Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lost Girl, Season Three, Episode 11: Adventures in Fae-bysitting

Kenzi and Bo are watching a horror movie together and snarking about the tropes. They begin to discuss their romantic lives and Bo says that the break is just part of the Bo and Lauren journey.

Lisa gets a call from Tim and she is shocked to hear from him because he is supposed to be India.  Tim says that her  tank top shows just how much she has grown in the last year.  Lisa realises that she is being watched and when she turns around, there is a dead man hanging from the ceiling.  Lisa is then awakened by Mrs. Parker, so it seems that everything she experienced was just a dream, or was it?

Lisa then takes a flyer to Bo and Kenzi seeking to hire to them saying that this isn't the first time that something has happened in Shady Grove.  Bo tells Lisa that she  thinks they can help her. Kenzi pulls Bo aside and points out that Lisa had nothing to go on, but Bo replies that Lisa looks terrified.

Dyson is at the station and Anita asks to see him and says that The Ash sent her.  She tells him that a few weeks ago, she felt pain like she never felt before and that at the same time, she lost contact with her sister.  Anita says that her sister was traveling and usually checked in every couple weeks and has now she stopped. Dyson looks at a picture of what is clearly Anita's twin and she happens to be a woman Bo was accused of killing after sleeping with her.

Bo and Kenzi go to an open house and Susan, the real estate agent, asks if their husbands would be interested in the house.  Bo says that it will just be her and Kenzi and that she and her husband Lawrence are on a break.  Bo then quickly changes the subject and says that she is very concerned about safety.  Susan then admits that the person who used to own the house - Jake Thatcher, disappeared and left all of his furniture and a substantial collection of lingerie magazines behind.  Kenzi notices a man looking in the window and learns that his name is Sam and that he lost his wife.  Susan then gets a call from Caroline, the wife of Will and says that she has another appointment and that Bo and Kenzi should look around, then lock up when they're finished. Bo sees this as proof that Lisa might be onto something and suggests that they get to know the neighbours.

Kenzi and Bo peep into the window of a house and they start to hear screaming.  Bo pulls out a knife and she and Kenzi enter the house, only to find a very loud book clubs. Kenzi quips, "please tell me you're reading 50 Shades of Grey.  Bo apologies saying that her old neighbourhood was a little rough and they heard screaming.  Caroline offers them a drink and Bo and Kenzi take a seat.  When Bo notices the statues, Caroline tells them that her husband brings her back fabulous things from his trips.  The women then start a very annoying round of gossip. They chat briefly about creepy Sam and then Caroline invites Bo and Kenzi to her barbecue.  Bo says that she is going to stay around the neighbourhood and see if she can talk to Lisa and Kenzi heads off to see if she can find more information on Sam.

Bo overhears Caroline and Ellie chatting about the possibility of Ellie getting away. Caroline tells Ellie that she is not going to break up their little club and that they need her.  Ellie asks about Sam but Caroline tells her that they are not going to worry.

Issac is chatting up Lauren and is offering her a job. Lauren says that she already has a job at Ash Pharmaceuticals but Issac is not swayed.  He says that  Ash Pharmaceuticals is so small that he has never even heard of them and that she is not a mole but a risk taker and an innovator. Lauren then shows Issac the door.

Bo and Lisa are talking and she asks about Sam and Lisa replies that she babysits for him twice a week. Bo says that this has to stop because she believes that Sam is dangerous.  They stop walking when they see a carousel in an open area. Bo stares and when she turns around, Lisa is gone.

Kenzi has gone to see Trick and she makes it clear that she is not impressed with suburbia.  Trick tells her that Lisa is a Duppy - a fae spirit that lives in the earth. Apparently, Lisa was reported missing one hundred years ago and she's dead. Trick adds that Duppy's have a very specific calling. Back in the burbs, Bo walks in on Lisa standing over a dead body holding a knife.  Lisa says, "I've done as asked and then the body disappears.

Bo, Kenzi and Trick are standing over top of Lisa. Trick says that Lisa is essentially an empty vessel who can be invoked every 100 years.  Bo replies that she is an empty vessel who cared enough to come to them. Bo hopes that when Lisa wakes up, she can tell them who is doing this but Trick says that Duppy's blackout after each kill and that she won't remember a thing. Trick adds that if Sam is invoking Lisa to kill people that they need proof.

Lisa wakes and Bo tells her that she is in a safe place.  When Lisa asks what happened, Kenzi takes her into the bar and tells her that she kills people and is dead. Lisa says that she is supposed to grow up, be a doctor and help people.  Kenzi tries to assure her and says that she is fae and maybe she can learn to control it like Bo. Kenzi tells her that Bo is going to Caroline's bbq to get some information but Lisa says that she is supposed to babysit Ethan. Kenzi is not worried when Lisa mentions that Ethan is high maintenance because she fought the Garuda.

