Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Continuum, Season Two Episode Six: Second Truths

This episode starts with the typical flashback. Kiera is called in on a series of murders that technology has not been able to solve because she has tested high when it comes to deductive reasoning.  When she looks over the case, she discovers that deaths matching the current one also occurred from 2009-2018. Most of the victims were child molesters and had something done to their eyes. 

In the present say Carlos and Kiera catch a murder case and the body has damage to the eyes.  It's clear that she is now working on the case that she saw in the archives in the future and comments that the case was never solved.  Carlos corrects her and says that it hasn't been solved yet. 

Alec and Emily are walking down the street together in the rain and they start to talk about time travel and paradoxes.  When he brings up Kardashians she has no idea what they are talking about. He leans in and kisses her and immediately  saying that he is not good at reading signals.  Emily is quick to assure him that he is doing fine and suggests they head to Alec's place. Alec tells her that he has roommates and therefore no privacy, then suggests going to her place. Emily quickly nixes her place and brings up the lab.  Alec tells her that the lab is a secret and adds that it's not that he doesn't want to be with her.  Emily tells him that she understands that he has secrets and adds that she has hers.  Emily says that as long as they don't get to close that they both get to keep their secrets. Alec tries to assure her that it's not like that and Emily cuts him off saying that the movie was fun, before walking away.

Carlos and Kiera show up at a recording studio to inform her that they are investigating her father's movements yesterday.  She tells them that he was in and out of the studio yesterday and that she does most of the work.  Kiera uses her tech on the woman's face.  Carlos continues to question her and she says that they lead separate lives.  She tells them that they work together but that was the extent of their relationship.  Kiera asks if there is a history of abuse and the woman is not at all pleased.  Carlos asks for a schedule of her father's movements and she promises to email it to them. When they leave, Carlos is not impressed by Kiera's questions and asks her if she missed sensitivity training.  Kiera tells Carlos that the young woman was lying and Carlos asks about what.  Kiera tells him that she was all over the map and Carlos says that sometime he is thankful her help but sometimes...

Kellog is waiting for Todd Sanchez who is leaving a meeting.  Kellog comments that the meeting didn't go so well and Todd replies that he was not what they were looking for. Kellog introduces himself and says that he is a big fan of Todd's work.  Apparently Todd plans to clean water and create electricity at the same time because he believes it could be the future.  Kellog assures him that it will be the future.  Todd says that in the meeting they only saw the cost because right now, the cost is greater than the return.  Kellog assures him that one day he will reduce the cost and says that one day, Todd's technology is going to be worth a lot.  Todd says that he likes Kellog's enthusiasm but brings up the fact that he has no investors.  Kellog assures Todd that he can make that happen for him and asks him to name his price. Todd says that he doesn't know and brings up the fact that he just met Kellog. Kellog pulls out his card and asks Todd why he should wait for the future when the future has come looking for him. 

Carlos and Kiera are at the morgue and are told that all the markers are the same from the previous cases.  Apparently a chemical was used to paralyze the victim before using a scapel to remove the eyelids. Coroner believes that it is the work of a surgeon but Kiera suggests that it could be someone with fine motor skills. When Kiera says that the victims are alive when they are killed Carlos asks her if she read the other files. Kiera says yes so the coroner asks if she knows that the killer suffocates the victims by forcing an unknown object into the throat. Kiera asks if he has done a biopsy of he trachea looking for toxic residue or cell trauma and the coroner tells her that blunt force trauma wouldn't cause that. Kiera asks the coroner if he is sure and he says, "yeah, pretty sure."

Back at the station Carlos is giving a lecture and he says that there is no connection between the current victim and the previous seven.  Carlos adds that the only consistency is the killers M.O. Kiera stands and connects the murders in a circular fashion but is quickly dismissed by another detective.  Kiera leaves and contacts Alec and tells him that she studied this case when she was a CPS cop.  Alec says that this is a good thing because she is ahead of the killer and asks about potentially warning the victims before the killer gets to them. Kiera says that she has no clear memory of who the victims were and this surprises Alec.  Kiera quips that she wasn't born with a CMR. Alec points out that she has one now and that she can help Carlos stop the murderer.  Kiera replies that she is worried because she doesn't know how she is going to explain it.  Alec reminds her that she always finds a way and Kiera responds, "you mean I always lie."  When Carlos approaches asking what is up with her drawing a circle, Kiera tells Alec that she has to go. Kiera says that it was just an idea and Carlos says that it doesn't make any sense. Kiera tells Carlos that she is trying to help him and asks about a history of sexual abuse.  Carlos quickly replies no and then adds that they have eight unconnected victims, eight drops all over the city and out of that she comes up with sexual abuse and a circle.  Carlos then brings up Kiera telling the coroner how to do his job and walks away in frustration.  Kiera calls out that she thinks that there is something to this.

