Monday, June 3, 2013

Orpan Black, Season One, Episode Ten: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Sarah checks on Kira and then heads back downstairs and asks Amelia if she is ready to see her.  Amelia quickly stands and says that since she carried them both that she needs to see Helena. Mrs. S says that she does not believe that nine months of gestation entitles Amelia to risk them all. Sarah walks Mrs. S away from Amelia and tells her that Helena is her twin sister and that she has a right to know. Mrs.S points out that Helena is dangerous but Sarah reminds Mrs.S that Helena has had her whole world turned inside out just like she has. Sarah suggests that should decide what to do with Helena dependent on how she reacts to Amelia. 

They all head downstairs and Amelia pauses to tell Sarah that she needs to see her privately because she has something for her from back then about her invitro treatments.  They walk over to Helena and Sarah tells Helena that Amelia is her birth mother.  When Helena starts to scoff, Sarah warns her that she had better listen to what Amelia has to say, or she will turn her over to Leekie.  Helena asks Amelia how she can be her mother and Amelia replies that she is indeed her birth mother.

Upstairs, Mrs.S is going through Amelia's things and when she finds a sealed envelope, she opens it. Inside she finds a picture of a woman that looks very much like Sarah and a young Leekie.  Kira comes downstairs and asks who is there.  Mrs.S assures her that everything is fine but Kira tells her that she think that something bad is going to happen again.

Sarah tells Helena that their connection is that all of them were implanted by doctors. Amelia tells Helena that she hid her because she felt that she was in danger. Helena realises that this means that Sarah is her twin sister.  Sarah tells Helena that she does not want to be her twin sister but does want her to know that she is not the original and was born of science - not in some immaculate room or whatever bullshit Tomas fed her. 

Someone knocks upstairs so Sarah rushes upstairs as Helena tries to escape downstairs.  Sarah pushes Amelia to the side and tells her to say that she was just visiting.  The cop burst through the door and call out Sarah's name. Art and Angela with guns pointed arrest Sarah, as Kira watches from the stairs.  In the basement, Helena has escaped through a window.

Sarah is sitting in an interrogation room when Art walks in says that he still sees Beth.  Sarah tells him that she did not kill Beth. Art says that she watched Beth commit suicide and then went straight for her wallet. Art shows her a picture of the German and asks who she is, then points out that Sarah has been obstructing the investigation since the moment she took over Beth's life.  Art adds that she is the prime suspect and Sarah tells him that she didn't kill her.  Art tells Sarah that he has Felix in custody for abetting and Kira will be a lonely little girl unless she starts talking.  Sarah tells that he won't believe it and Art says to try him.

Allison is working out to an exercise video when her doorbell rings.  She heads to the door and it's Dr. Elvis Leekie.  Allison tells him that she is armed and asks him what he wants.  Leekie replies, "to make amends."  Leekis is now sitting at Allison's table and asks about the contract he wants her to sign.  Leekie says that it's more like a treaty - rules that both sides will abide by.  Allison points out that everything that they have done is illegal and that they must think that she is stupid suburban Allison.  Leekie says that it's quite the opposite and that she is a pragmatic and decisive individual. Leekie adds that now that Allison is self aware that they can start to answer some of her questions.  Allison is not pacified and says that she no longer wants answers, just her life back. Allison adds that he wants her life back, her privacy back, Leekie out of her life and for things to be normal again.  Leekie tells her that he is glad that she said that and hands her a contract claiming that it will enshrine her family's freedom and guarantees protection from the likes of Helena. The contract also stipulates that Allison will be unmonitored. This gets Allison's attention and she sits down next to Leekie.  He adds that in return for this, Allison has to agree to twice the medical testing but assures her that it will be private and non invasive.  Leekie tells her that though he doesn't want to scare her there are medical concerns like Katja's respiratory disorder and Helena's mental disorder. He adds that regular testing is in everyone's best interests and suggests that she discuss it with Sarah and Cossima.  Before leaving, Leekie says that as a gesture of good faith that Allison's monitor has been lifted.

Angela is questioning Felix and points out that he purposefully misidentified the body of a police officer.  Felix claims that it was a terrible case of mistaken identity. Angela tells him that it's fraud and will amount to 2-5 years with his prior convictions.  Felix says again that he thought it was his sister and adds that Angela really needs to get laid. Angela replies, "tell me about it, but all I seem to meet are gay men." Angela then asks if he wants a public defender and promises to get him a real shitty one.

