injected with a paralytic on Liberty Island, as Windmark looks on.  Once again, Windemarks nose starts to bleed.  Windmark asks them to alert him when they have the results and leaves the room.

The team pulls up in a van at Battery Park.  They momentarily stop their activity, when Peter sees a loyalist walking her dog.  When she moves away, Walter pulls a device out of the back of the van.  He and Astrid work together to assemble the window. When they turn it on, they see the other universe, which seems just as they left it.  Olivia says that should call Anil because they are going to need a safe house and medical supplies.

Donald exists a vent with two large bags and then enters the lab looking for Walter.  When he gets there, the lab is of course empty.  He starts unloading supplies and turns on a holographic image, then mixes chemicals together.

The fringe team heads to the resistance headquarters and Walter is not pleased that didn't they find  defibrillator. Walter believes that it's risky but at least they have adrenaline.  Peter attaches monitoring devices to Olivia and then Walter injects her brain stem with the first shot of the drug.  Olivia's eyes dilate and her heart rate speeds up.  Walter then gives her another shot and her heart rate goes up to 180.  Olivia cannot see Peter, though he is right in front of her and Walter injects her with two more shots. When Peter says that's enough, Walter points out that she has to cross over four times and asks if Peter wants to leave her stranded on the other side.

The scientists are examining Michael's brain and are astonished at his degree of intelligence and emotion.  At the safe house, Olivia is resting and so Walter walks over to Peter and tells him that sacrifice is hard and that he is no stranger to it.  Peter says that Walter has sacrificed a lot.  Walter starts to say something but stops himself and simply tells Peter that he is strong.  They decide that it's time to wake Olivia, who is having memories of Etta. When Olivia opens her eyes, she is having trouble focusing. She asks how long she has got before the drug works off and Walter says that she has 3 1/2 hours and that with every jump, the drug wears off and she will experience side effects.  The team drives Olivia to her crossing point - the location where the old Fringe division used to be.  They kiss goodbye and then Olivia stands in front of the building and shifts to the other universe.

In the new universe Chelsea Clinton is president.  The Fringe team detects a breach and quickly surrounds Olivia.  Olivia is an office when the alternate Olivia and Lincoln walks in. They embrace and Olivia says that she was in amber for 21 years. In the office Olivia hallucinates seeing Etta as a little girl and drops out of the conversation she is having with alternate Olivia and Lincoln.  When she checks her watch, she has two hours left.

Donald is still working in the lab to construct the device to transport Michael into the future.  Something is wrong, and the device does not power all the way up.

Windmark is Manhattan in 2609 giving a report on Michael's test results.  He reports that the deformity in Michael's brain means he has an intellect more advanced than the observers and a capacity for emotion greater than the native humans.  Windmark says that Michael possess capabilities they cannot measure or comprehend.  WIndmark says he believes that the fringe team want to use Michael to destroy them but his superior believes that for their evolution, they should continue to study Michael.  Windmark wants to destroy Michael and he is given the order to disassemble Michael and preserve the pieces.

In the other timeline, Olivia learns that Walternet has retired from the DOD. She is lead to the room which is at the same location that they are holding Michael at on the other side.  Olivia makes the leap into the other timeline, but the room is empty.  Michael is being transported into a surgical room on a gurney.

Olivia is walking through the halls and she sees flashes of the alternate universe. Though her vision is impaired, she still manages to kill an observer and a loyalist. On a security screen, she sees where Michael is being held. In the surgical ward, a loyalist is inspecting the surgical equipment.  An observer appears in front of Olivia and knocks away her gun.  When the lights start to flash, Olivia manages to get the upper hand.  An observer pops into the surgical ward and says that there has been a breech in security. Olivia wraps her arms around Michael and shifts to the alternate universe but the observer follows. He is about to grab Michael when the other Olivia shoots him.  The two Olivia's travel to battery park, while Lincoln stays behind in case another observer appears, and Olivia return to her timeline.

Windmark is in his office working when a loyalist is brought in to see him.  Windmark wants to know if he told anyone about Michael's location.  The loyalist gives up Broyles name.

Donald knocks on a door and it is opened by an observer. Donald says that Walter Bishop is back and that they have the boy.  Donald says that there is something he needs the observer to do.

I really like the fact that they went back to the alternate universe so that we could find out what happened to Walternet, Alt Olivia and Lincoln.  I do however think that it's telling that we didn't find out what happened to Astrid other half.  Once again, no matter what side of the timeline we are on, this character is easily shunted to the side.

I liked finding out more about Michael.  I think it's fascinating that he can feel more than present day humans and is still smarter than the observers.  I also have to say that watching Windmark realise that he is not as powerful as he once thought it great.