Alec and Emily are talking about Ground Hog Day and he says that he is trying to learn the lesson about being more open but he's stuck behind a computer screen for a reason.  Emily suggests that he stop hiding and come out from behind the screen.  Emily then suggests that if this doesn't work to let her come hang out there with him.  Emily then tells Alec that his life is his to decide. Alec invites Emily to the lab for dinner and Emily says that she is intrigued.

Kiera heads back to the recording study to talk to Ms. Reynolds who says that she has a list of her father's activities. Kiera asks Ms. Reynolds to confirm that her father was a teacher and asks if it was at all possible if he was abusing his students. Ms. Reynolds says that she thought that her father was killed by someone who murdered other people and asks how her father's students can have anything to do with these murders.  Kiera uses her tech and asks Ms. Reynolds why she is so upset and Ms. Reynolds denies it and adds that what Kiera is suggesting is a horrible thing to say about her father. Ms. Reynolds tells her that the list is private and then demands that she leaves.

Kiera meets Alec at his new lab and she has him researching Mrs. Reynold. Kiera says that something about her just feels off. Alec points out that Patsy has a history with chemistry and could have made the drug that has been used to murder the victims. Kiera gets a call and it's Dillon who wants to meet with her.

When Kiera arrives, it's clear that Dillon is now in a good space. When she comments that it looks like he's landed on his feet, Dillon replies, "I wouldn't say landed, not yet."  Dillon says that there are forces at work who see great value in them doing their jobs.  When Kiera asks if he is alright, Dillon says that someone is waiting for him. Kiera then meets with Usher and says that Dillon is a convenient access.  Kiera asks what Usher's agenda is and he tells her that if she has to ask then he is not ready for the answers.  Kiera then asks how he got Agent Gardiener off her back after the explosion.  Usher says that they are still years away from enjoying complete surveillance but adds that the network is out there if you know how to use.  Kiera says that this explains how but not why.  Usher says that they are both fighting the same enemy but his interests with Kiera are uniquely aligned.  Usher suggests that he could be a friend or alley to her and Kiera asks him to tell her who he is, what he knows and when he is from.  Usher asks her how many people truly know who she is.

Carlos is still staring at the board looking at the circle Kiera drew.  Kiera enters the room and says that Patsy Reynolds was away during the killers gap year and adds that she lives alone and has no alibi for the night of the murder.  Carlos doesn't not believe that Patsy did this and Kiera says that there is something about her. The phone rings and Carlos answers and it's the coroner who says that he found traces of the drug in the killers trachea. Kiera points out that her crazy theory is looking good all of a sudden.  Before leaving with Kiera, Carlos asks Betty to investigate whether or not the murders are along a bus route.

Carlos and Kiera are driving and Carlos asks who she knew about the melomine and Kiera responds from a case that she worked on in the past. Carlos asks if she still believes that this connected to Patsy somehow and Kiera admits to interviewing Patsy again and suggesting that her father was murdering his students. Carlos asks her what her problem is and Kiera says that some of the other victims may have been abusing children as well. Carlos then points out that there is no proof of this and Kiera tells him to imagine that there is. Carlos tells her that if he had actually found it then there would have been proof.  Kiera apologizes and Carlos tells her that she can stay sorry in the car. 

Alec contacts Kiera and reminds her that she is trying to stop a murder and dozens more.  Kiera tells Alec that she cannot remember enough of this case and adds that she is grasping at straws, which makes it harder for Carlos. Kiera questions whether or not her interference will make things worse and Carlos tells her to focus on Patsy and asks what Kiera knows about her from the future.  Kiera says that Patsy's father was famous and that there was so much media coverage. Kiera then remembers that the reason there was so much media coverage was because Patsy was killed shortly after her father.  Kiera then says that she has to find Carlos and tell him.  Kiera then notices a man who was loading some sort of crate into a van.  Carlos is enters the studio and finds that Patsy is not there. 

The van starts to leave the garage and Kiera gets in the way and orders the driver to stop.  When he doesn't Kiera uses some future tech which causes that van to stop and pulls her weapon. Carlos is leaving the building and sees Kiera with her weapon drawn, so he pulls his gun and rushes to her side. Carlos orders the man out of the car and when Kiera opens the trunk in the back she finds Patsy, who is barely alive.