Kenzi is now watching Ethan and Lisa is right, he's beyond high maintenance. Ethan throws the cheese sandwich that Kenzi made him against the wall. Kenzi says that she slaved over a hot microwave making his supper.  When Ethan is still unreasonable, Kenzi threatens him with Goblins. Ethan is still resistant, so Kenzi offers to make him a new sandwich and he yells that he wants Lisa and that she smells like gasoline. When Ethan takes off in a fit, Kenzi picks up a book and finds a list of names and promptly calls Bo.

Kenzi realizes that the murderers go all the way back to Eleanor's husband. Sam is taking a part a live crab and Bo goes over to chat with him. She reaches out, touches his hand and asks about Eleanor and then the list of people who are either missing or dead. Caroline overhears Bo's little chat with Sam, quickly interrupts and draws Bo away.

Tamsin walks into the police situation smelling of booze. Dyson tells her that she looks like shit and he shows her the case that he is working on.  Dyson thinks that the bodies of the women whose deaths are associated with Bo, were dragged there from another site.  Tamsin moves to leave and then Dyson notices bruising on one of the victims, indicating that the murderer had 6 fingers. Dyson tells Tamsin that they need to head back to the crime scene and suggests that she needs little makeup.

Hale is sitting with Lauren and she asks for a brief sabbatical.  Hale tells Lauren no, because he needs to keep her close so that he can protect her.  Lauren points out that he is not protecting her but keeping her prisoner.  Hale counters that he knows she broke up with Bo but he is her boss and if the dark gets a hold of her, they will kill her. Hale reminds Lauren that she is pledged to the Ash and turns to leave. Lauren says, "I fought by your side Hale." Hale tells her to take the weekend and that he will see her Monday. Hale heads to the door and Lauren says, "it's true what they say about power, it doesn't change people, it reveals them."

Caroline leads Bo outside takes her hand and says that she is using her power on Sam and asks her to join their circle. Caroline asks if she has ever wanted to channel that power, to feel more, to have fun.  Bo asks what they do for fun and Caroline says a spell and the skies darken and a pentagram burns into the grass. Bo realizes that she is dealing with witches and agrees to join their group. Caroline says that normally they would start slow but they have unfinished business. Susan then admits that they did away with her husband because he was cheating on her. Bo says that she doesn't know how she feels about killing people. Caroline replies that they are just using what the universe gives them to bring order and happiness to their lives. Caroline adds that this is about strong women understanding their worth.

Bo's phone rings and it's Trick, who starts telling her about the problems he's having with basement of The Dahl flooding. Susan and Caroline continue to bicker, as Trick tells Bo that he lost Lisa and that they need to find out who Lisa is being targeted to kill. Bo replies that she has got that part covered. Trick says that there's a trinket the humans need to invoke the Duppy and that once she finds that, she can stop Lisa from being controlled. Bo then notices a necklace around Caroline's neck.

Issac is back to see Lauren and says that he did some research because he was curious as to why she is still with Ash pharmaceuticals.  It turns out that Lauren is actually a fugitive and her name is actually Karen.  Issac tells her that he knows she could use a fresh start and that the file is the only copy in existence. Lauren asks if he is serious and Issac replies, "that's what freedom looks like."

Kenzi is telling Ethan a story hoping that he will fall asleep. She makes up a story about Super Kenz and tells the story of her interaction with kitsune. Ethan says that he wants to be like super Kenz.

Bo, Susan, and Caroline have joined hands and the carousel begins to spin, as the wind picks up.  Caroline instructs Bo to feel the energy in the wind around them and to feel them becoming stronger as one.  Caroline then starts a spell to take out Sam, so Bo tries to move away, but Susan tells her that she cannot break the circle until everyone agrees and now that she has contributed her power, Lisa will be unstoppable.

Sam returns home and finds Lisa holding a knife walking towards him. Kenzi enters the room and tells Lisa that she has to stop.  Bo tells Caroline that she has to stop but Caroline says that she has been destined for this her whole life. Bo counters and says that she is  just a human who got lucky and found some fancy hoodoo necklace. Caroline and Susan say that there is nothing they can't do. Bo notices the tension between Caroline and Susan and set them off bickering using her fae power.  Lisa comes to and asks what's happening.  Kenzi takes the knife from her and Lisa says that she can't control it.  Caroline and Susan continue to bicker and we learn that Sam became their target when he refused to sleep with Caroline. Susan's eyes turn blue and she looks at Bo and says, "you know not your true strength child but soon you will and the world will bow down before us." The circle suddenly breaks and Caroline and Susan disappear leaving Bo alone.  It becomes bright again and Bo asks, "who are you" then picks up the necklace.