Cossima gets off a bus and starts to cough when she looks at her hand, she realises that she is coughing up blood. Leekie is there to meet her and asks to give her a lift to her hotel, claiming to have an offer she might find interesting.

Back at the station, Sarah is still sitting in an interrogation room when Art returns holding Beth's phone. He plays the message Sarah left for him earlier and tells her that Beth killed herself and he didn't see it coming. Art asks her to help him and help Beth.  Sarah says that there is a reason that they look exactly alike, why the prints match and why the DNA is all screwed up.  She starts to cry and tells Art that he has to promise to protect her and Kira.  Art replies if that is what she needs then he promises. Daniel Rosen walks into the room and tells Art that the interview is over and demands that Sarah be unshackled immediately. Rosen tells Art that Sarah will be leaving with them.

Cossima is in a limo with Leekie and he hands her an unsigned contract to the Dyad institute and points out that it has very generous compensation. Leekie tells Cossima that they want to work with her and hands her a complete sequence of her genome and adds that his offer is the freedom to study herself and her sisters. When Cossima does not answer, Leekie tells her that they share them same concerns about stability and points out that nobody is more concerned than Cossima.

Sarah is now walking with Rosen and informs her that they had Felix released as well.  When they approach Paul, he asks for a minute. Rosen leaves Paul and Sarah alone and he tells her that she left him hanging with Leekie when she didn't show up.  Sarah asks him if he works for Leekie now and he tells her that they still have Afghanistan on him. Sarah asks what he means and he tells her that she changed the game for everyone and now he can only help her from here. Paul suggests that Sarah listen to what they have to say and Sarah asks if she has a choice before walking away.

Sarah walks forward and she meets a woman who looks exactly like her.  The woman introduces herself as Rachel Duncan and says that they are going to come to terms. They have a seat and Rachel goes through a contract which formalizes disclosure with what she calls "top side." Sarah asks about top side and it means that "20 more robot bitches will walk in." Rachel tells her that she is not an orphan anymore and that her role is to transition her to self awareness.  Sarah says that maybe she should embrace the fact that she is a clone and go on Oprah.  Rachel tells her that they are not the enemy and that Helena and her ilk are.  Sarah says that if she wants to help she can tell her what she is doing there and what they are for. Rachel pushes the contract forward and says that it defines disclosure.  Rachel adds that they want her trust and she wants precious answers about who she is but above all Rachel adds that she knows Sarah wants to make the right choice for Kira.  Rachel tells Sarah that she is lucky to be a mother.  Rachel says that the forced behind Helena will not stop and that the most important thing for Sarah is protection for her and Kira. Sarah puts the contract on the table and says that she will get by on her own.  Rachel points out that she will be scrambling to stay alive and if she takes the deal she will be free live her own life with Kira, provided for and unmonitored.  Sarah stands and repeats that she is not interested and leaves. Rachel calls out that she has 24 hours to think about it and that they expect an answer by midnight tomorrow.

Allison and Sarah are at Felix's and Allison says that they are offering them a truce. Sarah says that Rachel didn't feel like a truce and was more like a gun to the head.  Felix interjects that while he and Sarah were being arrested that Helena escaped.  There's a knock at the door and it turns out to be Cossima. Cossima tells Sarah that she shold have listened to her about Delphieand the two hug.  Cossima shows Sarah the the offer from Leekie and Allison asks what she is planning on doing.  Cossima says that they have to know their own biology and that this is what it's all about. Sarah says that she cannot trust Rachel and Cossima agrees because Kira could be who they are really after if she is the first child of a clone.  Allison asks who Rachel is so that if she shows up at her door one day, she will know who she is.  Sarah tells them that Amelia said she heard doctors back in the day discussing neolution and Felix realises that Rachel is a pro clone.  Allison says that if there aren't anymore spies in her life and her kids are safe that she is inclined to take the offer. Cossima tells Allison that it's okay and that it's her choice.  Cossima gets a text from Delphine saying that she just got off a plane. Sarah grabs her coat and says that Delphine probably wants to help but she is heading to Mrs. S' because she wants to be there when Kira wakes up. Sarah adds that they should make their own decisions but she is not trusting anybody.

Back at the station, Art and Angela are looking at a picture of Katja Obinger and Art says that they have finally ID'd their Jane Doe and she falls under federal jurisdiction. Angela says that the whole thing reeks and so Art asks her if she still wants to get to the bottom of Sarah Manning. Art says that he has fond a known associate and shows Angela a picture of Vic.

Vic is in some sort of support group and he is talking about how Sarah left him by faking her own death. Angela and Art walk into the support group and listen as Vic says that he is an addict and needs help.

