Thursday, April 4, 2013

This Is Your Life: Lord Akeldama

What is he?: A vampire

Biography: Lord Akeldama is a man of considerable age and influence, ruling his own little group of capable agents collating information and, through that, power across London. If Akeldama doesn’t know it, it isn’t worth knowing and whatever you’re plotting, he’s probably 3 steps ahead of you. While we know little of his past, he lives separate from the usual vampire Hives and eventually rises to become Queen Victoria’s chief vampire advisor. He has a long standing friendship with Alexia and increasingly uses his influence, information and resources to help her. he was in a relationship with one of his agents, Biffy, before Alexia’s intervention ended it.

What We love about him: He is capable, willing to buck tradition and, at least to begin with, be in control of his own life before he became more and more in the thrall of Alexia. He maneuvers well as a vampire with no Hive affiliation and retains a level of influence and power that matches, or beats the Queen. He is a character with immense potential as an agent of his own life and power.

What we hate about him: The problem with Lord Akeldama, is the more he appears, the less likeable he is.  At the beginning, we get the sense that he is crafty, powerful and extremely well connected but as the series progresses, we don’t see him use these skills to his own benefit and instead he becomes little more than a tool for Lady Macon to get her way.  He wafts and sashays and even develops a tolerance to lemons, not because they are damaging but so that he can lighten his hair. He is little more than a walking gay stereotype. If anything, he functions as a really great guide in how not to write gay characters. His break up with Biffy was tragic and deeply problematic.