Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lost Girl Season Three, Episode Three: Confaegion

This episode opens with Kenzi and Bo fighting with a fae.  Apparently, these attacks are being ordered by The Morrigan.  It's not long before Bo asks Kenzi what her problem is with Lauren.  Kenzi hesitates at first and then says that Lauren is bossy, territorial, and controlling.  Bo counters back by saying that Lauren finds Kenzi to be immature, irresponsible and clingy. Bo tells Kenzi, "that in the battle of BFF versus main squeeze, I think it's time to call it truce."  

The man that there were fighting has gone back to The Morrigan and she is not pleased that he has been defeated. 

Vex has gone to see Lauren to find out why his powers are working.  She tells him that there is nothing physically wrong with him and that this must be psychological.  Finally, Lauren suggests that this is common in a fae his age, as Vex tries to use his powers to strangle her.  When nothing happens, Lauren pulls out some pamphlets to help Vex deal with his condition. After he makes comments about Lauren having trouble keeping up with Bo sexually, she orders him out of her office.

Vex heads over to The Dahl and tries to confide in Trick about his problems but Trick has put earplugs in and hasn't heard a word he said. He then heads over to the pool tables, where Tamsin and Dyson are taking aboutwork. Dyson cuts Vex off before he can even start and says that he is not buying Vex another drink. Tamsin joins in and adds that she is tired of hearing about how the dark fae don't want him and the light fae cannot stand him.

Vex walks off as Bo enters the room.  Bo heads over to the bar after Tamsin rolls her eyes. Trick asks what Bo has been up to and Bo assures him that after the issue with the Garuda that the dark and light have decided to work together.  When Trick points out that because Bo is unaligned that she is unprotected, Bo pulls out a picture of The Morrigan tied up.  Trick advises Bo to talk to The Ash because he believes she needs a break.  As they are talking, Vex crashes into Bo and steals her phone because that is where she has the picture of The Morrigan stored. 

Bo goes to see Hale, who tells her that she brought this all on herself by handcuffing The Morrigan and taking a picture of her. Bo is not impressed and brings up Dyson's partnership with Tamsin.  Hale asks her why she cares and Bo says she does not.  When Hale hands her a dedication to the light form, Bo rejects it saying that she is not going to make a declaration out of fear.  When Bo starts to leave, Hale calls her back to say that the staff of righteousness is missing and is believed to be in the hands of Mortimar the pawnbroker.  Hale agrees to give Bo some security, if she finds his missing relic. 

Vex heads over to see The Morrigan and hands over Bo's phone, and she deletes the photograph.  Vex is expecting a warm welcome but The Morrigan says that if he really wanted to please her that he should have brought her Bo's head on a platter.  The Morrigan suggests that Vex's impotence has spread to his spine and says that she won't have him killed today.  She adds, the next time we meet, either you or Bo will be dead.

Bo heads over to Lauren's and when Lauren says that she is just doing some doctor stuff, Bo says that she is interested in her work.  Lauren then describes exactly what she is doing and Bo suggests a movie.  Bo then tells Lauren that she has the staff of righteousness and that she shouldn't touch it. Lauren asks what she can touch and comes onto Bo, which surprises Bo because she thought that Lauren would be too tired after last night.

Vex is lying on the couch and when Kenzi asks what's up, Vex says it's his arm.  Kenzi has no sympathy for him and says that now he gets to know what it's like to walk around like her and that he should suck it up. Vex snarks back, "you know, if I were you, I'd reconsider a career in social work." Kenzi suggests that he stop wallowing for a moment and that they start talking about something that's really important - mascara.  Kenzi points out that Vex has amazing lashes. Vex says that it's all in the brush technique and that he picked up a few tips from Leonardo Da Vinci. "Now that was a queen, he was all over David's ass like curry on chips," Vex adds.  

Bo interrupts the conversation by entering the room and complaining that she cannot  find her cell phone.  Vex of course denies knowledge, so Bo demands he shift his butt so she can look under the cushion.  I suppose some weird magic happens then because the music changes and Bo pauses briefly. Kenzi goes back to putting on her mascara and Bo says that she wishes she had a makeup buddy and that Tamsin is so mean girl. Vex questions whether Bo rifled through his duffel bag and consumed several yellow pills.  Bo simply says that she is going to talk to Dyson and then practically skips out of the room. 

Kenzi says, "Lauren's pelt is going to be steamed," causing Vex to ask what her issue is with Lauren. Kenzi replies that "she bi banged Bo", causing Vex to remind Kenzi that Dyson has dropped kicked Bo's heart several times and that she still howls when he comes around. Kenzi quickly changes the subject back to mascara.

Bo goes to see Dyson and says that she does not like Tamsin and asks what she has been saying about her. This causes Dyson to ask if Bo has been drinking. She then asks Dyson if he has fake ID and something crawls down the side of Dysons neck.  Dyson tells Bo that she is so beautiful and that he has to go.  When Lauren approaches Bo, Bo says, "I think Dyson likes me. Don't tell anyone this but I think I might kiss him." The two wave to each other as Lauren looks on.