Allison is back home and she is putting cans in the recycle when she notices that the house across the street from her is for sale.  She heads over to see Aynesley busy packing up boxes.  Aynesley says that her husband got his own place with the dog and because she got a really good offer on the house that it's the perfect opportunity to get the kids out of the toxic environment.  Allison tells her that what she is saying is priceless and Aynesley tells her to get out.  Allison follows Aynesley into the house and demands that she admit it.  Aynsesley asks Allison what she wants her to admit and says that it was her bad that she organized her intervention.  Allison tells her that Dr. Leekie came to see her and Aynesley says that it's for professional help that she is all for it.  Allison demands that Aynesley tell her the truth and Aynesley says that the truth is that Allison screwed her husband and that she is moving because of her.  Aynesley then marches to one of the boxes and pulls out a bath pillow that Allison gave her. Aynesley tells her that she turned this whole thing around her because she is barren and cannot have her own children.   When Aynesley turns on the garbage disposal Aynesley's scarf gets caught and instead of helping her, Allison watches her die.  Allison then lets herself out of Aynesley's door and makes sure that the door is locked behind her.

At the AA meeting, Art and Angela approach Vic and he suggests that the meeting is off limits to them.  Angela says that is not the case if he has an outstanding warrant and brings up some stolen meat.  Art says that it was smoked pork and that he didn't know it as stolen. Art says that it's lame but he will take the collar.  When Art grabs Vic, he says that he is trying to turn his life around.  Angela asks Vic for him to give them something useful on Sarah Manning.  Vic says that as part of the program he has to apologise for all of the things that he has done to her but since she has no intention of apologising back, he tells them that the last time he saw Sarah she was playing housewife in the suburbs, with a husband, kids and a mini van.

Allison is back home and she is drinking a glass of wine and she clips coupons.  Allison leaves her house and steps outside but what she doesn't know is that Vic and Angela are watching her. Angela looks at Allison and realises that she is not Sarah and Art agrees that it is another person entirely. Allison heads back in her house and closes the door.

At Mrs. S' Sarah is busy packing Kira's bag as Kira says that "when police come, mommy goes away." Felix assures her not this time and points out that Sarah is back. Kira asks if Sarah is going to keep them safe from Helena and Sarah says that she doesn't have to worry about Helena.  Now that she is finished packing Kira a bag, Sarah tells her that they have to hide the bag in case they have to go on a trip.  Sarah warns Kira that she cannot tell anybody, not even Mrs. S because it's a secret.  Kira promises to keep it secret and heads off to get a spare toothbrush.

Kira heads downstairs and Mrs. S asks where she is off to.  Sarah tells her that she is off to meet Amelia and asks if Mrs. S is alright.  Mrs. S says that she is just edgy.  Mrs.S reminds Sarah that Amelia did not raise her and Sarah says that she knows and that Mrs. S did.  Sarah takes Mrs.s hand momentarily.

Cossima is in the bathroom and she is coughing up more blood.  When Felix asks if she is alright, Cossima says yes.  Delphine knocks on the door and asks for Cossima.  Felix calls for Cossima and announces that Delphine has baggage.  Felix gets  his coat and tells Delphine that if Sarah where there that she would kick her Leekie ass before leaving.  Delphine tells Cossima that she didn't tell Leekie about Sarah's child. Cossima asks what difference it makes and asks why Delphine is there.  Delphine replies, "because Leekie is a liar and that I think you can prove it scientifically with that."  Cossima tells her that Leekie gave her, her own genome and Delphine points out that she can't find that sequence anymore because Leekie scrubbed it.  Delphine tries to touch Cossima but Cossima draws away, so Delphine tells Cossima that she is on her side now.  Delphine begs Cossima to believe her and points out that she has to trust someone.  Delphine says that she thinks the sequence is a message and points out that Dr. Craig water marked his synthetic DNA and suggests that it is a key to their origins.

Amelia meets Sarah at Beth's old apartment.  Amelia asks how she and Helena can be so different and adds that she is sorry to bring her such burdens but must warn her.  Amelia tells Sarah that Mrs. S is not who she says she is and that she has something Sarah should see.  Sarah asks how scientist put a baby inside her and it turns out that it was Helena and not Sarah.  Helena says, you gave me to them and let me this way. Later, Sarah returns to Beth''s apartment and finds blood all over the floor and Helena's wig.  Helena calls Sarah on the phone and tells her to come and join them.