Eldridge is sitting in an interrogation room when Carlos enters and tells him that forensics tying him to the crime scene as well as trace DNA on Patsy from when he tried to grab her. Eldridge tells Carlos that had he done his job in the first place, none of the alleged victims would have been killed. Carlos asks how his murder spree is his fault. Eldridge says that when people do bad things, Carlos stops them and makes them pay for their transgressions, which makes him a hero.  Eldridge asks why it makes him a monster when he does the same.  Carlos asks why the bodies were facing the road and Eldridge adds that he liked the way they looked. Eldridge adds that he has essentially confessed and already knows what the future holds. Carlos asks if he is a therapist and Eldridge admits that he runs a clinic.  Outside of the interrogation room, Kiera and Insp. Nora Harris are listening in. Isp. Harris says that she though that Carlos and Kiera had no leads and Kiera replies that Carlos thought that Patsy would shed some light on who wanted to kill her father.  Kiera says that they got lucky and Insp. Harris says that lucky seems to describe a lot of her solved cases.

Carlos goes to have a seat with Kiera and tells her that he has a list of questions and that she is going to answer all of them.  Carlos wants to know why Kiera started in on Patsy from the get go and Kiera says that she seemed off. Carlos says that he knows that she can be a bull sometimes but this was way beyond that and then he brings up the fact that Kiera asked about abuse with no evidence.  Carlos points out that the perp just so happened to know the victims to be able to find the abusers.  Kiera tries to blow it off saying that she got lucky so Carlos asks her if it was luck with the coroner as well. Carlos says that there is no way Kiera could have made the leaps even with her mysterious section six and adds that the only way she could have known all of this is if she were in on the plan. Kiera tells him that he knows this is not true. Carlos agrees that it's not true but adds that if he cannot trust her then he cannot be partners with her and suggests that no one else will. Kiera asks if this is a threat and Carlos replies that it's the truth and that it's too bad that Kiera doesn't recognize it.

Alec is bringing Emily in the lab and she says that she loves it and thanks him for letting him in. Alec has prepared a meal and Emily tells him that no one has ever done anything like that for her. They then kiss and decide that the food can wait.

Insp. Nora Harris approaches Carlos and tells him to keep celebrating and says that Eldridge has cancer and therefore will never see the inside of a prison. Insp. Nora Harris says that at least they got a serial killer off the street.  Kiera follows Carlos and tells him that this is impossible and that there must be a second killer. Carlos scoffs and asks Kiera where she comes up with this stuff. Kiera tells him that she needs him to consider the possibility. Carlos tells her that Eldridge confessed to everything and asks why she wants to shit all over it.  Kiera says that Eldridge is working with someone and Carlos asks her how she knows it.  Kiera begs for Carlos to trust him and he starts to walk away saying that it has not worked out so well.  Kiera begs for the chance to explain and Kiera says that there were 38 victims all laid out in a circle. Kiera points out that there were 38 murders and Eldridge is dying of cancer then he cannot commit the other thirty murders. Carlos asks if all of this is because she is having delusions about being a time traveler and Kiera spits out that she is a time traveler. Kiera admits that it sounds off but he thinks about the weird experiences they have had together that this makes sense.  Kiera asks him to believe her and says that if he will just believe her that they can save people. Carlos says that he needs to save himself from this insanity and adds that she has never sounded more crazy than she has in this moment. Kiera suggests that they look at anyone who had meaningful contact with Eldridge but Carlos tells her to stop and says that they are done before walking out. 

Betty drops the list of patients and employee's of Eldridge's that Kiera asked for on Carlos's desk.  Betty then says that she ran the bus route theory but nothing lined up but when she checked discontinued routes she got a match.  And even more interesting, the house that Eldridge grew up in is on the same route.  Carlos thanks Betty then picks up the phone and asks to be put through to holding. 

Kiera is knock on Mikes door saying that she would like to ask questions about the clinic he worked at.   Mike tells Kiera that he worked there for a couple years and is shocked that Eldridge could be responsible for something so horrible. While Mike is talking, Kiera uses her tech on him and the replies, "I think we both know that he is not the only responsible."  Kiera tells Mike that Eldridge was working with an accomplice and says that she is going to have to take him in for questioning. Mike takes off and Kiera enters the house and heads down into the basement, where she uses her night vision to search for him. Mike sneaks up behind Kiera and sprays her in the face causing her to fall to the ground. 

Eldridge and Carlos are back in the interrogation room together and Carlos tells him that because he killed pedophile there isn't anyone who would fail to understand. Carlos gets up and offers to shake Eldridges hand and says that Eldridge had thirty more victims picked out which he had planned to drop along his old bus route. Carlos starts to squeeze Eldridge's hand and demands to know who was helping him and Eldridge says lawyer.  Carlos tells him that he is going to need one. 