Lauren takes Bo back to her place for examination and says that she is stumped about what is wrong with Bo. Bo then tells Lauren that she is really hot and asks if she has ever kissed a girl. Bo then says that Lauren is a boring doctor who does not like any fun, while playing with Lauren's stethoscope. Lauren is getting frustrated with Bo's antics and asks if she has been in contact with anything strange. Bo brings up a guy with a magic stick and then starts laughing

Back at The Dahl, Dyson approaches Tamsin and asks her if she is playing with herself. Tamsin asks if someone spiked his beer and Dyson responds, "this one time it totally happened and I got to be Kenzi - nailed it." Dyson then asks if Tamsin thinks that Bo likes him and that he is going to ask her out on a date. When Tamsin leans over to take her next shot at pool, some kind of creature leaps from Dyson and crawls into her ear. Tamsin start to sing, "Bo and Dyson sitting in a tree." Dyson tells her to shush because people are listening.

Lauren brings Bo back to the Dahl, where she asks Trick for the car keys. When Trick says no, Bo threatens to count to a hundred in French.  Lauren turns to Trick and says "see what I mean," as Bo starts to count.  Lauren asks if the staff of righteousness could cause this. Trick replies that there is nothing in the lore of the staff that would suggest this but Lauren points out that the timing is suspicious. When they look over, Bo is dancing on top of the bar.  Trick turns off the music and Bo says, "hey let me finish, don't Kanye me." When Lauren and Trick, look over at Tamsin and Dyson, they realise that they are infected as well.

Lauren takes Bo, Tamsin, and Dyson, back to Bo's and tells Kenzi and Vex that they are all sick.  Bo asks, "who want to see my room?" Dyson and Tamsin follow her.  The moment they are out of the room, a pig man bursts in snorting and sniffing.  Lauren says that he is looking for something to Vex and Kenzi. Kenzi suggests that the pig man is looking for someone.   Lauren asks about weapons, but there are none in the room. Vex jump up and attempts to use his powers but is quickly pushed aside by the pig. Lauren grabs a coat rack and struggles with pig man and so Kenzi picks up the stick of destiny and the moment she touches it, it shifts. The stick seems to control her movements and she beats the pig man until he is dead.  Kenzi says that all she did was pick up the stick and now she is like Darth Vader. Lauren asks to see the stick, but Kenzi is attached to it now. 

Lauren says that it seems to be an energy bond and that the wood is melded to her flesh. Kenzi calls it, "the worse hand job ever."  Vex grabs a knife, which he claims cuts through wood and tomatoes but the minute he approaches Kenzi, the stick causes her to swat him away. 

In the bedroom, Kenzi and Lauren, tell Bo, Tamsin and Dyson that they are under attack, but none of them care at all.  Lauren finds their lack of reaction to danger fascinating. Lauren tells Kenzi that they should have no physical contact with them to stop the spread of infection.

Back in the living room, Kenzi points out that if this disease only effects fae, that it's weird that Vex isn't infected.  Vex suggests that it's his superior genetic makeup but Lauren notices a pustule behind his ear that wasn't there when she examined him last. Lauren removes it and says that it's a cocoon and that he has been used as an incubator for a parasite. When Vex freaks out, Lauren tells him to calm down because it isn't in him anymore and asks if Vex has been with any strange fae recently. Vex says, "oh damn bitch." When Lauren and Kenzi ask what he means, Vex answers that he is devastated by everything that has happened and that he is going to get some help from Trick.

Vex storms up to The Morrigan and asks, "what the hell did you do to me?" The Morrigan admits that she used him to spread a parasite which zaps its victims with hormones and turns them into self absorbed brats, to vulnerable for fae powers.  Vex points out that this makes them completely vulnerable for attack and asks, "what about the other White meat, relatives of yours?" Apparently, the infected release a pungent odor which draws in a nasty breed of under fae in for the kill. Vex informs The Morrigan that Kenzi pounded away the pig man and that the other "twi hards are alive and singing."  The Morrigan says that this is getting interesting because three of her favourite people are trapped in the same place, with no way to defend themselves. She instructs Vex to kill everyone and bring her the staff of destiny and promises that this will restore some minor amount of his titles.  In return, Vex demands full restoration and a million dollars in cash.

Back at Bo's, Lauren and Kenzi start to bicker and Lauren asks if Kenzi could try to be helpful. "You just bounce through life, no job, no plan, from one beer to the next and still everybody dotes on you," Lauren says in frustration. When Kenzi asks what this is about,  but Lauren tells her to forget about it. Kenzi gets off the couch and says, "what is that? Why are you always rolling your eyes at me with your normal upbringing and your medical degree?" When Laruen reveals that she thinks Kenzi believes she is not good enough for Bo, Kenzi says that Bo is her best friend.  In frustration, Kenzi asks if they are infected and Lauren responds, "no, we're just stupid." 

