Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cult, Season 1, Episode 6: The Good Fight

Skye is in the shower and hears someone whistling. She opens the shower curtains and sees Billy approach with a knife. She leaps back – and he disappears. In the kitchen Jeff asks if she’s ok, she blames it on the wrong tap.

Getting out of the shower she apologises for the party and he says the fault is Lexi for drugging her – and puts the kiss down to that as well. Jeff re-examines the episode with the drugs and thinks it’s just another example of the fans having to recreate everything in the show – Billy has a drug so so too must they. Jeff begins to talk through the connections – when Skye feels Billy’s hand draw across her cheek. When she turns, there’s no-one there. She turns back to Jeff, says his name, and collapses on the floor.

Skye wakes outside, laid on the grass to have Billy standing over her. She hurried crawls away from him – she’s in the compound, on the show with cultists continuing their normal lives around her. She grabs a fork and points it at Billy – who disappears and reappears on the other side of her, and the fork in her hand disappears. She runs but going through a door she’s right back where she started with Billy waiting. He grabs her arm and tells her she can’t leave.

At the hospital, Skye is laid unconscious on a bed and the doctor asks Jeff about the drug – the drug isn’t in her blood stream any more but they don’t know if it’s a result of the drug, what it was cut with or her own allergies. But they can’t do any more than make her comfortable without knowing why she is unconscious – not without a sample of the drug.

Jeff calls Lexi, but she doesn’t have any more of the drug and doesn’t know anyone who does have more. At the hospital Skye’s mother arrives – she’s suspicious of Jeff with him being at the party where Skye was drugged and she’s been worried about Skye ever since she joined the show – something Jeff accepts partial responsibility for since she’s been helping him. Skye’s mother says he can go but he’s staying with Skye.

In Dreamworld Skye continues to try and leave and Billy follows both talking and beaming conversation into her mind until he asks what she wants – she wants to know the truth about her father. He says that’s why she’s there – in Steven Rae’s creation because she hopes to find the truth.

Jeff calls EJ to try and get more information on Dustin – but she’s got nothing and hangs up quickly when Burt arrives unhappy that he’s calling her asking for another favour. That’s a new side of Burt. Another Cultist

And in the hospital, Detective Sakelik arrives. Sakelik asks if Jeff saw the video of Nate and reminds Jeff that Nate is the only thing keeping Jeff safe. Jeff remembers Sakelik confiscating the drug from Dustin at the party – he asks her to help but she refuses.

In the dream world Skye and Billy are joined by Kelly who points a gun at Billy. Billy drops his knife and approaches Kelly, asking what she wants. Skye says her sister, her family whole again. He moves until his chest is pressed against the gun – then takes it off her. Kelly cries and hugs Billy. Skye asks Kelly why she’d do that and she says it’s time to give in, surrender the fight. Billy tells Skye to give up and stay with him forever.

In the hospital the doctor has bad news – Skye’s frontal lobe is working overtime and if brain activity keeps increasing she will have serious damage.

Jeff goes to the Fandomain CafĂ© and meets Burt who threatens to fire him for what he’s been asking EJ to do.

In the dreamworld Skye asks Kelly how she can just give in after all Billy did to her and Kelly asks Skye when she was last free – that she has put her life on hold looking for Steven Rae. Skye sees a figure with the sun behind him, silhouetting him so she can’t see who it is. She asks Kelly if it’s Steven Rae but as she approaches him, he steps forward and it’s her father. Skye says he isn’t real but he touches her and he recites the last memory she had of him.

At Fandomain Burt is even angrier to learn that Jeff wants EJ to hack Detective Sakelik’s home address – and will not let EJ get involved. But he agrees to do it – but he insists on going with Jeff.

In the dream Skye is still questioning and her father distracts her, asks how she gets on with her mother. Skye says she let him die – she gave up on him, believed he was dead but he protests she had to raise Skye; she couldn’t handle his ghost and her teenaged anger. He talks about staying there and stop looking for him – she jerks up and away from him. he begs her to stop fighting and to give up.

In the hospital, Skye flatlines. The nurses and doctors begin resuscitation.

Burt drives Jeff to the address he’s found and Jeff tells him who Skye is. They arrive at the house – and Sakelik is in the garden. Burt says they can’t go in with her there – but Jeff doesn’t listen and vaults the fence anyway. Burt distracts her in the garden while Jeff searches her fridge and freezer for the drugs. He manages to find the tube and leave – seconds before Sakelik comes into the kitchen. She notices the freezer door open and the drugs missing.

He hurries the sample to the doctor and Skye’s mother tells Jeff that Skye’s body’s shutting down, like she’s giving up. Jeff talks to her, telling her not to quit and he’s there for her.

In the dream at the dinner table, Skye says Jeff’s name. Her father asks what’s wrong and she says it isn’t right. She says she needs to know the truth, she needs to know what happened to him. the dream spirals as she fights, everyone at the table turning into Billy.

In hospital she moves, disturbed in her sleep and the doctor arrives – the drug is similar to ecstasy and they start her on a counter agent.

In the dream, it’s night, stormy and Skye is sat at the picnic table with her hands nailed to the bench. Billy asks why she’s fighting. Skye says it’s her mind playing tricks – and that there’s no way Kelly would go back to Billy. Her father appears and she says he’s not her father – and she doesn’t want to give up. Billy tells her she’s fighting a pointless war all by herself and it’s time to give up

And Jeff by her side in the hospital tells her he’s with her all the way. She fights, dramatic lightning effects and the bench disappears. Billy says she’s made a choice and she agrees – he opens his arms to hug her and she stabs him. She still has things to do and she’s not in it alone.

She wakes up in the hospital. Reunion time! Later she has a moment with her mother and she reassures Skye over her last moments with her father – but also warns her that after 10 years she may not get the answers she’s looking for nor may she like the answers she gets. Skye says she won’t stop looking

Skye and Jeff get a moment alone and she asks how he got a sample of the drug – just as the nurse arrives with a vase of roses. Like the roses Sakelik was tending in her garden. There’s a note with the flowers “sorry to hear about your friend Burt.” Jeff’s phone rings – it’s EJ. Jeff hurries to admissions and Burt is brought in with a gunshot wound, EJ says it was a home invasion. And outside the hospital in her car is Sakelik. She calls him and says she warned him.

I liked how they constantly juxtaposed things Skye in the hospital was sensing with what she experienced in the dream world. And it was nice to have an episode focused on Skye, even if it was less about her chasing her reason to go after Steven Rae and more about saving her.

Other than that… we’re not going forwards, we have a mystery with nothing but missing pieces and I kind of want some of them to start coming together now.

I’m not happy with Burt – he needed a bigger role before this for his injury and possible death to be emotionally poignant to audience and not just to Jeff. By not making him more important, we’re not expected to feel sad or worried for Burt, we’re expected to feel sad and worried for Jeff – which is a poor treatment for a character who has done so little else but serve.