Allison is sitting at the table and Donnie walks in and notices that she is shaking.  Allison tells him that she is a horrible person but he says that he is because he let people into their home to perform an intervention on her. Allison cries again and asks what she is done and Donnie replies that it doesn't matter because they can put it all behind them. 

At Felix's, Cossima and Delphine are looking at the DNA sequence and she says that she knows her tag number so they can use it as a starting place.

Sarah has a gun and has gone back to the ship to fine Helena. Sarah calls out for Helena repeatedly but gets no answers.  When she hears a sound, Sarah turns around frantically.  Cossima and Delphine head a small road block but quickly get a break through.  Sarah continues her search for Helena and finds Amelia bleeding.  Amelia hands Sarah a picture and tells her that it's her foster mother and then she dies. On the picture are the words project Leda 1977. Helena makes an appearance with a blow torch. Helena tells Sarah that her mother is not feeling very well and Sarah calls her a psycho pointing out that she killed someone she has been dreaming about her whole life. Helena leans in and makes sure that Amelia is dead and then spits on her.  Helena says that Amelia separated them and kept them apart but adds now they are together.  Sarah tells her that they are not and that she is nothing to her but a crazy bitch wearing her t shirt. Helena looks down at the shirt and says, "London calling," before head butting Sarah. A fight breaks out and Helena tells Sarah that she cannot kill her, like Sarah could not kill her.  Sarah pulls out a gun and Helena tells her that they can make a family.  Sarah tells her that she already has a family and then shoots Helena in the chest.  Sarah crawls over to Amelia and picks up her phone.

Cossima and Delphine have cracked the code.  Sarah's phone call is to Rachel and she says that she wants to know that her daughter won't have to live like this.  Rachel tells her that they can do this so Sarah agrees to come in.  Allison signs the contract and faxes it over to Leekie, as police arrive at Aynesley's.  Sarah watches from her doorway and Donnie approaches and asks what's going on. Aynesley tells him that it is not of their business.  Donnie tells her that he is going for a jog because he has been a lump and Allison deserves better.  They kiss and Donnie heads out the door.

Sarah arrive at Rachel's building and Paul meets her in the elevator.  When Paul tries to touch her, Sarah says no.  Paul tells her that in Afghanistan that he killed six marines in a case of friendly fire and that it was covered up.  Paul asks what they have on Sarah if she was born outside of her control.  Before Sarah can answer, Cossima calls and tells her not to sign the contract and says that they are all liars. It turns out genetic sequence Cossima told Sarah about is a patent and that they are all property - including their biology and everything that they are.  Cossima tells Sarah that they could claim Kira. Sarah tells Paul that she has been patented.

Donnie goes for a run and stares at Aynesley's house as he runs by.  He hops into a car and tells Leekie that they are back on track and that it's a seven year itch.  He adds that it's not easy and that Allison is not easy.  Rachel gets an email which says, "up yours pro clone," and so makes a phone call and says, "you know what to do."  Cossima continues to look at the file and says, "this organism and it's intellectual property is restricted intellectual property." Cossima then tells Delphine that she is sick and the two women hug.

Sarah returns to Mrs. S' and find the house torn apart.  When she runs upstairs she finds Kira gone andthe window open.

Holy shit, talk about a season finale.  I really see Orphan Black as the little show that could.  We got a lot of answers this episode but at the same time, the writers raised brand new questions and that is what makes Orphan Black a great show. Orphan Black would be nothing without Tatiana Maslany and each week she continues to astound me with her skill.

I am upset that Amelia died.  There are not a lot of people of colour on this show and Amelia was nothing more than a victim from start to finish.  I would have liked to see her finish strong but at least we still have Art.   I don't know about you, but I want to see Sarah and Art team up because I think he is the only one who is going to be on her side.  I don't trust Delphine as far as I can throw her either.  I know she helped Cossima but at the same time, I still feel like she is working an agenda.  I was however not the least bit surprised to see that Donnie is Allison's monitor.

Once again we had another crack about Felix being gay.  We know this about his character already and I don't see why they feel the need to keep mentioning it, shaming him, or making him into a stereotype.  None of it's needed and it most certainly does not advance the show one little bit.  Having Cossima as a strong out lesbian character does not alleviate the damage that is being done with Felix. 

I really cannot wait to see where this is headed.  Though I should have seen Mrs. S as a problem from the beginning I didn't. It makes sense given that she is with them that they know all about Kira.  I have so many questions and cannot believe I have to wait a year to get more answers.  For instance, does Leekie work for Rachel and considering that she is probably a clone, what does she have at stake in this?  What is the end game for the neolutionists and furthermore how is Tomas involved?