In the bedroom, Bo talks to Tamsin about not liking her.  Tamsin admits that she was not supposed to like her and that she is Valkyrie and that sometimes when she likes people, she has to make them go away. Bo suggests that they write down their deepest darkest secrets in poetry and Tamsin tells her that she is really awesome.

Lauren examines the pig man and says that it was scenting out which one of them was infected with the parasite. They realise that when pig man's friends figure out that he has not returned, that they will come looking for him. Lauren believes that she can create an anti-toxin for the parasite and asks Kenzi to gather some ingredients. Lauren adds that she is going upstairs to take a swab, and when Kenzi suggests that she might need back up, Lauren says that she is fine.  Lauren returns to the living room winded to find that not only has Kenzi gathered the needed supplies, she has created an early warning system for the outside.  Kenzi says that Lauren must have gone to a crazy medical school and Lauren replies that she learned most of it in the field in Afghanistan.

In the bedroom, Tamsin and Bo have exchanged poems and Bo says that Tamsin's poem was beautiful and really sad and that she wishes that there was something she could do to help.  Both women eat their poems.

Downstairs, someone has breached and Lauren says that her potion is not ready.  This time, Vex enters with three pig men.  Kenzi and Lauren ask what he is doing and Vex says that it's not personal and that he is going home.  Kenzi starts to use the stick to fight and Vex grabs her from behind.  Kenzi tells Vex that she trusted him.

Upstairs, Dyson is dancing topless on the bed to Duran Duran's, Hungry like a wolf. Gotta say that despite his beautiful body, dancing is not Dyson's thing. Kenzi manages to fight off the three pig men and Lauren heads upstairs with her vaccine.  Vex enters the room holding an axe and demands the stick of destiny. Upstairs, Dyson has talked Bo and Tamsin into playing spin the bottle and when it lands on Tamsin, she and Bo kiss, while Dyson looks on like a horny teenage boy.  Bo say that this was good and they should do this again. As the two are about to kiss again, Lauren injects Bo.

Downstairs, Kenzi is again outnumbered and she tells Vex that she thought that there were friends.  Kenzi begs Vex not to do this and says that she thought he was his own man. She then points out that he is not doing this for him but for "that bitch."  Vex replies that anything is better than this and that he is sleeping on a couch and people are laughing at him to his face. Kenzi says that losing his powers was the best thing that ever happened to him and that she feels like she finally met the true Vex - the true artist, gentle soul. Vex lifts his axe and strikes one of the pig men down, as Lauren enters the room. Bo comes downstairs with a knife and Lauren and Kenzi watch, as Bo takes care of business. Vex approaches Lauren and Kenzi and says, "alls well that ends well," and gets punched by Lauren for this troubles.

At The Dahl  Bo, Dyson and Tamsin cannot remember what happened. When Bo calls Tamsin, Tami, she is not pleased and leaves, after thanking Bo for destroying her weekend. Bo and Dyson start to hum Hungry Like a Wolf and then exchange a look.

In the back room, Trick reads Kenzi the lore about the stick of destiny and it turns out that the one who touches the stick, has to fight for truth and justice till the end of their natural days.  Kenzi point out that she picked up a stick but Trick says that this is how destiny works.  Kenzi says pro she would be awesome forever and con, she would have to learn to do everything with her left hand. Trick tells Kenzi to close her eyes and say the words, "I decline," and the stick detaches itself from her hand.

For the most part, this was a really fun episode of Lost Girl. I have to admit that I am a sucker for seeing Kris Holden-Ried step outside of his taciturn role on the show as Dyson and cut completely loose.  I would be remiss if I didn't point out that though Kris Holden-Ried has a beautiful body that dancing is something he should do in a room by himself. 

I would also very much like it if Lost Girl would step away from the anti-woman language.  Vex was not at all pleased by the actions of The Morrigan, but it's problematic as hell to have him call her a bitch.  She may be more powerful in the fae world but in the real world - the world in which Lost Girl is created, a man calling a woman a bitch is misogynist.

In this episode, we once again had a sexual interaction between women used for male titillation.  This time it was explained by the woo woo, so to speak, but it still comes down to two women interacting sexually in front of man for his pleasure. Just because Bo and Lauren are in a relationship now, does not make this okay.  Can we stop using sexual interactions between women as titillation?  

I really did like Kenzi having access to power and it makes me sad that it was only one episode.  She has always been the odd one out and seeing her really kick ass for a change was great.

As for Vex, equating the loss of his powers with impotence was meant as some form of comic relief, but I doubt anyone who suffers with impotence finds it the least bit funny. This is the problem with making people the butt of your jokes.  Yes, it was nice that Lost Girl didn't choose to pick on a marginalized group but at the same time, picking on people for their inability to function in a certain manner victimizes them.