Alec and Emily are still enjoying their date when Kellog walks in.  Kellog tells Emily that he is the guy who pays the rent around there, so Emily asks Kellog if she is supposed to be impressed. When Alec enters the room, Kellog says that Alec has work to do and instructs Emily to run along.  Alec tells Kellog that Emily is his guest but Kellog is not pacified and says, "we don't have visitors here." Emily says that it's okay and that she will leave.  Alec says that it's not alright and Kellog interjects that it's fine because Emily appreciates the situation.

When Kiera opens her eyes she is strapped down and unable t move. Mike looks through Kiera's weapons and calls them fascinating. Kiera says that they committed the murders together and Mike replies not at first because Eldridge wanted to keep him from the truth of what he was doing but when he understood and saw the value in his actions, Mike knew he had to help.  Kiera says that Eldridge was a good man and wanted to make them pay.  Mike asks if she thought he was such a good man why she stopped him. Kiera responds that there are other ways to punish pedophiles. Mike says that first someone has to report them and what's worse is that there are those who keep their secrets. Kiera realises that Patsy was chosen as a victim because she knew what her father was doing and did nothing. Mike says that Eldridge wanted to show Patsy her complicity but since Kiera stopped that, it makes her guilty.  Kiera tells Mike that Eldridge is dying and when he is gone, his need for vengeance dies with him.  Mike does not believe that and responds that until Eldridge's list is complete that he won't have any peace and that is why he has to open her eyes to the truth.

Carlos is in the car and he calls Betty to find out if any name matches as an employee and a patient. Carlos asks for the address.  Kiera is still tied down and realises that Mike uses the doll with melamean to suffocate all 38 victims.  Mike points out that there are only eight and Kiera replies so far because he and Eldridge have a total of 38 names on the list with all of them found with eyes wide open just like the dolls. Kiera asks why he does this and Mike responds that they were abusers and so he treated them like playthings.  Kiera asks if he was an abused child and Mike grabs the scalpel and tells Kiera that it's going to  hurt.  As he brings the scalpel to her eye, he notices the tech in her eye.  Kiera tells him that she has camera's in her eyes and everything that she is seeing is being recorded. Kiera tells him that she is from the future and tells him to pick up the gun handle and put his gun on the grip and tap it with his index finger.  The gun handle expands to a gun and she tells him to shoot her because she is not on Eldridge's list and by cutting her eyes he is ruining Eldridge's statement.  Mike picks up the gun and tells her that he is doing this for the victims but the gun backfires and sends him flying across the room.

Alec heads outside and tells Emily that he is sorry and she says that he will make it up to her.  When Alec goes back inside she calls someone and says, "I'm in."

Carlos arrives at Mike's house and calls out for Kiera.  Carlos heads down into the basement and finds Kiera strapped down and watches as the gun reverts back to it's original shape.

Kellog meets up with Todd and says that he never got the signed deal memo.  Kellog asks when they are going to sign and Todd tells him that they don't. Kellog steps in front of Todd and tells him that he believes in his technology and that they are going to jump into the future together.  Todd tells him that he appreciates his support and says that apparently Kellog is not the only one who can envision the future.  Kellog realises that Todd made a deal with someone else.  Todds says that he made a deal with another corporation run by Esher because Esher really understands his business.

Carlos releases a crying Kiera who says that she may  have died there.  Kiera is worried that with all of the changes that she has caused, that she may never come to exist at all - never be born and become a solider, cop or a wife or a mother.  Kiera says that she doesn't want to keep those secrets anymore and Carlos tells her that she doesn't have to anymore.  Kiera asks if he believes her and Carlos says that the only way she could have known is if she was working with killers and since that is impossible then she must be the future.  Kiera asks if he would have believed her before now and Carlos says no and asks to be told everything. Kiera begins to tell Carlos her story.

Well another ridiculous episode of Continuum.  Kiera demands that Carlos believe her but offers no proof about the validity of what she is saying and then he suddenly accepts it? Really?  They had to do the big reveal at some point but it was done terribly this episode. Nothing fits with Kiera so she must be from the future is a bullshit way of dealing with this.

I don't know about you, but I was not in the least bit surprised to discover that Emily was up to something.  I guess there are people out there who don't know who the Kardashians are but she's a teenage girl and that didn't seem right to me. I assume that she is probably working for the mysterious Escher.

Speaking of Escher, I must have missed something along the way because I don't recall when he became relevant.  It is interesting to watch someone beat Kellog at his own game though.

Also we have a new character of color in Nora but she has been promoted to obscurity.  It would be nice if she could have a larger role in this show given the limited roles for people of colour (note: that's if Victor Webster does not identify as a POC)