Dyson takes Tamsin into the field and says that he believes that this is where the dead fae Reilly was dragged from.  Tamsin says that she has to tell him something and that some serious shit is about to go down.  Dyson ignores her and tells her to "call it in and that the whole field smells like death.

Bo is back at the Dahl and Trick tells Bo that Lisa is running on the last of the witches chi. Bo asks if she is sure that this is what she wants and Lisa responds that she is 18, never kissed a boy, been to Europe or become a doctor.  Bo reaches out to touch Lisa's face and Lisa says that she needs a minute and that it's hard for her to know that she will never have what Bo has. Lisa says that she has a family, friends and memories even if they are bad ones and adds that she will be invoked in a 100 years and whoever has the necklace will be able to make her kill.  Bo asks what if she is there for her because she will be around in a 100 years and a 100 years after that and promises not to let her hurt anyone. Lisa says that Kenzi told her that being fae means that she is special but she doesn't want to be special, she wants to be human. Lisa asks Bo to give her peace and Bo promises.  Bo then touches Lisa's face and then Bo leans in kisses her and draws out her chi, until Lisa lies back dead again.  Bo closes Lisa's eyes, picks up the necklace with the talisman and sets it on fire. Bo says, "they will never use you again."

Bo returns home and Kenzi gives her a hug. Bo asks what she is doing here. Kenzi asks what she means and Bo clarifies and says that when she was in the temple she saw and felt something - love.  Bo says that it could have been a vision or a memory and that it was her father.  Bo adds that she can't stop thinking about it and that she has this power that she never had before and believes that her father is responsible. Bo wants to find her father but Kenzi replies that they need to deal with one thing at a time i.e. her relationship status with Lauren and instructs her to seek closure.

Kenzi walks away and Bo pulls out her phone.  What she doesn't know is that Lauren is on the phone with Issac, who wants to know if she needs help with her suitcase. It turns out that Issac is actually standing outside her door. When she lets him in, Lauren tells him the list of preparations and says that it's a very big step for her.  Issac tells her that there is nothing to worry about and grabs her things to take them to the limo.  He leaves and Lauren promises to be right down. Lauren takes off her pledge necklace to the Ash, puts it in a drawer, puts down her phone, turns out the lights and walks out. Her phone rings and it's Bo but Lauren is already gone.

In the field they have started to dig  and they have found a number of bodies, both light and dark. Dyson says that this doesn't make sense because fae don't feed on other fae like this. Tamsin doubles over in pain and says these people died in fear and she can feel it. Dyson notices that one of the bodies is a Corrina and adds that he has not seen one outside of Egypt before. Dyson says that a Corrina's feeding signature is similar to a succubus and when he pulls the sheet back, he discovers that the Corrina has six fingers.  Tamsin says that this isn't a dump site but a mass grave and Dyson adds that something is hunting the fae.  In a tree, yards away, there is a camera focused in on the site.

We are nearing the end of season three and I am getting tired of Lost Girl. I have to admit that this week there was less of Bo, Bo Bo, Bo and isn't she special every damn minute but that doesn't mean that the plot was in the least bit engaging, or that the meta moved forward significantly. I found myself asking, why oh why am I watching this?

This is the first time that we have seen Hale in quite some time.  Though Lauren has been pledged to all of the Ashs it is only when the Ash is Black that there is a reference to slavery? Am I the only one that sees the perverse nature of this shit? This is the second time that Lost Girl has done the racial reversal thing involving Hale. It is disgusting to have a White woman begging a Black man for her freedom. This is not only historically inaccurate it is appropriation. I don't give a shit if it's fantasy, it's got to stop.

As a WOC, I firmly believe that there are plenty of things wrong with feminism but its treatment during this episode was nauseating at best. Throughout the episode Caroline was clearly invoking feminism with all of her talk of female empowerment but all it was was a mask to hide her hatred of men. Really, this nothing more than the usual nonsense about women who are feminist or being pro women's equality really being man hating, ball busting bitches and it wasn't even remotely subtle. On a show in which you have a female protagonist who fights evil with her gal pal it was completely ridiculous and was coupled with the fact that for much of the season we have had female characters refer to other women as bitches; I would say that Lost Girl is not really all that pro woman.  I don't care if they put the nonsense in Caroline's mouth, it's still unacceptable.